December 4, 2015

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palettes

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette are a new 8 pan eyeshadow palette available in three shade selections that launched with the Covergirl Spring 2016 Collection.

If you recall we got a few Covergirl Eyeshadow Palettes for Spring 2015 which I reviewed and absolutely loved as they have a slurry formula that quite reminds me of eyeshadows from Japan that you can get from brands like KATE, Visee, etc…!

One of the more recent brands to embrace this style eyeshadow was Too Faced when they launched their The Return of Sexy Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2012. If you have this particular palette and love it you’re bound to adore the Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette. If you hate this palette, well, you’re likely not going to enjoy Covergirl’s formula. I personally love the texture, consistency, and formula of Japanese Eyeshadows as they have a creamy powder consistency that’s an absolutely joy to apply plus they look amazing on eyes.

Let’s tale a look!

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette4

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette are a permanent part of Covergirl’s Collection come Spring 2016 and each will $11.49 with a range of eight eyeshadows. They come housed in a slim-line plastic case with a dual-sided sponge applicator for application on eyes.

Covergirl’s Eye Shadow Quads are available in six shade selections and contain four shades each. I personally have two of these quads and I can see a few shades that looks similar to the one’s available in the Trunaked Palettes.

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Goldens)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Goldens)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Goldens)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Goldens)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette24

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette23

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Swatches (Goldens)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Swatches (Goldens)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Goldens)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Goldens)

Covergirl RosesTrunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Roses)

Covergirl RosesTrunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Roses)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Roses)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette (Roses)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Roses

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette9

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Roses)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Roses)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Roses)

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Roses)

These are wonderful but not everyone will like them or agree with me on that. They have a soft, creamy texture that blend very easily and apply beautifully on lids. Although they do have some minor fall out during application. The consistency of the shadows is very soft, even softer than the formula of the quads, and almost has a hybrid-like feel that’s part cream, part powder. If you loved the Quads, you’ll love these Palettes. The buttery consistency of the shades is simply amazing, ’nuff said. The palettes each contain a mix of shimmery sparkly eyeshadows as well as mattes. There is absolutely no difference between the two finishes in regards to formula. They both have an incredible texture! I would suggest using the sponge applicator they come with to apply though as I always find it difficult to blend slurry eyeshadows like this with regular makeup brushes. It’s best to apply using the sponge eyeshadow applicator as you can pack color on way easier.

According to the packaging these are “shades like a leading $50 eyeshadow palette” which I guess is a nod at Urban Decay Naked but honestly, I think it’s like comparing apples and oranges as these are nothing like what Urban Decay offers.

None the less these still have a beautiful consistency and I absolutely loved them! Covergirl even took the time to list and name each shade in the back of the compact!

Covergirl Goldens Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette Shades:

  • Creme
  • Chiffon
  • Cookie
  • Sunkissed
  • Camel
  • Ginger
  • Ecru
  • Sierra



Covergirl Roses Truenaked Eyeshadow Palette Shades:

  • Almond
  • Champagne
  • Baby
  • Rose Gold
  • Copper Rose
  • Dusk
  • Mauvegine
  • Mousse



All in all the Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette are incredible but as I said above you’re either going to love or hate this type of formula. Personally it was a love for me and I can’t wait to find the other shade selection at my drugstore.

Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette are available now at Harmons and should be launching everywhere else shortly!


I purchased this item.

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  • Anne

    ooooh. I have none of the Naked palettes so I think I’ll snatch these up. Very exciting. Though I keep reading ‘Covergirl TRUNCATED’ in this post.
    Also, what do you mean by ‘slurry?’ I’m Canadian, and old, I can’t keep up with the hip ‘Merican lingo!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Annie, slurry isn’t American lingo, it just references the formulation of the eyeshadow, kinda a semi-liquid creamy consistency that gets poured into the palette and left to harden πŸ™‚ Like cement would be considered a slurry. Hope this helps? It’s TruNaked, Probably should have capitalized the N maybe that would make it easier to read πŸ™‚

    • Maggie

      Lol! I read it as “truncated” as well! These swatch quite nicely. I’m not at all a fan of fallout so I wonder how these will do with primer?

    • Bonnie

      I just received my Roses palette in the mail and the shades look nothing like they do here.

        • Amanda

          I bought the goldens palette and I love how it’s so much softer and more pigmented then their quads. covergirl’s eyeshadows have improved a lot in the last year. Anyone else think the quality on theses palettes are better the a maybelline nudes palettes?

          • Amanda

            I bought the goldens palette and I love how it’s so much softer and more pigmented then their quads. covergirl’s eyeshadows have improved a lot in the last year. Anyone else think the quality on theses palettes are better then the maybelline nudes palettes ?

  • Rachel R.

    I’m not a huge fan of CG eyeshadows, but these look like the best they’ve put out in a long, long time. I really like the Roses palette.

  • Christina D.

