May 13, 2016

Remember These Wild and Crazy Makeup Products?

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crazy makeup has a Flash Sale today for 30% Off so I decided to head on over and see what was new. Oh, wait there’s nothing new! We discussed that last week didn’t we? Haha…!

But seriously, I headed over because I thought Haiku would be on sale. No such luck.

But I ran across Mega Effect Mascara and it was such a blast from my beauty past.

Picture it, August 2013, Avon releases the wildly intriguing Mega Effects Mascara. It’s large comb-like applicator thrills, excites, and worries us all but our worry doesn’t prevent us from wanting to try this new way to apply mascara.

There’s been some wild and crazy makeup over the years hasn’t there? Mega Effect didn’t quite work out but no one can’t say it wasn’t an interesting and unique idea. And no one can’t say it wasn’t pretty cool to look at too!

How about L’Oreal’s True Match Roller or L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow?

Now True Match Roller I had some success with. Hey, don’t knock the world of rolling on your foundation like you would roll paint on a wall! It works, sorta, kinda….!

But L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow? Not so much! If you don’t remember this palette, the One Sweep Eyeshadow was a trio of eyeshadows that came with an over large eyeshadow sponge applicator. You’d swipe the applicator over all three shades and proceed to sweep it across your eyes. It was supposed to highlight, add a lid color, and a contrasting crease shade in a single go. Most people thought it was a rather hysterical concept but I always felt like if it actually worked it would save a hell of a lot time applying eyeshadow.

As you may have guessed, it didn’t work.

But hey, thanks L’Oreal for trying!

What are some crazy makeup products you recall using and trying that seemed innovative at the time of their release?

Do share them!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Alys

    This is such a fun post! I hope to see lots of memories in the comments! The only thing I can think of right now is the … oh wait it’s still out there. That giant spider ball thing on the end of a mascara wand that Givenchy calls “Phenomen’Eyes.” Looks terrifying. Like a mace.

  • Robin

    I had the Avon mascara you’re talking about. It was so weird, but I had to try it! lol I remember there was something with eyeshadows that were on plastic and you stuck it to your eyelid, smooshed down on the plastic, removed it and voila you had perfect eyeshadow on your eyelids! I saw real life people trying it on a show um no. But neat idea!

  • Jay

    YESSSSS!!!! I remember all three of these!! The True Match roller always intrigued me lol. That one sweep eye shadow was ridiculous…the best part was watching L’Oreal spokespeople try to apply it! I participated in the usual trends…black lip liner with clear gloss (smeared into a brown-ish mess)…shiny white eyeliner…super thin eyebrows…the usual hahaha.

    • Isabella Muse

      ha! Don’t forget brown lipstick which is making a come back!

  • Liana

    great post!! so funny to see what things really don’t hit big and others do! Some of these tools try to hard to be too gimmicky. Awesome post

  • EliCaroline

    I had a good laugh reading this post. Those products! They seem so silly now. A one sweep shadow? No good. LOL
    I remember all of those products though. I’m sure at the time they probably seemed really exciting.

  • Kristin

    Remember the vibrating mascara wands? (I know Estee Lauder had one, and maybe L’oreal?) As if a mascara wand with the tremors was going to suddenly give me the lush lashes I’ve always dreamed of…

  • Amanda

    I didn’t wear foundation when the true match roller was out but I wanted to try it *so* badly

  • melissa

    what about the UD eye lash curler trap? LOL That was a crazy idea .. I even tried it but.. fail.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL people still swear by it and love it. just not me lol!

      • Melissa

        Ditto – one of the few beauty items I’ve ever returned lol

  • Laura

    OMG! I loved this post! I had completely forgotten about the L’oreal roller! At the time I thought I would get it eventually but never did and then forgot about it. It looks like so much fun! Was it any good?

    • Isabella Muse

      Kind of! 🙂 It was weird but I sort of liked it in an odd way!

  • Christine

    Haha, I remember those eyeshadows from L’Oreal. They never work, but how cool would it be if they did? 😀 x

  • genevieve

    I remember the big blue eye shadows of the past – that put everyone off blue eye shadow for the next few decades.
    Thank goodness that brown lipsticks are back in vogue because I love them. Milani’s Cinnamon Spice is wonderful.

  • Alys

    Soon will be that BeautyBlender disc thingy. Looks like it’s helpful but let’s face it, it’s just a way for BeautyBlender to try and milk some more money out of us!!!

  • Devon

    here’s one–bare escentusls (?) had an original mascara called the magic wand or something and it was literally a stick. there were tiny grooves but no bristles (kind of like the new oil remover by too faced!) and it was supposed to give you long lashes. i was so intrigued by it and no matter how hard i tried i ended up with a glop of goo!!