April 11, 2017

Ulta Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

I picked up a packet of the new Ulta Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub ($3) recently and I couldn’t help but think how great it would be if Ulta introduced this in a full-size tube. I’d so buy it if they did!

Ulta Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub sort of dabbles its toes in the Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer idea but they take it in a different direction with a pre-scrub that can used to exfoliate your skin before applying a mask. Apparently this allows for better absorption of your mask.


Let me let you in on a little secret of mine. I’ve been doing this for years!!!!!!!!!!

I find physical exfoliation can be very stripping. Ironically I have dry, flaky skin that just gets worst after I exfoliate it. I’m left feeling quite tight and dry after I scrub. My solution? I follow up with a moisturizing facial mask!

But hey, this didn’t stop me from being oddly curious about Ulta Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub.

Ulta Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub isn’t exactly budget friendly as this is $3 bucks for 0.52 oz scrub versus say buying some other exfoliating scrub at the drugstore which is 6 oz or more for $4 bucks or so (even the scrub that must be named is a cheaper and a better value!).

Ulta packages this up in one envelope that contains two separate portions of scrub. Unfortunately, they don’t perforate the two sides which drove me up a wall for some reason. I mean, you can easily take a scissor and cut the two envelopes and separate them but it doesn’t hurt to make things a little easier and just perforate them for me. Unlike, the Yes to Masks I felt like each portion of the scrub was plenty to do my entire face without having a ton of left over product.

The formula is a clear gel with what appears to be tiny apricot seeds or jojoba beads of some sort but actually it is Apricot Seed Powder according to the ingredients. The texture reminds me a lot of the new St Ives Exfoliate & Nourish Coconut Oil Scrub. It didn’t say whether or not to use it on wet or dry skin so I went ahead and used it on already damp skin after I cleansed. I worked it gently into my skin and it did produce a good deal of lather. It felt fairly gentle to me and not as harsh as St Ives Apricot Scrub’s formula but yet still grainy enough to whisk away dry, flaky skin. The texture feels a bit slick and slippery as I massage which could be due to the glycerin that it contains. I was quite worried it would leave me tight or dry after but it actually rinses clean away and my skin felt pleasantly smooth but not tight nor dry. It does have a mild fresh scent so, sensitive users beware.

I’d actually consider buying a bottle of this if they came out with it. It’s a good way to whisk away dry, dead skin prior to applying a sheet or cream mask. I probably wouldn’t use it as often as I do mask (I tend to use sheet masks three to four times a week) but it’s a nice weekly exfoliating scrub for me.

All in all, the Ulta Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub sounded gimmicky to me but it actually does make for a nice way to prep skin prior to applying masks or other skincare. It does a good job buffing away dry, flakier skin to reveal smoother, softer skin without drying or stripping.

I’d buy it again!

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Ulta Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub is available now at Ulta.com.

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kimkats

    Haven’t tried it but I’m so partial to my dearly beloved Queen Helene cocoa butter scrub and/or the Oatmeal and Honey one, I just can’t cheat on them. (and that’s unusual, cos I is a skincare ‘ho!)

  • Hanna

    My skin is super dry and flakey so I use a face brush almost every day.
    I use a creamy cleanser most days but if I’m going to use a mask I use a glycolic cleanser.
    Same sort of concept, I know it’s going to make my skin dry and tight, but then a moisturizing mask makes it all better again!
    I haven’t seen these at my ulta yet, but I think I’ll pick up a packet to try when I do!

  • Agona

    I always exfoliate before a moisturizing mask too (but not before a mask that’s drying like a clay mask or an exfoliating mask–don’t want to double up! That’s how redness/flakiness happens.)

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise, typically after exfoliating I apply a hydrating mask 😀