July 8, 2011

Open Thread Babble Volume 2

Open Thread is a time we can all gather together and discuss our week, our life, our new favorite makeup, a current purchase…anything! That’s why it’s open thread, it’s the option to discuss makeup or anything else on your mind! It’s a time I can talk to you and you can talk to me and hopefully you’ll talk to each other too!

Open thread time!

I feel like dancing! It’s the weekend so that would be my weekend boogie I’m doing.

I’ll help open thread along by making a list of fun stuff to discuss but feel free to chat about anything on your mind!

Lemming of the moment: Kat Von D’s new palettes and Tokidoki Fall 2011

Song of the moment: ANYTHING having to do with the Mary Stayed Out All Night OST. I finished watching it a few weeks ago and I can’t stop the ear worms from happening! The songs in that drama are wriggling away in my head!

Recently hauled: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Eye Shadow Palettes, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer, Tarte for True Blood yumminess, Revlon Sweetly Seductive Lipglosses, and we probably shouldn’t get into all the rubbish I purchased while on vacation groan!

Weekend Plans: I’m heading upstate for a nice, chillaxing weekend in the country!

Planning to watch on TV: Torchwood Miracle Day (I got that bad boy Tivo’ed, must see the hot mess they make out of a perfectly brilliant series).

How about you?

Copy the list and post if you want or just discuss your weekend plans or say hello!

BEWARE: I’m SO behind on comments it’s not even funny. I have about 1,230 to get through but gimme a second promise to reply!


About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • electronicfly

    Weekend plans? Sleep through Bersih 2.0 (Rally for clean elections that’s getting a lot of flak from my country’s gov)

    I’m running up such a sleep debt it’s not funny anymore, especially since I’m not staying up late on purpose, I really want to sleep! (It’s 4:15AM here in Malaysia btw T.T)

  • Tigress

    Song of the Moment – This Celluloid Dream by AFI

    Recently hauled – B&BW new night lip balm, it’s really nice and creamy – love it!

    I work all weekend, woot!

  • Erin

    Lemmings: Zoya polishes from the Smoke & Mirrors collection and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadows.

    Song of the Moment: Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Just because it’s awesome and her voice is to die for.

    Recently hauled: Tarte blushes, UD shadows, & MAC Semi Precious :).

    Weekend plans: Spending time with the hubby…he leaves next week for almost a month to visit family overseas :(.

    Planning to watch on TV: Just movies this weekend.

  • Claudia

    Lets see here…

    Lemming of the moment: Obviously Urban Decay Vegan Palette (don’t care that its been around for forever, I don’t necessarily get stuff right when it comes out) and some of the new ELF stuff coming to Target!

    Song of the moment: Goodness maybe Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”? And of course anything Paramore..favorite band ever.

    Recently hauled: Buxom Hot Ticket Set, Essie: “Peach Daiquiri”, “Lapiz of Luxury”, “Braziliant”, “Mochachino”

    Weekend Plans: Some shopping with the girls and Harry Potter Marathon

    Planning to watch on TV: Well this isn’t until monday but The Bachelorette!

    Love this open thread feature Muse!

    • the Muse

      GOTS to get the harry potter marathon down before the weekend claudia! ;-D hope I can do it! yay glad you’re enjoying it sorry delayed reply!

  • Tammie

    Watched Miracle Day streaming last night…definitely a hot mess as you said :|. It’s just lucky it has Jack in it >.>;

  • Jessica

    On holiday! …in Orkney.. Today I hauled some Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor!! A really cute purse/wallet, imperial leather foamburst in Sunrise, some of the new motionsense deodrant from sure, and i found this amazing shop called Orkney Soap and i just HAD to buy something! So i got the foaming handwash in Orkney O2, i cant stop smelling it LOL.
    ANDDD i am super happy cause i just searched beauty into google and found this site called beauty expert, it is AMAAAZING. doesnt get better does it? well actually it does, they sell OPI nail polish!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been wanting to try it SO much and now I’ve found a UK site that sells it. Best. Day. Ever.

    • Jessica

      whoa, dude. Its only 4 o’clock in muse time:O over here its 10pm!

