December 13, 2017

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prime Hydrate + Smooth Primer Review & Swatches

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Maybelline by FaceStudio Master Prime Hydrate + Smooth Primer ($9.99) is a new hydrating facial primer that launched with the Maybelline Spring 2018 Collection earlier this month. Mayelline already has a few primers in the Face Studio Collection but as an early Spring launch they are going to hydrating route which makes sense as Winter is coming and we can all use a little hydration. There’s some irony in the fact that this is from a Spring Collection yet makes a good pick for Winter. Shrug!

Here’s my thoughts.

At a glance I thought this would be a gel formula which like we’ve seen from J. Cat H20 Fresh Dewy Hydrating Face Primer and NYX Hydra Touch Primer but it’s actually entirely different.

This is actually a lightweight lotion which a thicker, creamy consistency that absorbs easily into skin. So, no not a gel as I suspected. It actually uses the same technique that Charlotte Tilbury relies on with her Magic Cream, that being creating a smooth base to foundation to adhere to. The idea is to create a surface for your foundation to lay on versus laying on the actual skin of your face. This means your foundation has a cushion and isn’t touching your skin which means it won’t fade as quickly, won’t oxidize, and won’t wear away as fast as it would without primer. This thicker consistency is the way to go if you’re looking to extend the wear of your foundation but also, it preps well for foundation so it applies smoother and is less likely to adhere to drier areas thanks to the hydrating formula that isn’t greasy nor shiny or oily but merely softens and smooths.

You’ll here a lot of people say, “fight oil with moisture” so, I would strongly recommend a formula like this for dry skin but wouldn’t entirely write it off if you’re oily. It’s light enough that it doesn’t create dewiness or surface oil yet still provides a nice hydrating base for your foundation. It will soften the look of skin and perhaps smaller pores but won’t completely eliminate them if you have larger ones.

I’d say I got an extra two hours or so from my normal foundation wear when using this plus the added benefit of extra moisture that made application of my foundation a lot easier.

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prime Hydrate + Smooth Primer is a good hydrating primer that will extend the wear of your makeup and make it easier to apply while keeping it looking smooth, even, and flawless. It’s worthy of a check out if you have drier skin but should work well with oily types as well. It won’t completely eliminate pores but does a fairly good job smoothing and softening skin.

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prime Hydrate + Smooth Primer is launching now at drugstores or get it at,, or