March 21, 2017

Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Unicorns, mermaids, and metallics make their way into your world with the new Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette ($40) that launched earlier last week for the Summer 2017 season. It’s a long time coming but finally we have somewhat of a rainbow hued palette from Tarte. They are obviously listening because many, many people have asked over and over again when Tarte would release a more colorful palette and that’s exactly what the Make Believe in Yourself Collection is all about! Color!

Now, granted, this palette isn’t all about rainbow hues. Tarte still pops in a few natural shades as well which to be honest, I’m not in the least bit upset about as if nothing at all I love me a good nude, natural shade.

Let’s take a look at my review and swatches of the Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette!

Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette comes in a round compact much like past palettes we’ve seen in the past like the Rainforest of the Sea Palette, Rainforest After Dark Eye & Cheek Palette, and Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel. It’s a packaging that’s slick, compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly. It has a generously sized mirror tucked inside and a pretty abstract design decorating the front. The palette is made in the USA. The palette contains 10 eyeshadows each of which is 0.038 oz each and one highlighter which is 0.105 oz. There’s a little more product in this palette compared to past palette and that’s reflected in the higher price which is $4 more than say the Rainforest of the Sea Palette which is $36 with few shades and less product.

Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Marvel, Trance, Fairy, Mystic)

Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Pixie, Myth, Magic, Wings)

Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Dream, Crystal, Myth)

It may be packaged similarly to past palettes but the contents are quite different from the purple or nude, natural theme that Tarte so dearly loves to go with with their eye and face palettes. This palette contains a unique assortment of shades that range from warmer to cooler. I wouldn’t say it’s a rainbow of colors but it is different for Tarte and it could be exciting if you’re wanted to experience Tarte’s gel eyeshadow formula in shades other than brown. For me, the original Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette was all about browns and nudes, a year or so later along came the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II Palette and that was an assortment of smokier shades, and now we have the Make Believe in Yourself Eyeshadow Palette and this is more about injecting a little bit of color into your world. For me they played it safe with this release as they have a lot of fans that like their assortment of nudes and they made the Make Believe in Yourself Palette fun yet safe enough for those nude lovers that want to play with a little color but not a lot. They didn’t leave nudes completely behind as this palette does contain brown, copper, and peach shades. But along with warmer shades they have a pretty chartreuse, aqua, purple, and blue. So, yeah, this is a safer “rainbow” palette but as I said earlier it’s still a fun and different release for Tarte.

Tarte is known for their softer, silkier eyeshadows but this palette has the same formula has the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette which is much different from anything that Tarte currently makes. These shadows have a gel-like texture that’s creamy and smooth. I find the texture is a little bit of a hybrid with a powder cream-like consistency that glides easily onto eyes and blends smoothly. I typically use a sponge eyeshadow applicator for application as I can pack color on easier this way. If you’ve used Make Up For Ever’s newest Artist Eyeshadows this texture is similar but much softer. I actually thought the texture was even softer than the Rainforest of the Sea Palette eyeshadows but not flaky nor prone to fall out. The colors were very pigmented and quite smooth to the touch. The shadows have a foiled finish without any addition of water. Considering how hot metallic anything is at the moment in the makeup world these will perfect for on trend looks come Summer. There is, strangely enough, a single matte shade in the palette which was a little sheerer and dense than the other shades. It’s appearance was a little odd. And finally, for the highlighter fan girls and guys, there’s a Strobing Eye and Cheek Highlighter called Myth in this palette which is a shimmering pearl white. This had a softer, gel-like consistency as well. I preferred the shade as a high brow highlighter as on my face it wasn’t terribly flattering.

The Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette isn’t exactly bringing a rainbow to your world but it does give you a taste of the rainbow. It playful, colorful, yet still gives you options for a nude look as well should that be more your style. I like the combination of bronze-y shades with the pops of aqua and green. You can definitely get that “unicorn” look that Tarte is going for with this collection but you can still keep your feet firming planted on the ground as well.

It’s a beautiful palette with a beautiful formula.

I liked it and think it is worth grabbing if you enjoyed the Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow formula.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself is available now at,, and
Did you purchase it?

Did you like it?

