January 31, 2018

Too Faced Life’s a Festival for Spring 2018 Is All About Unicorns

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Too Faced Life’s a Festival for Spring 2018 brings us all things unicorn with a new Life’s a Festival Eyeshadow Palette, Unicorn’s Tears Magic Crystal Lip Topper, and other unicorn inspired makeup goodies.


You know I like to wade right in with my own personal commentary when it comes to these collections. I think many of you expressed certain trends and products you’d like to see killed dead in 2018 and one of them was most definitely unicorn makeup. For me, unicorn makeup is something that works best in a social media setting but likely not something you’re headed to work in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the mentality that makeup comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. It’s just that I outgrew unicorns and Lisa Frank in 4th grade. Now, that’s saying something because I’m the queen of cute. I love cute makeup but for some reason the unicorn thing comes across a little too juvenile.

I also feel like the unicorn trend is a beaten and dead horse at this point why are we reviving it yet again for Spring? The most annoying aspects of these collections is they are in fact created for social media. Too Faced seems to be heavily influenced by gaining a social media following particularly an Instagram one and the Life’s a Festival Collection as well as their recent Glow Job Face Mask is more about gaining new followers versus putting out a solid collection of products and makeup that beauty lovers will enjoy.

None the less, we live in a social media world and we are a prisoner of our own device.

In Too Faced’s defense, they are promoting this heavily as a “festival” collection. With colors inspired by good music and good vibes with a hint of unicorns thrown in. It’s sort of oddball to have unicorns thrown in with a boho festival type vibe but eh, weirder stuff has gone together before right? And unicorns were pretty big at Coachella last year!

Too Faced Rainbow Strobe Highlighter $30
A dreamy scented magic highlighter that creates a rainbow finish on your complexion that shimmers and shines.

Too Faced Festival Refresh Mystical Effects Setting and Refreshing Spray $24
A magically scented makeup setting and refreshing spray is infused with opalescent pearls that leaves behind a sparkling illumination with a formula that refines pores and improve skin texture.

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Bronzer Irisdescent Mystical Bronzer $30
A warm sunny bronze with a touch of a ethereal glow.

Too Faced Life’s a Festival Eyeshadow Palette $42
This is interesting launch for those of you that enjoy duochromes as it contains a few duo chromatic shades with color shifting technology combined with mattes and pearlescent shades. I actually like the looks of this palette! There are a few orange-y shades that look right up my alley hopefully the quality doesn’t suffer.

Too Faced La Creme Mystical Lipstick $22
A creamy color changing lipstick that shifts to your perfect shade based upon your unique body chemistry. In mind that translates as pink because most of these color changing lipsticks change into pink. None the less the La Creme formula has always been excellent in my opinion so that counts for something I imagine! There are some interesting shades here though like a gorgeous glittery green!


  • Fairy Tears
  • Mermaid Tears
  • Angel Tears
  • Unicorn Tears

A holographic color shifting lipgloss with a mystical finish.


  • Fairy Tears
  • Angel Tears
  • Mermaid Tears
  • Unicorn Tears

Too Faced Unicorn Horn Highlighting Stick $28
A magical highlighter shaped like a unicorn horn and infused with a signature unicorn scent that has a creamy formula and a pearlescent glossy finish.


  • Unicorn Dreams
  • Unicorn Tears

Too Faced Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush $30
A densely packed brush with soft teddy bear bristles created for use with the new Rainbow Highlighter.

Too Faced Life’s a Festival for Spring 2018 launches next month at toofaced.com, ulta.com, and sephora.com.

Anything you’ll be hauling from this launch?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Christina D.

    Wow…this looks like play makeup for children. I think your comment about TF being “heavily influenced by social media…and interested in gaining a social media following” is spot on — but bad business. For years, I bought TF products with little or no hesitation and I spent a good amount of cash. But they’ve alienated tried-and-true and paying customers so way to go, Jared. This is garbage. I won’t even be on the lookout for it.

