June 8, 2016

Creamy Vanilla, Toasted Coconut, Sheer Bliss in a Hand Cream from Carol’s Daughter

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Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Hand Cream

One day soon my wishes will come true and Carol’s Daughter will release Black Vanilla in a perfume version but until that time I’ll make do with the other products in the Black Vanilla Collection like the hand cream!

You know, it’s so weird about vanilla. I was never a vanilla fan! My sister has always adored it but I was one for turning my nose up at it. When I purchased my first bottle of Stila Creme Bouquet that is in fact, where the vanilla obsession began. Now I can’t get enough of it. I’m a big, big lover of vanilla gourmand fragrances and simply can’t get enough of them!

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla is top on my favorite vanillas. This is a blend of vanilla, coconut, and musk but honestly, to my nose, it just smells like a creamy cake-like vanilla that’s rich, decadent, and smells good enough to eat.

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Hand Cream swatches

Carol’s Daughter has the fragrance available in a variety of hair care products as well as body products as well as a delicious hand cream. I cannot get enough of this stuff and I’m well on my 6th tube this year alone. It’s rich, creamy, and super hydrating. Plus add in the fact that it leaves my hands smelling like yummy vanilla and I’m all hands on deck.

This is quick to absorb but quick note, it does leave hands a bit greasy after! I find a little goes a very, very long way as it’s almost as thick and creamy as the body butter they do! But that doesn’t stop me because my hands are dry as hell and can use all the moisture I need!

You need it if you’re a vanilla fan girl or boy!

Get it now at Target, Target.com, or carolsdaughter.com.