Do share your thoughts!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Lauren

    Almighty Muse, pleeeeease say you’ll be reviewing the highlighter from this collection <3

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t buy it :-/ sorry! I’m just not really into the entire highlighter thing 🙂 sorry!

  • Robin

    I ordered mine the day it launched on Tarte’s site and it should be on my doorstep tomorrow. I guess it took the scenic route to my house.

    This looks great!! The first Tarte Rainforrest of the Sea palette has always been tempting to me, but I felt those color swatches were dupable. This palette has punches of color that I can mix with the neutral shades so it will be great for work.

    Can’t wait to play with this one!!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol omg I laughed at “the scenic route” hahaha 😀 I really liked it, it’s colorful but not crazy, very wearable 😀 Let me know what you think! Yeah, I felt like the purple and aqua were quite easy to dupe across my collection. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

    • AnniLau

      I ordered mine from Tarte’s site the day it was released and still haven’t gotten it. For some reason, FedEx decided to (literally) take it on week-long tour of the nearest major city and its suburbs. I’m 80% certain it’s going to be broken by the time it finally arrives.

      If I’d realized Sephora was going to have it so quickly, I would have waited and taken advantage of my free Flash shipping. 🙁

  • diane

    i’m impatiently waiting for mine. tarte usually does not take this long to get to me. thanks to your swatches and review! i’m extra excited now,it really looks gorgeous.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh my pleasure! I think it’s going to look great on you, D! With your hair and eyes it’ll be perfect! Can’t wait to read your review 😀

      • diane

        you’re so kind! my swatches suck so i usually link my readers to you for them LOL i like playing around with looks but i can’t do anything until i get my eyebrows done because they’re horrid at the moment!

        • Isabella Muse

          awwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks! ;-D And your swatches don’t suck at all!! Haha I know mine too, don’t you hate that? “Need to review, eyebrows look shit!” beauty blogger problems!

  • Christian

    Thank you so much for your review! I am so excited for this palette and I have been waiting for swatches! This palette shall be mine

  • Janessa

    Ugh. I’d like to announce that this is my FIRST unnecessary (I don’t count brow products or stuff I actually run out of and repurchase) makeup purchase of 2017. And it may be driven more by the packaging than the contents… and I don’t care! hahaha! This palette is SPEAKING to me. I can’t wait to get it.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha enjoy Janessa! Give me a heads up when you get it, curious what you think of the contents 😀

  • Susan

    Gorgeous mermaid look on you!!! I think this is such a pretty palette for summer but I won’t be getting it as it’s too shimmery for my crepey ol’ eyelids, plus teal shades don’t flatter me (in makeup I love green, love blue, but not teal; go figure).

    Mostly I think it’s a welcome sign that Tarte is branching out from All Neutral All the Time, and I hope they do a killer autumn palette with rich colors like copper, dark green, red.

    • Isabella Muse

      Thank you kindly Susan 😀 You can always mix up the aqua with the grayish blue in this palette to sheer it out 😀 THAT would be brilliant!

  • Sarah

    Okay, now that I’ve seen swatches I think I MUST own this palette! You wear the colors so beautifully, Muse! And the swatches made my heart stop.

    Would you say the hybrid formula is similar to ColourPop’s creamy shadows, or is it a bit drier? My apologies if someone has already asked! I’m being naughty and reading this post at work!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Sarah! Oh nothing like those. These are a gel hybrid, so not at all like that clay texture of Colourpop’s formula! If you’ve tried Make Up For Ever’s Artist Eyeshadows that’s exactly the texture of these just a little softr!

  • Wiebke

    add another super impatient customer who ordered it last week and it STILL won’t be here until Saturday! You’d think I live in a cabin in the woods, not SoCal! Wish I had waited a couple days and ordered from Sephora!

  • Denise

    Is it wrong that I want this just because the packaging is so pretty?

  • Isa

    Oh that’s a really pretty look on you, Muse!

    I’m really tempted by this palette. It’s colour, but more wearable colour if that makes sense? I love the packaging as well.