    • Isabella Muse

      It just seems like more and more brands are most concerned about trending on social media. Glamglow creates the weirdest face masks that go viral, Too Faced seems to follow along with that, it’s like they want to create makeup around popular hashtags. It’s silly. Maybe I’m getting old 🙂

  • kimkats

    Ohfer… I’m so over TF and their childish collections….. This is overpriced kiddie makeup. WAY overpriced. I have a few TF things from several years ago befofe TF descended into this juvenile madness, and they are pretty nice. Unless TF grows up again, they’ve lost me for good.

    And what the yell is a “signature unicorn scent”?? if it smells like the horses I’ve been around, that’ll be a dealbreaker…

    Well, just one more line I can ignore now. I’m surprised at how many of them there are getting to be….

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL I think don’t quote me that it isn’t a horse smell but a rose one LOL ROFL!

  • MJ

    Good grief, Too Faced. Didn’t Tarte already do this all with their Make Believe in Yourself line? And wasn’t it all on sale for a heavily-reduced price for like 6 months following the launch?

    On a less irritating note, the new NARS Summer 2018 collection looks stunning. (And like it was made for grown-ups)

  • Jen

    “Life’s a Festival” and unicorns/mythical creatures… The title makes no sense to me for this collection. Life is Magical would be more appropriate.

    When I think Festival, I think culture and celebration, lights, food, games, music and maybe even parades. Not… This.

    Also, can I just insert the mandatory eye roll at the packaging? You said it so perfectly; things can be cute without being juvenile.

    • Isabella Muse

      me either I’m trying to understand the unicorn slash festival relation. I’ve been to music festivals but I never really noticed unicorns being a theme unless you count last year’s coachella’s obsession with unicorns.

      • Hannah

        So my theory is, and call me crazy.. but my theory is that they are taking a dig with Tarte on calling it “life’s a festival”. Remember Tarte’s festival/unicorn collection? They had a liquid lipstick named festival and that they had a rainbow highlighter called “unicorn tears” which of course we know did not go over well with too faced.. so my idea is it’s a not so obvious dig at tarte putting this line out first and then too faced following. I don’t know, maybe I want the drama LOL

  • Carol

    This is definitely marketed toward the younger crowd. And this whole “festival” makeup and clothing trend just rubs me the wrong way. I have been going to rock festivals for 10 years now and there is no makeup or clothing marketed toward me, which is fine, because I don’t need to by “trendy” at a concert. I am there for the music and the experience and to be with my fellow metal heads. Too Faced needs to give this a rest! Please just make some regular cosmetics we can all get behind! (I was mostly laughing at the product “Festival Refresh”. Please. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen). Oh and the description of the Unicorn Horn Highlighting Stick with its “signature unicorn scent”. I wonder what a unicorn smells like? And do the same two unicorns smell the same?!? Have they done research on this? :0

    • Isabella Muse

      haha hello my fellow metal head ;-D <3! LOL the unicorn scent I THINK is rose but don't quote me 😀

    • Bela T

      You just read my mind! Yup I will be sure to rock the “unicorn” look at the upcoming Judas Priest show in a few months, I will look soooooooo cute and EVERYONE will love me for it…………..NOT! LMAO!
      TF lost me a long time ago (ok ever since the selling of the company), but how dare they even go this route? Don’t they realize that grown women buy the products and not little teens? (although my 16 yr old niece asked me to get her a Sephora gift card I said NOPE get a job as I did at your age little one, but I said it in a nice and sweet way *blinks lashes* LOL)
      This is just crazy, but I totally blame this “festival” vibe on Paris Hilton, ever since she showed up at Coachella all those years ago, the crowd there has changed, they all dress cute, with full on make up (in 100d weather btw ) etc. etc. I go for the music not the faux pas fashion show!
      Rock on Sisters!!!!! \m/
      Bela T

  • ruth

    I get that Too Faced is on the cutesy trend to lure in new customers via social media, but Jarrod’s antics have turned me off of their products- along with their sub-par quality as of late. I used to be a die hard Too Faced fan, but I’m using what I have and will find something else to use when i finish what i have.