  • Ruth

    I haven’t started watching Torchwood yet, I’ve been told that it’s pretty good but very different from Doctor Who. I’m really lusting after that Tart True Blood pallet but I can’t really justify buying it since I have so much makeup that I have to use. i’ll prolly get it anyway since it looks so freakin’ awesome! so far, no plans for the weekend, but maybe having to build an ark, it’s raining like crazy mad!

  • Jessica

    :O! i JUST noticed that the girl behind your search bar changes whenever you load a new page.. i notice everything;), i’m just ninja like that;D

  • Larie

    Lemmings? Chanel’s new cream/gel/whatever shadows.

    song: Kate Nash, The Nicest Thing. So dreamy.

    Recently hauled: MAC Musky Amethyst, Sublime Culture; Dior Tuxedo nail polish, Dior Serum de Rouge in Red Serum. I need to stop πŸ˜›

    Weekend plans: Clean the apartment! Exciting, I know, but parents are coming to visit @[email protected]

    Planning to watch on TV: not much for TV, but The King’s Speech did pop up in our box (Netflix), so I have to get around to watching that. Yum, Colin Firth.

  • Cj

    Lemming: That coral blush from Stila’s fall collection

    Song: I Like That by Static Revenger & Richard Vission (feat. Luciana)

    Hauled: Tarte for True Blood and Radiant & Rested Volume II, A bunch of NARS blushes (Albatross, Deep Throat, and Orgasm), Evolution Revolution Lipglass from Mac

    Plans: More car shopping! πŸ˜›

    Tv: I’m right there with you about Torchwood πŸ˜€ Already programmed to record on my DVR, can’t wait!!

    • the Muse

      ME too cj ;-D Must have that blush! tivo is warmed up and waiting on me to watch TW ;D!

  • Phyra

    Weekend plans: sushi with friends tonight, party saturday night, swatching and writing reviews on sunday.

    I’m still loving my Holika Holika Orange BB Cream <3

    Recently hauled some of the new Too Faced Exotic eye shadow singles.

    miss you!

    • the Muse

      MISS YOU back court. Saw the new hair, loves it ;-D! How are the Too Faced shadows?! So happy to hear you’re lovin’ HH!

  • Ester

    I love that drama, too!!! I am currently watching Can You Hear My Heart?

  • lilacrose

    Arts and Crafts fair and sleep, glorious sleep–my second hobby!

    • the Muse

      lol lila ;-D I need sleep at a hobby! I don’t get enough of it. I will explore this hobby ;-D!

  • Frankie.N

    Well, thankfully no weekend plans. My week is SO hectic Im enjoying any downtime. Even though Im off school until september, I still have plans night and day. Some of which are really fun, but others, not so much.

    Maybe I will go to my cottage for the weekend,Β I’ll ask(Im in high school, so, I can’t really just disappear and Im too young to drive).

  • Isis

    Ha! my pal is also sleep and avoiding the gaelic football matches that will be on t.v all weekend…. so it’ll be music all weekend, some Imelda may and

  • Isis

    ….and Jack L. time for bed when I’m striking the wrong keys πŸ˜‰

  • Brooke

    Just wanted to share an email I got today. I’m sure a lot of people get these emails, but I just thought I’d pass it along. Sephora has a MUFE VIB Bonus right now. With any $35 purchase, you can get a deluxe size mascara, gloss, HD powder, aqua eyes eyeliner, and a cute bag using the code: MUSTHAVE
    I’ve had my eye on some things, so I think I’m going to go ahead and purchase them just so I can get this bag πŸ™‚ I’m such a sucker!
    Just thought I’d share with everyone. Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚
    P.S. Muse, so glad you are back from vacay! Missed you!

    • the Muse

      aw missed ya back brooke and dude thanks for sharing the love with the coupon ;-D!!!!!!!!

  • electronicfly

    haha i did! just to be woken up around 6am by my stupid bongkers house alarm T.T

  • Mango

    After going to Seattle for a shopping trip i realized the price hikes in Canada were worse than i thought. $15 more? no frigging way! >:(
    So im making a long long list of makeup im planning to stock up on on my next trip to the states! πŸ˜€

    • the Muse

      mango I’m aghast at the pricing in Canada sometimes πŸ™

  • Sara

    Weekend plans…uh… Not much out of the ordinary. Just try not to melt. And maybe get blueberries from the farmer’s market. Mmm…. blueberries.

    Want: Chanel. Bad.

    Hauled: Nuffin, might be why I need the Chanel.