    Speaking of Make Up For Ever’s Artist eyeshadows, I was recently at their boutique and the SA there told me that they were going to revamp their line of single shadows and were not going to replenish their current stock once it runs out. They even had a buy 2 get 2 free promo on them! Needless to say, I splurged. 😡

    • Isabella Muse

      aw Thanks Isa! -D Yes, my thoughts exactly. Not crazy vibrant but also playfully wearable 😀 Seriously? They just released the Artist Collection like two years ago not even and already they are revamping? WEIRD! buy 2, get 2 is a sweet deal! Wonder if it is still on?

      • Isa

        Yeah, I was seriously surprised to hear from the SA that they were going to revamp, because like you, I remember that they had just launched that line only a couple years ago. And I think they were well received, so I didn’t think there would be a reason to redo them so soon. I was there just last week, but I’m not in the US so the promotion might not apply to all markets.

        • Isabella Muse

          that’s so weird to me! But it makes sense because they have been revamping a lot of the core collection lately! Did you notice they did a new HD elixir? Renamed it, repackaged it. Same for their pressed and loose powder. We might not get the promotion but I’m sure we’ll get the repackage, revamped shadows at some point 😀 thanks for the news, very interesting info! PS Where are you from?

          • Isa

            I did notice it! I wondered why Sephora suddenly had the HD powder listed on the new section on their page when it’s been around a long time! I didn’t realise it was a repackaging/reformulation.

            The SA didn’t know when the new shadows would launch but I’m sure you guys will get the new shadows, probably sooner than I will, because most things launch in the US first! It’s actually good for me, since I will always have reviews like yours to read before stuff launches in my country. 🙂 Some stuff launches pretty late over here. Can you believe the Serpentina Kat von D palette only launched recently? We did get Metal Matte about the same time tho.

            I’m from Singapore. 🙂

          • Isabella Muse

            between you and me I think they just repackaged! I mean it’s pressed powder, how much reformulating can they do lol! Ohhh! You’re from Singapore 🙂 I used to be a cozycot member 🙂 I blame Singapore for my success as a blogger 🙂 I’m surprised to hear the launches are so slow 🙁 I thought Singaore got better with launches lately! But you’re right, at least you get plenty of reviews before deciding if you need it 😀 saves money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Isa

            Heh, I’m glad Singapore can claim even the tiniest bit of credit for your blogging, you do great work! 🙂

            The launches are not usually that slow, generally we get stuff about a month or two later, it seems to depend on the brand. We actually got Benefit’s Galifornia a couple weeks before the US launch, which was surprising! The best thing about being here (from a beauty junkie perspective) is that K-beauty is quite accessible here. Etude, The Face Shop and Innisfree seem to have a shop in almost every mall it seems like, and many prestige brands have counters.

          • Isabella Muse

            A lot of it 😀 xoxoxo thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I noticed in the last ten years that Singapore gets things a lot faster! Not to mention also many Japanese brands 😀 I’m jealous!

    • kjh

      Wtf? Seriously? What a case of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ The trios of singles are a good deal, esp as the palettes are so repetitive. That mufe formula may be my fave ever…and that is prob ~50 years. WTFFFFF? Wonder if they have a deal on their dedicated site? (Rushing to look…) Well, Ms Iz has me all but sold on this one, with the info that it is the ROTS hybrid formula. Wonderful to see Tarte out of the warm neutral rut. They have a slew of metallic singles debuting, that swatch pretty well, too.

      • Isa

        I don’t know if the promotion is global or not; I’m not in the US and the promotion was only in their dedicated “Pro Loft” boutique. Sephora, the only other place that stocks MUFE in my country, didn’t have the promo.

        I was surprised to hear of that too, because I think most people like that formula. The only issue I could see with them is that a couple of the shades had colour leaching issues. Like they kind of became bleached out over time when left exposed. Quite evident on some of the testers, and the SA said it was just oxidization that did that. But I would think that since it was only a couple of shades that did that, there would be no need to reformulate the whole line.

  • Sara

    Sephora Flash shipping FTW! I got mine last night and I got to try it out this morning, I’m SO happy with it. I did a look with Trance and Fairy with a bit of Magic plus (Luna)tic Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner. I adore the Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow formula, so its awesome they continued it for this one. I know which palette is coming to Disney World with me this weekend! As always, thanks for the review and heads up on release!

    • Isabella Muse

      YAY! Enjoy Sarah 😀 and I think this is a perfect Disney Palette (I’m jealous! How long are you going for?). Didn’t you think it was a little softer compared to RFotS? I thought the texture was a lot nicer and creamier!