    I avoid anything Covergirl and think of them as crap-tastic, i.e. overpriced crapola. That said, I’ve heard high praises for these so off I went to Harmon’s and Bed Bath & Beyond; neither store had these, nor any sign of them (which I guess is better than an empty display). Are these permanent? I don’t want to go chasing after crap-tastic, but the Muse has given her approval so I may indulge if I come across them.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha. I have the same experience with CG, typically it is a no go for me. But these I loved! They are perm!

  • Brooke Jones

    Given my fascination with all Japanese cosmetics, I think I needs the rose one. I did spring for Naked 1 and 2 but I just couldn’t justify 3 because I didn’t think I would use it enough…but this looks like it would be a pretty good substitute. Aaannnndddd these are beautiful on you as always

  • Katherine T.

    Oh Muse, thanks so much for the swatches and reviews!! I think I have enough dupes for the Golden palette, but the Roses one looks great. I didn’t want to pay $53 for the colors in UD Naked 3, but $12 (or less on sale) sounds great. I’m curious if this shadow formula will hold up on my oily lids. I’m going to try to hunt them down this weekend

  • Amy Z.

    Thank you for the swatches!
    These look like Japanese eyeshadow texture. Pretty, soft, natural looking colors with fine shimmer and smooth texture.

  • Pam

    The Roses palette looks so pretty! I have the UD Naked3 palette, and these shades look a little more cool toned.

  • kellly

    I went to Bed Bath & Beyond on Friday hoping to find them, but they had a bunch of cosmetics boxes not unpacked yet. I’m really interested in seeing these. I hope those roses don’t contain carmine. They look soooo pretty and the texture looks great, too. I really want to see these and give them a try!

  • Cosmetics Aficionado

    These look wonderful! This is the first I am hearing about them. I agree, the colors and such don’t remind me of UD at all. That isn’t a deterrent to me, just that I like the look of them for what they are not what they could potentially dupe.

    • Isabella Muse

      Aren’t they pretty? Naa not UD like in formula or in color variation but still lovely πŸ™‚

  • genevieve

    I read a comment by a reader about these palettes last week and she was raving about them. I love the golden one the best. These certainly look really good and swatch well. It’s great to see a DS brands putting out some decent eye shadows.

  • Elizabeth S.

    Did you get the nudes one also (the cool toned one)? I only got that one, and my swatches don’t look like yours in terms of consistency and creaminess. I’m hoping I was just rushing and need to take a second look. Otherwise it’s going back and being swapped for the roses one!

  • Terry Lam

    I have the Urban Decay palette 1 and3 , do I need these?? I think not….but the makeup junkie in me do! ITS HORRIBLE. I hoard and don’t even use most of my drugstore much. It’s a keepsake! my collection and babies lol good excuse huh?

  • Erin

    I bought both of these palettes and I absolutely adore them! I got them on sale at CVS and I have used them every single day since, and I’m super glad I didn’t use my Sephora gift card on Naked 3! The Rose palette has the shade in it I really wanted from N3!

  • Lorraine

    Hey muse! I got the nudes one and when I went to search it I was really disappointed at how sheer the colors look. I tried using my finger and the sponge applicator but the first 4 shades in the palette wouldn’t even swatch I couldn’t get any color up. Do you have any tips for these? Did you have to use a whole lot to get those swatches?

    • Isabella Muse

      Lorraine, did you use the sponge it came with? That doesn’t work. I used eyeshadow sponges like the ones they have at Sephora (i get them in bulk from ebay to swatch eyeshadows, blushes, etc…) Go to Sephora and grab one or two (I’m sure they won’t mind lol) and try using those to apply! This is one layer of eyeshadow using one of those applicators.

      • Lorraine

        Ok! I tried a couple brushes too and no luck so I’ll try for the sephora sponges ! Thank you for the tip.

  • Mandy

    I typically avoid all Covergirl makeup, but these look amazing! UD Naked 2 is my go to palette, but I may just pick a few of these up! Thanks for the review!

  • Hez

    I just picked up the Roses and I love it. Thanks for the heads up Musey. At first glance these could come off as chalky and not much pigment but no problems. The texture is a surprise. πŸ™‚ I’m like a kid with a new toy with this thang today. Lol

    • Isabella Muse

      I have dry eyes I don’t really have many issues with a creasing formula. No issues with creasing on this with or without primer but obviously results will vary depending on the type of skin you have as oily eyes might not see the same way as I did since my skin is drier.

  • Courtney Bandish

    I read your review on these yesterday and I’m so glad I did because it convinced me to buy it even though I had just shelled out $40 for a Lorac Pro palette. Thank you so much! I just used it and am IN LOVE with the texture. The colors are amazing but it’s the texture that makes this a standout drug store palette. It compares right up there with higher end palettes and even better than some I’ve used IMHO. I’ve never tried Japanese brands but if the consistency and texture is similar I might have to. Can you give me some brands I should look into buying? Thanks again.

  • Moonchime

    Thank you for reviewing these palettes for us. I’ve been looking for an affordable “golden” eyeshadow and this palette looks amazing!