November 18, 2013

CK One Mousse Concealer Review & Swatches

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CK One Mousse Concealer ($20) is a mousse textured concealer available in six shades. Are you thinking what I am? I thought this might prove a replacement for the long gone Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer.

Is it?

ck one mousse concealer 2

The quickly introduced and quicker to disappear Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer was excellent! I actually still use it because I’ve stocked up on it from a variety of Evil-bay stores. It’s one of the very few concealers that snags a spot on my HG (holy grail) concealer list. It’s one of the few concealers that has made me stop, look around, and think, “my adventure is over. I can rest easy now! I’ve found the perfect concealer!”

I thought perhaps CK One Mousse Concealer might be a nifty replacement as it comes in the same soft, souffle like whipped texture of Maybelline’s version. It’s actually a fair replacement but not an exactly dupe. Is it worth trying out? Yes, for sure. Is it a dupe to Maybelline’s version? No, but it is nice none the less.

ck one mousse concealer

ck one mousse concealer swatches

This might prove a little oily for those with oily eyes so just be aware of that prior to a purchase. The texture has a beautifully soft, easy to blend consistency that has satiny finish under eyes. The main difference here is I find it a touch slick compared to Maybelline’s formula when I apply it which means it has a shorter wear time as it fades quickly. I highly suggest setting it with some sort of powder like E.L.F. Studio High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder or the powder in Bobbi Brown’s Concealer Kit. Whatever you currently set your concealer with, use it, don’t forget because it will allow for the CK One Mousse Concealer to wear its longest and strongest. Skip the step? You’re in for a world of pain as this one fades fast.

ck one mousse concealer 3

The beautiful texture is something to celebrate because it is so soft and easy to blend without tugging at all. It has an airbrushed finish under eyes and a formula that doesn’t crease in finer eyes at all.

Pigment is a bit subtle on this one. Where as Maybelline’s version had plenty enough pigment to conceal and brighten my eyes this runs a little sheerer. It does brighten some but if I’m having a day where I got very little sleep it might not do the trick concealing my darker circles and generally fatigued eyes!

I ran into an issue with these shades, gosh they are dark! I am far from porcelain but that’s the shade you see here swatched (Shade 1 in the catalog). As you can see it is quite dark with a stronger orange-y beige almost yellow undertone. The shade selection is a little difficult to get a handle as as shades are either too dark, too beige, or too orange which is sad because on a whole I actually like the concealer but none of the shades seemed to fit me well enough. I also had an issue with the package as the bottom pot is a rubberized packaging much like NARS Blush which means it attracts gunk, makeup, and general grime very easily.

Overall,, CK One Mousse Concealer is VERY nice but it has a few quirks you might not be willing to overlook. If you’re in an area where you have a local Ulta I’d highly suggest at the least swatching it. The texture will surprise new users of a mousse concealer and delightful fans of Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer!

Why can’t more brands formulate concealers like this?

I purchased this item.

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  • amy

    Ooooh… I may actually really like this one! While I liked the Maybelline Mousse, I found it a tad drying. As for “too beige”, that can never be a negative in my book! Seriously, I literally have no discernible undertones, so nearly every complexion product is too pink, peach, yellow… And because my skin is so neutral, any undertone is just that much more amplified.

    Sorry for the long post, I’m just a bit excited to try this one out1

  • Joy

    Hmm the texture sounds lovely! And the shades you swatched might actually work for me coz I need a little orange/peach to correct bluish discoloration. I think I saw CK at Sephora? Can’t be definite. Sephora is my mothership & it induces a fog of euphoria in me LOL. Gonna go check it out! What kind of concealer junkie would I be if I didn’t? Thank you Musey!

    • the Muse

      noooo not anymore Joy! they haven’t had it a while! It’s actually exclusively to Ulta now! they revamped, repackaged, and relaunched it about a year ago at Ulta 🙂 you’re most welcome!