      • Sara

        I’ll be there Friday-Monday, just a short trip since we were just there in Oct and we’re not getting park tickets. So I’m just gonna spend 3 days eating Dole Whip with rum near a pool 😀

        And yes! The texture on these is amazing, I used it again today to do a more neutral look with the light pink and brown shades. The Pixie shade has a really beautiful duochrome to it! No creasing at all so far. It was also easy to do a fluffy brush on my crease and have a light touch with it. Sometimes darker colors come out too dark, lol. These were perfect and I could build it up.

        • Isabella Muse

          lol eating dole whop with rum near a pool sounds alright to me 😀 I was at Disneyland in October but I’m compelled to go back for Spring! I need to go Disney yet again like a hole in my head. yay! 😀 I did a smokier brown look today with it and a little pop of the aqua on the bottom lash line 😀

  • Stephanie

    Thank you Muse for your review! I was actually waiting for your swatches before buying this palette, but I went ahead and ordered it from Ulta yesterday lol. Your swatches make me feel happier with my purchase though. 🙂

    Not that I needed another eyeshadow palette (this one being the most expensive one I’ve ever bought), but the colors are just too beautiful to pass up. Can’t wait to get it!

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure! Let me know what you think when it arrives 😀

  • Tammy

    I ordered mine on day 1 and have no idea when it’s going to be here!! Anyway, that blue looks so pretty on you!!

  • Christina Tran

    I’m probably going to be the only person on earth who doesn’t love this palette. I wasn’t expecting the colorful shades to be so pastel on my skintone (ultra fair, for reference). I feel like the strong sheen overpowers the lighter (not sheer, there’s a difference) base colours, so it ends up looking like metallic pastels on me . They definitely look richer on you than they do on me. I guess I like my metallics and foils to be a little more rich and deep. Plus, because of my skin tone, shades like Pixie and Crystal blend right in and look almost the same on my skin–which is gold shimmer. LOL! And I definitely do not like the highlighter: it’s kind of chunky, and I really have to buff it into my cheeks or onto my eyes to get a smooth sheen. Also, I think they could have replaced the matte shade with another metallic shade because, let’s face it, if you’re going for an eye look with foils that incorporates mattes, you’re going to use more than just one matte to complete the look. For me, personally, the shade doesn’t work as either a crease or a transition color.

    I’ve been vacillating between keeping or returning the palette because there are a few shades that I really love, like Trance, Magic, Mystic, and Marvel; those are really pigmented and rich. Fairy, Dream, and Wings are not bad once I layer the shades a few time to build up opacity, but I wish they were a little more jewel tone. And I really love the design aesthetic of the palette! It’s just so pretty!

    Argh!!! What am I going to do!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      raises hand! I’m one of those people hat doesn’t like metallics because they look frosty on me but I actually liked the foiled sheen of this finish. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you 🙁 I hated the highlighter on my cheeks but I was good using it as a highlighter on my brow bones 😀 the matte’s unusual, it’s sort of randomly plopped into the palette! ;-D Have you tried a cream base and using a sponge applicator? Might help get the jewel intensity you’re looking for! Try MAC Paint Pot and a simple eyeshadow sponge to build 😀

      • Christina Tran

        I actually really like metallic eyeshadows, but yes, they can veer towards frosty.
        I’ll give the sponge applicator a go. I typically use a stiff synthetic brush that normally works well with my other foil shadows, and I didn’t really have problem with the colors showing up so much as I think they’re not rich enough for me. I think what I really want is more rainbow. LOL!

        • Christina Tran

          By the way, Muse, your eyes are just so perfect for applying these fun shades. They look great on you!

          • Isabella Muse

            aw thanks Christina you’re too kind girl xoxoxoxoxoxo!

        • Isabella Muse

          Not me, I tend to avoid them! I always feel like it can be too much at times although, I am loving the Stila Magnificent Metals, those are lovely 😀 Try it, you might feel it builds better for you! Let me know how it works out! I think it’s just a taste of a rainbow here 😀 Not the entire rainbow. They kind of went a little safer with the palette by incorporating neutrals in there. I guess they don’t want to alienate their fan base but also want to reach out to others that do want colors so they bring the best of both worlds into this palette!