    Also – I totally set Torchwood to record too. I’ve seen the original ones, but not the specials (Children of Earth?). *LOVE* I lurve me some Cap’n Jack. And Gwen, she had such cute hair on the original. I sawr it on the promos for the Starz version and don’t like it as much. πŸ™

    I remember how the serie’s ended for everybody but Ianto (sp?)….so….now I’m going to spend the first epi wondering.

    Oh.My.God. Will they bring Spike (yeah, so I still call him “Spike”, so sue me) back? He was aaaawwwwweeeeeesssssssooooooommmmmeeee. I maintain that scene with him and Jack in the bar for that season opener? Shiiit that was some magic. That’s still one of my favorite scenes *ever* from *anything*.

    Good luck catchin up!!

    • the Muse

      mmm blueberries…now that sounds good with whipped cream ;-D! You should watch CoE first prior to Miracle Day Sara. lol that’s the scene of numerous fan stories ;D!

      • Sara

        You know, I think I will. Unless a blogger posts any spoilers, I might just let my episodes build up so I can watch everything in a marathon setting. Some shows are just better when you can watch them all back to back.

        You know what else is a good “all in one go” show? Justified. Seamlessly transitions from one to the next. And nobody can get sick of looking at Timothy Olyphant for 13 straight hours (ok, so we break it up in to a few days…you know what I mean. :p)

  • Lemony Licks

    I got my Walmart order today, including Revlon Colorstay crayon eyeliner, Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Cake Walk, and The Falsies Volum’ Express in Waterproof, Very Black. But the lip gloss is not the color I expected at all! I was looking for a really light pink but I ended up with a peachy red instead. Also, since Falsies Flared just came out, I don’t know why I should even keep the original Falsies mascara (I ordered it the day before I knew about Flared!)

    I ordered online to avoid a trip to Walmart but I guess it’s avoidable for my Hard Candy fix!

  • MandyB

    Happy weekend!

    Recently hauled…tarte for true blood shadow set…and le sigh – edward bess lip wardrobe. After lusting for 2 years I finally caved.

    Weekend plans…working. I have 10 days left of a 3 week rotation.

    TV….gots season 1 of fraggle rock on dvd. Gonna dance my cares away! *clap*clap*.

    • the Muse

      HA mandy HEART you for the fraggle marathon ;-D I’ll come over and watch with u!

  • Jennifer

    Weekend Plans: I have a lot of things to do this weekend, tons of homework cause I’m taking summer classes, I have to run errands and clean up around the house

    Planning to Watch on TV: I’m excited for True Blood on sunday!!

    • the Muse

      Jennifer excited for TB too, hopefully I can catch it later tonight ;D!

  • Allysun

    This weekend I plan to watch “Game of Thrones” with my bf! I heard good things about it so I hope I like it.

    We just finished watching “Jekyll” on netflix and I really liked James Nesbitt’s performance so I might dig around to find other things he starred in but we’ll see (ending of Jekyll was kind of meh). And I know eventually I’d wanna watch Miracle Day πŸ˜€

    I’ll prolly look at Nordys catalog one more time to narrow down my list of beauty gets sometime this weekend as well. The date is creeping up fast!

    How’s the “Mary” show? Scale from 1-10 perhaps? lol. The dudes are so feminine looking, they are “prettier” than the girls! (mayb that’s the point? idk. My Korean roots are quite malnourished hehe).

    All in all, I wish you a happy weekend, dear Muse!

    • the Muse

      hey ally I call it game of boobage! ;-D it was good but not as exciting as the novels for me. I haven’t watched Miracle Day yet but hopefully catch up with it on tiv shortly. I just ordered mine yesterday but it was very small, Dior’s new fragrance, LM canyon and Clinique Black Honey, the last two not even exclusives lol!

      10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D I loved it. So cute. Great chemistry! lol….Asian idols tend to have a very bishounen look going on, it’s part of the appeal for me ;-D Aw thanks hun sorry for the delayed reply!

  • Bethany

    I just got up. Granted it’s like 2.30 in the afternoon on Saturday. ;3 Have a bit of a hang over. D:<

    I love when I come to your blog and can see my two loves together – make-up and Jang Geun Suk. Hehe. I was just listening to Take Care, My Bus. So catchy. <3

    • the Muse

      ha bethany ;-D dontcha just sing along with it? Awww JGS can cure hangovers girl!

