January 6, 2016

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush (New Formulated for Spring 2016) Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush has been newly reformulated for Spring 2016 and launched in two repromoted shades and one new shade. I’m all about introducing new shades in a product line but if the formula isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush was never broke so there was no need to reformulate it. It was pigmented, it blended well, it wore great, it looked amazing on cheeks, and it didn’t cost a ton of money.

Absolutely no reason to fix it.

Or in this case break it.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush released a host of new products for Spring 2016 and also some old products in new shades or in this case with a new formula. I wish they reformulated Velvet Matte Lip Color Pencils versus the Coloricon Blush as there appear to be a few new shades available of the pencils but nothing on a reformulation and they are sorely in need of one.

Wet n Wild Around the Clock Blush was released with the Wet n Wild Spring 2015 Collection and I couldn’t hail these enough as such a great buy and formula. I would have personally loved more of these versus a newly formulated Coloricon Blush. Why? Well, because one this reformulation includes shades most fans already own and two, the reformulation is a fail for me.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush New Formula Swatches (Mellow Wine, Pearlescent Pink, Rose Champagne)

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush New Formula Swatches (Mellow Wine, Pearlescent Pink, Rose Champagne)

Wet n Wild Champagne Rose Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Champagne Rose Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Mellow Wine Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Mellow Wine Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Mellow Wine Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Mellow Wine Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink Coloricon Blush New Formula

Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink Coloricon Blush New Formula

Again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

The original Coloricon Blush formula was dense yet silky and applied beautifully with plenty of pigmentation. You get the same great pigmentation from the new formula however, the density of the original formula is nice here. These are super soft, silky, and powdery. Now powdery can translate to chalky or dry sometimes but don’t worry that isn’t the case at all here. The formula is very velvety and lovely. The problem for me is they are a little too soft so they kick up a lot of powder when a brush in dipped into them. This also results in waste as I have to tap so much blush off my brush before application. I also feel like the formula now fades a little faster than the original formula which lasted on me all day. Now I can get about seven hours in before my blush shows signs of fading where as before that was extended by a fair few more hours. These are very loosely packed and I feel like I’m wasting more than I’m putting on my cheeks due to the kick up of powder.

Wet n Wild brush

They also released these in shades already available which were Mellow Wine and Pearlescent Pink with Rose Champagne being the newest blush. Both the first two are very, very pigmented but Rose Champagne, it shares the same name with the Glow To Reflect Shimmer Palette, is more of a highlighter shade for me as it gives a little hint of a sheen on my cheeks but not a lot of color. They do include a brush with each compact but it’s quite useless in my opinion.

One thing I am thankful for? The $2.99 price tag remains the same!

So, perhaps it isn’t a big deal to some folks but personally I thought the Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush was just fine the way it was. If they want to repackage it, GO for it! But the formula didn’t need to be changed. It worked great just the way it was.

The new formulation of Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush shades are launching now at Walgreens.

Anyone try them yet?


Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Garrett

    The problem with the originals were that they broke very easily. I bought one once and after about two days it broke for no reason! Muse, my dear have you or anyone else had this problem ?

    • Isabella Muse

      I never had that issue Garrett! Unless, of course, if I dropped it. They were/are great. The new formula is way way way way powdery. Kicks up a lot of powder even with a gentle touch! Try them though! Maybe they’ll be better for you than the original! Ya never know! πŸ™‚

  • Katherine T.

    Oh thanks for the warning Muse. Very sad when brands re-formulate for the worse. I saw these in store and was tempted by the peach, but my cheeks eat blush, so these will be gone by breakfast time. I sure hope their new Ombre Blushes are better.

  • Stephanie

    My HG Pearlescent Pink is not the same color; 325B is more peaches, and 831E is more pink. I was wondering if my eyes were deceiving me, but when I swatched them out on white paper, it was undeniable. πŸ™

    • Ashley

      I agree!!! I thought I was the only one that noticed that they were different… one is more pink and one is more peach. I personally love the original more.

  • Abbes

    I completely agree with you Muse. The new formula is a total fail for me it was really patchy and uneven when I applied it. I loved the original formula and I don’t understand why they would need to fix something that was perfect the first time.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m glad I’m not alone Abbes! The original was just fine the way it was, absolutely no reason to reformulate! Introducing new shades would have been a better option!

  • d3athbyglitter

    I haven’t tried these yet though I have been keeping an eye out for new 2016 WnW products whenever I’m at the drugstore/Target/Walmart. When I heard these were being reformulated and that Heather Silk (my first blush ever!) was being DC’ed I ran out and hunted for backups. I was lucky enough to find one of each.

    I love the new packaging and was really happy to hear new shades were going to be added but…it’s such a bummer to hear the 2016 formula isn’t as good as the old formula. *^* I hope the Ombre Blushes have a better formula. They look super pretty!

  • Eliza R

    I believe the old formula contains ethylhexyl palmitate, which is highly comedogenic (and why I could not wear the old formula). The new formula, when I ran through it while in CVS, did not seem to contain ethylhexyl palmitate. Good news probably for acne-prone people like me though for those who are not, sad development because this ingredient is one of the main reasons why blushes containing this feel buttery and easy to blend.

  • MakeupGRL

    I recently purchased the the rose champagne and use it more as a little light bronzer.. I have light to medium neutral with warm undertones.. Really like the way it looks and seems to have staying power.. But I tend to like more of natural “no make up” makeup look πŸ™‚

  • Patricia

    Have these products a matte finish? I live in México and I will travel to el paso for shopping and I want a matte finish blush because I have oily skin. The one Im wearing now is revlon powder blush because it’s the only one that doesn’t make my skin breakout, but it has a little shimmer that makes my skin looks oily and it’s expensive here.

    I hope I wrote right and you understand what I wanted to mean. Hahahaha

  • Tesse

    Hey, Muse! For someone on a budget, would you say that Pearlescent Pink is a dupe for Becca’s Flowerchild? Thank you!