May 22, 2017

DuWop Discounting All the Mermaids

Several years ago in a galaxy not too far away DuWop released a Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. Yup, Lorac wasn’t the first! The collection included Caribbean Iced Teas Lip Balm, a Rotating Map Mermaids Eyeshadow Palette, and Sea Shell Compact Cheek and Eye Duos.

Needless to say it was during the On Stranger Tides release which made this a mermaid inspired launch. Of course, at the time mermaids weren’t a thing quite yet in the makeup world so, everyone was pretty excited at the prospect of a mermaid inspired makeup launch.

Anyway, enough history on the collection what I really want to know is what exactly happened to Philip Swift?

And in other news you can snag DuWop’s Pirate Collection at 50% Off at


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