  • Mia

    wow,you love Korean drama?and so do I!hehe..
    am waiting for your next review~

  • heidi

    recently hauled: MUFE Aqua cream shadow #17 and I so want more. But I also want the Tarte trueblood palette hmm.. decisions, decisions!
    Weekend plans: I work all weekend πŸ™
    TV plans: Watching dexter on netlfix πŸ™‚

  • Maria

    Weekend plans: study my @ss off for the 2nd medical board exam >_<
    Actually, this is going to be my plan for the next few weeks, with the exception of a 1 day Harry Potter pass, to dress up and watch the movie. ^_^
    Haul: FINALLY got the UD Naked palette….Dear God it took FOREVER for them to have it in stock at my local Sephora, but finally it's mine…all mine! Bwaaaaaaahaaaa!
    Watching on tv (when not studying): So you think you can dance (Love this so much!!!), Pretty Little Liars (new season wooot!), Llena de amor (spanish soap opera, because truly I don't have enough distractions in my life…*sighs*).

    • the Muse

      ha maria I love that you watch spanish novellas ;-D I tried to get into one that I rented with subtitles from netflix but omg so much going on! I’m a kdrama girl all the way ;-D def dressing up for HP as well ;-D! going to see it Thursday, midnight. can’t wait ;-D yay for Naked!!!!!!!!

  • Marina

    I want the Saint palette! So gorg. With a color named “Enjoy the Silence”, it’s basically a must-have. I have SO many versions of that song, I swear. One of my all-time faves.
    Weekend plans: packing for LeakyCon and just general fangirling.

  • tiny

    Lemming of the moment: I bought the UD Naked palette *finally* should be here tuesday.

    Song of the moment: I’ve been listening to highschool music *Iast night it as Violet by Hole, forgot how much I used to love hole, too bad courtney love is such a hot mess now*

    Recently Hauled: Loracs 3d liquid lustre drops, brush guards, UD Naked palette, Sephora jumbo 12 hour water proof pencil crayon thingies, Sephora shadows, Revlon scented nailpolish thingies in the coconut scent *light blue* …. I think that’s it. lol.

    Weekend plans: Record stash video, house cleaning, yard work.

    Planning to watch on TV: Leverage, Memphis Beat, SYTYCD, Teen Mom, Switched at Birth… Uhh.. there’s probably more. lol. OOH Hell’s Kitchen is starting soon! WOOT!

    • the Muse

      NICE hauling tiny yoou’re going to love the naked palette ;-D!

  • tiny

    Oh and Tuesday I’m taking my oldest son out on a “date” we’re going to see Cars 2 in 3d and Marie Callenders for dinner and PIE!!!!!!!

  • kate

    hi muse, hugs! hi! hope you’re relaxing in the country! it always nice to get away from the city! this weekend, sadly, i am preparing for my phd defense on july 14th. im freaking outtt!!! so im just reading your blogs to destress! haha

    i have a quick question..what are the IMATS? and can regular people like me go? will there be things i can buy at a good price??? 40% MUFE or stuff like that???

    • the Muse

      aw kate good luck with all the studying chica! you’ll do great! I haven’t been to IMATS to be honest but it’s kinda a large makeup industry convention. You can purchase MUFE, Stila, and of course indie brands like sigma. I’m not sure if the industry discount applies to non makeup artists. I believe you have to be a makeup artist to take advantage of the 40% off discount on MUFE but don’t quote me :D!

  • ribbonroses

    On call tonight, on the early tomorrow, plotting what makeup etc to put on so I just have to throw on some non-worky clothes and go for lunch tomorrow when I finish. Oh and praying for no middle of the night wakeups….. lol!

  • Jenica

    i have to really catch up on studying, and watch harry potter movies before the newest one comes out! πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      ugh jenica def wanna catch up on HP before the new one but I doubt I’ll have the time dam!

  • isabella

    is it too late to comment to the Tarte TSV, love it, her products always left me thinking hohum, but the peach/pink colors are just right for me and the concealor might even be better than Mally’s

    opted for the AD, looking forward to the others

    • the Muse

      awesome karla πŸ˜€ I haven’t watched yet, it’s on my tivo!