  • Susan

    I used to like TF when they made makeup for adults. If I was 12 years old, this stuff would be something I might want. Too Faced, you’re dead to me now.

  • Moda31

    Whimsical and nostalgia based collections can be fun but this is absurd. Too faced puts out mediocre products, and when they do release something good it’s a struggle to get passed the cheap kiddie makeup packaging. I wish we could go back to the days when one off theme releases a la Mac (although released more sparingly) were the norm.

    • Isabella Muse

      I agree. I like cute stuff but the whole unicorn thing throws me. I’m sure they have an audience for this, it’s just not me. I’d like that. or even seasonal ones. I’m cool with seasonal releases vs new releases very two months.

  • Andi

    I know I’m not their target market, but some of this stuff is adorable. I like the bronzer and I love how the highlighter has that unicorn horn shape. I think it’s very clever for them to do this. On the other hand I wouldn’t buy any of it because I’m not 12. It also kind of bothers me that younger kids will be wanting this stuff because of the packaging and it’s way too expensive to buy for someone that age.

    • Deanna

      What a mess that bronzer and highlighter will be once it gets used, I think it would be too difficult to keep the two separated.

  • Christina

    I bought the Peachy Matte palette. Not because of the smell or marketing but because I thought the colors were stunning. Especially the sangria one! And I thought it was wonderful quality and a GOOD palette. Probably because I’m not like a lot of people and have a TON of warm palettes. This? THIS?!?!? This is a HARD pass!!! And is it just me…. or does the highlighting stick resemble…. and adult item?!?! No THANK YOU! I am more excited about the new Milani palettes! I just swatched the Milani bold obsessions (which you can get for $15 at Walmart!?!?!?!?!) and it is amazing!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I liked the matte palette a lot! I didn’t like the newer one, White Peach but the matte was great! I totally agree with you! LOL an adult item? ;-D you’re mind went there huh? haha 😀

      • Christina

        Totally went there LOL And now Stila is releasing a Glitter and Glow rainbow face and body highlight…… but the bottle only has a little more than the eye glitter and glows. I would just like some normal adult makeup LOL

        • Isabella Muse

          I saw those and wished they did some matte eyeshadows in the same formula vs releasing a highlighter! I’m such a bore!

      • Kish

        haha that was the first thing I thought of too! Hmmmm…maybe I’m the juvenile one. But still not buying any of this stuff lol

    • Bela T

      I saw those new Milani palettes on the website, said to myself” um nope, you have enough palettes in your dresser and they are ones you use all the time and you have no room for these and no time to even apply them much less the ones you already have so nope, uh uh you don’t need these in your life……..’
      (I kept repeating that to myself as I clicked on the verify purchase order button and I should recieve them by the end of the week oops…….)

  • JaY

    I used to love Too Faced however their quality seems to have gone down hill ever since they sold out to the shit*y company Estée Lauder. I don’t expect a company that only cares about profits and not the poor animals that are tested ie-tortured on in china to have good quality products. I have found all the brands under Estée Lauder to be sub par at best. Too faced has just proved the same thing everyone always says, when you sell out you start making shi* products.

  • kjh

    I think I transformed into a howler monkey, reading all the comments. Jarrod does not cut it. The K/AB kawaii esthetic usually has a clever edge. Think Gudetama lazy egg. Clever, and gives us a wink, when we need to be slackers on the m/u front (esp if we have massive steps in skincare, thanks to AB/KB approach!) tf is retread, puerile, and done to death. Eff a buncha Jarrod; you grab Clover so he can be a real dog, not a cutesy symbol. Me, i’ll wait for kvd’s Divine palette. Drag queens and John Waters are more my speed!

  • Fey P

    I am excited for the lip products! I think you’re right that the lipstick colors will pull pink though. I can’t wait to layer them over different colored lip liners. Nothing else in the collection is really jumping out at me. I think it will be a hit with college kids and teens. Packaging is pretty eye-catching to me except the awkward shadow palette shape. Hmmm…

    • Isabella Muse

      I love that light rosy gold one! But yeah, I have a feeling that aren’t going to be terribly pigmented and more like pink-ish but I could be wrong ;-D I think so too! I’m obviously not their demographic with this but it’ll like sell well with a younger crowd!

