June 28, 2016

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Paranorman Courtney is a Perfect Summer Fragrance!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Paranorman Courtney

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Paranorman Courtney Perfume Oil is one of several fragrances that launched inspired by the Paranorman movie that launched in 2012. This particularly fragrance blend is inspired by Courtney Babcock, Norman’s obnoxious old sister. She’s your typical stereotypical teen sister that easily annoyed by her little brother and just wants to sit around talking on the phone, texting, and talking about boys. When push comes to shove though, Courtney does have Norman’s back.

Courtney’s scent is an interesting and unusual blend of bubblegum and tanning lotion. Did I hear an ewwww out there? I know! Sounds kind of weird right? I was drawn to it because of the bubblegum but I had my worries and doubts about the tanning lotion. You see, I’m not a beach-y fragrance kind of girl (Although Carol’s Daughter Monoi did prove me wrong recently!). But if nothing at all I do so enjoy my unusual, unique fragrance blends and this ended up in my cart many months ago. I had plans to review it around Halloween because, well, Paranorman, Halloween, seems to go together hand in hand. But technically speaking Courtney’s Perfume Oil is more about Summer than Fall.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Paranorman Courtney Perfume Oil comes housed 5ML amber glass bottle that features a label with Courtney on the front. These are dab and apply oils but I’d highly suggest snagging some wand caps which makes application so much easier. The bottle is $26 and that may seem a bit high but the Lab’s fragrances are very potent, long wearing, and with excellent throw.

The thing I love most about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume Oils is their complexity. You can always expect the unexpected from their fragrances. Courtney is proof of that! As promised she starts out with a traditional sweet, juicy pink bubblegum note. Wet on my skin, this smells like those stale yet tasty sticks of gum that came with baseball and Garbage Pail Kids cards. Mind you, when I think of those gum sticks now I mentally cringe at how bad they were! But as a kid, they were some of the tastiest sticks of gum I ever chewed in my young life. So, yeah, this is a sweet, pink very so slightly minty bubblegum note! But don’t let it fool you, that gum note disappears quickly enough as the scent dries down. It actually morphs instantly upon dry down. Some oils tend to stick to the original top notes for a little while even dry before they change and rearrange. Not Courtney! She isn’t happy being all about bubblegum. Instantly, on dry down the scent has a playful warm vanilla fragrance with a very, very, very faint floral-y tanning note. It kind of smells like that faint, lingering tanning oil that you wiped off vigorously but still remains on your skin. I wouldn’t say it was a coconut tanning oil but something else that has that “laid out by the pool in the sun” vibe going on. It still remains sweet but now the bubblegum is a far, far, far away back note that you have to think about to smell. The sweet vanilla combined with the tanning oils gives the fragrance warmth and depth. It smells very Summer-y and pretty. And much, much more wearable that tooth-achingly sweet pink bubblegum! She has excellent linger and a few dabs will wear for a good eight hours.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Paranorman Courtney is truly a perfect Summer fragrance. If you like interesting, unique gourmands, Courtney is your girl!

Available now at blackphoenixalchemylab.com.


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  • Gillie

    This sounds awesome! My kids play baseball, and we purchased a big tub of Bazooka for their teams. It was in my car on a particularly warm day, and the smell when I opened the tub of warm bubblegum was just amazing. It sounds like this perfume is pretty similar. Gonna go browse, now!

    • Isabella Muse

      ha! That must have been incredible 🙂 They actually has an unusual dry down but yes, Bazooka is the first note in there!

  • Diana

    I have this one, but haven’t tried it yet. Need to pull it out!

      • Diana

        I’ve got so many BPAL’s, I sometimes forget about them. Thanks for bringing this one back to my attention.

        • Isabella Muse

          😀 My pleasure! I’m the same! I have so many bottles sometimes I forget to use them!

  • kellly

    Definitely not my kind of fragrance, but BPAL does come up with some pretty awesome stuff. I’m half hoping to see some Game of Thrones stuff from them soon!!

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise! I’d totally buy a game of thrones perfume collection 😀