  • Emily

    This is just what I was hoping to read! Mine is scheduled to be delivered today. I know you’ve recommended the Rainforest of the Sea formula, but the 2 palettes’ colors didn’t entice me enough to grab them; too much overlap with what is already in my collection. I didn’t know which formula this would be when I ordered it, but I thought the colors and presentation were so pretty, I went ahead and bought it anyway. I was hoping it would be like the RFOTS, and I’m so glad to read that it is. And I think I am the target audience for this color scheme; want some different colors, but nothing too crazy. That look you created is lovely!

    • Isabella Muse

      I think that’s exactly what you get here Emily! It’s safe but also playful 🙂 let me know what you think when it arrives, I’d be really curious to hear what you think of the formula!

  • Tracy

    Thank you so much for the swatches, Muse! I was waiting for these. I stalked the Tarte site for this palette’s release last week but ended up waiting… For me personally, I’m not into warm bronzes and that matte shade seemed so weird to me. I did some looking around and found the Sleek Original I-Divine palette is incredibly similar to this one, so I ordered it on Amazon for $8.99. I just couldn’t stomach spending $40 on shades I won’t wear and might lose interest in. For anyone else looking to save $29 on these colors, I recommend looking up swatches of the Sleek palette.

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure Tracy! 🙂 The matte is the odd man out here! Sleek’s palettes are brilliant, I’m sure you’ll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    You look great Muse. I got mine in the mail yesterday. I did not use it yet. I am glad I purchased it.

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Maria you’re too kind let me know how it goes ok?

  • Lori

    YEEEEESSSS I was waiting for a review and swatches! Sounds like it’s everything I was hoping for! I’ve been saving my Ulta points for this!!!!

  • Vikki S

    Does it come with a card that gives look details like their other pallets do? Just curious

  • Nikki

    I fell in love with this palette when I first saw it and after seeing it was available at Ulta (I have points!) and seeing your swatches and review I went ahead and ordered it. It’ll be here Saturday, I can’t wait!

  • devon

    I most definitely thought in your swatches you had them labeled “Crystal Meth” and I had to stop and reread bc I immediately thought WTF Tarte?! hahahahahaha
    Is this LE?
    It is GORG.

  • Ashley

    I want this! So pretty in 1 convenient palette, yes please! The blue looks stunning on u!

  • Dannie

    I love colors and I’m in love with these adorable pastel metallic colors! They remind me of these easter eggs I decorated last year. The only downfall is half the eyeshadows are nude colors. I have way too many palettes that contain nude colors.. I don’t need anymore!

  • NutellaNoella

    Yasssssss, gurl. You work that blue shimmer so well! I’m so excited because I finalllllly received my Natural Love pallet on Tuesday (it came a little “earlier” than the original plan for this Friday -_-). I have to say- I love it, but then again I don’t really have any neutrals and none of the natural pallets Too Faced has put out. I usually wear colorful and bold Kat Von D type shades. I can definitely see how this Natural Love pallet can seem boring or like it all runs together if you’ve got a solid natural nude collection goin. I’m supposed to receive Make Believe in Yourself today and your review makes me look forward to it even more! ^_^

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Noella 🙂 I’m positive it’s a love for you if you don’t have a ton of nude/natural shades 😀 I’m glad to hear it actually!!!!!! I was a bit disappointed with mine but girl, I have so much nude it is crazy! 😀 Yay! I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

  • Miss D

    Oooh, you look so pretty on these pics!! Love your eye makeup. I think I’m going to attempt to steal this look and try it out on myself!

  • danadoo

    Boo. I am really not into the actual colors in this palette, but HOT DAMN, the design of the case is so, so beautiful! I’d feel totally chic whipping it out in public!

  • Natalie

    Gel. eyeshadow formula? Is it really that soft? I haven’t tried it. I will go to Sephora and touch it. 🙂 Thanks for your review!

    • Isabella Muse

      it’s a hybrid formula, not soft, more powder than cream 🙂 My pleasure!

  • wendy

    I know this is a REALLY old thread but holy moly Muse you look SPECTACULAR with this blue look!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    I’m late to the game on this one, but I LOVE this palette! It’s one of my favorites!