  • Marty

    Hi muse! **waves and runs away to hide**
    I am a huuuuuuge fan, I always check your site before buying anything! Lifesaver!
    Unfortunately I have no time to go shopping because of law exams πŸ™ πŸ™
    but my boyfriend treated me to a mac pro palette!

    • the Muse

      hi marty *waves* aw shucks thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! enjoy your pro palette chica ;-D!!!!!!!!!! Wear in health ;-D and good luck with those exams!

  • winni

    Lemming: Chanel fall, a.bunch of stuff from CDP…champagne taste on a PBR budget…le sigh.
    Recently purchased the Tarte glow gorgeous or whatever that set from QVC was called. Received it and the second auto delivery set from the spring with all the clay stuff. I am so lovin Tarte right now.
    Weekend: drove up for some hiking in our gorgeous Colorado mtns. There was still snow! And we got rain/hailed on and had to cut hiking short, but it was nice to get out of the heat in the city.
    TV: no plans, probably masterchef on Monday…and watching true blood season 3 on netflix!

    Now we’re planning our babymoon (last vacation as a couple b4 baby arrives). I’m thinking a beach, Hubby wants mtns…hmmmm

  • Barb

    Hi! My weekend plans were pretty much hanging around the house, gardening and went to the movies. Saw Zookeeper with my 10 year old son. Cute movie. Went and saw Bad Teacher yesterday with my mom. Pretty funny!

    My mom is going to buy me the Tarte True Blood for my birthday. It’s August 2 but we are gonna go out the end of July. Yay πŸ™‚ She spoils me!!

    I haven’t hauled much of anything lately but some new nail polishes. I’ve been on a kick with doing my own nails. Got 2 really pretty bluish Sally Hansen’s yesterday and got some Wet n Wild ones earlier in the week.

    Watched Torchwood on Demand last night. It was eh. I’ll probably watch again. I thought it was slow as heck but that’s just my personal opinion.

    Finished cathing up on the BBC Being Human. OH MY GOD is all I have to say. I love Mitchell. He’s hot and I’ll be sad not to see him anymore πŸ™

    • the Muse

      oh barb I wanted to see bad teacher, glad to hear it was funny ;-D might make that my Monday night movie…! Still debating what we should see tonight. Happy early bday!!!!!!! I thought TW would be bad sigh!

      Awwwwww BRILLIANT! so glad you caught up on BH! Mitchell rocks. I’m keeping hope alive he MIGHT be back!?!??! somehow, someway!?

  • jerseygrrrl78

    Went to the Anime Expo in Los Angeles last weekend. Picked up a bunch of new manga and watched some really cool flicks I hadn’t seen before including Escaflowne. No, I didn’t dress in cosplay this year but I got lots of cool pics of other people who did. Oh and speaking of anime I finished watching the Arrancar arc in Bleach. Aizen’s defeat was so anticlimactic. They could have at least given him a proper death instead of leaving him in jail to rot….so lame πŸ™

    • the Muse

      SWEET jerseygrrrl sounds brilliant! that means he can make a come back haha!

  • zang

    lol, not sure if i ever asked you before or read it on your blog, but how did you start getting into asian dramas? maybe your answer can be another open thread?

    • the Muse

      aw gosh zang good question. I’ve been watching them for a long time now. My best friend Jai makes the pilgrimage home a few times a month for family dinners and such as he lives in the city and his family lives outside of it. I’ve tagged along alot of times on those adventures home and anytime I’ve gone his mum or grandmother always have some sort of drama playing on the telly. I fear their taste in drama isn’t exactly my own but I’ve sat on the couch more than enough times with his grandmother to appreciate them none the less.

      I think Sandglass was one of the first dramas I sat down too….I can’t really remember my first cute drama though…as those are the ones I prefer…sweet and romantic….:) his family is all about those really sad stereotypical dramas of girl meets boy, boy loves girl, girl and boy want to live happily ever after, girl has brain tumor….! his family eats that stuff up lol!

  • zang

    Ah, I see! Thanks for telling me! I love k-dramas (i think you know that now)! I do love one sappy one like the one his family is into haha…stairway to heaven. kwon sang-woo! lol. I assume Jai is Korean then, haha.

    Have a great day!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure zang LOL rather long boring story…! oh god stairway to heaven…! oh gawd…no, Taiwanese πŸ˜€ but they still watch kdrama as well as tdrama