  • Paige

    You know who got it right? The Miniso people with their MINIPONI collection, which is relatively unadorned packaging with not a unicorn, but a horse with an upside down ice cream cone on its head. That’s how you do unicorn, people. Tongue firmly planted in cheek. Genius.

    As an aside, the LimeCrime Plushies collection packaging bothers me for the same reasons that people hate this TF one. I mean, it doesn’t keep me up at night or anything, but I find it irritating that they thought it was good marketing to sell $20 something liquid lipsticks in a blotted lip formula (read: patchy! But we meant to do that!) with completely unironic toy bear heads printed on the side. If I want to buy crappy children’s makeup with children’s motifs, I’ll head to Hot Topic where at least they license a Disney character to slap on that mess.

    Whew! Thanks. That felt good.

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed. That collection is quite cute and not overly done! I didn’t see the limecrime stuff I gotta google!

  • Dee

    I love La Crème lipsticks but these don’t appeal to me. Saving myself a bunch of $$ here!

  • Robin

    Not for me. I really like their Peach Matte Foundation and primer, but that’s it. I don’t think this is all Estée Lauder’s doing. Do they understand millennials are not tweens?

    This Gen xer spends money on what looks great me for office And the weekend. This collection does not pass that test.

    I don’t get excited about Too Faced or Tarte anymore.

  • MN Diamond Girl

    Epic fail. I’d be way too embarrassed to pull these items out of my purse if I was in public. It looks like cheap makeup from Lisa Frank or Aliexpress. The comments on this thread are giving me life! Thanks for the laughs!

  • Brian

    I am hoping for the best for this collection. I won’t judge too much until I swatch the products because the Chocolate Gold collection seemed very good in my eyes even though I had doubts before purchasing. I know I am intrigued by the facial spray and those lippies!

    • Lesley A.

      Seriously. I don’t care what is (or perhaps more importantly, isn’t) in it, I would never buy it with a name like that.

  • Kel Habicht

    i feel like this is sooo last summer! i bought one of the unicorn lipsticks and it wears horribly on me. color dissipates one one lip before the other. not investing in any of the toppers. the spray looks interesting and the palette is cute and i love the colors. will wait for your reviews!

  • KatyCT

    I stopped buying Too Faced when they started doing the limited edition products that taunted everyone and then were impossible to get. I don’t even go to that section at my Ulta or Sephora. Just stupid products. I still have the older products like the little tin eyeshadow palettes and the Chocolate Bar but never again will I spend money on anything they make – and I buy A LOT of makeup.

    Even teenagers seem too sophisticated for this silliness.

  • Sarah

    If this wasn’t Too Faced I’d buy it. I guess I’m in the (very tiny) minority that thinks “grown up” make-up doesn’t have to look boring. Why can’t we have fun with it? Make up is about fun and self-expression. The products don’t have to sit around in boring packaging with boring shades.

    But the issue is this IS Too Faced, and Too Faced is a brand I refuse to support, which is a damn shame because all of these items look incredible and the packaging and design is beautiful and fun.

    • Isabella Muse

      Sarah you’re right. Makeup should be fun! But some reason the unicorn thing I’m totally over ;-D It’s just a little too kiddie for me!

    • Susan

      To me, there’s a difference between “not boring” and “ridiculous.” I don’t want boring makeup all the time (I’m a senior and usually stick to safe looks but love a little shimmer and some bright colors too), but think too much glitter and all the unicorn stuff and sex-pun names are silly.

  • Cynthia B

    I agree, I’m over the whole unicorn thing! To make matters worse is I think about these slightly cringey collections that get launched, and remember Jerrod is the one okaying these releases! Its almost like he wants to be the cool mom.

  • Bren Owsley

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but this collection is just too gimmiky for me. There are 2 shades in the eye palette that looks intriquing, but I have learned my lesson with TF and not going to purchase for just those 2 colors. The bronzer looks nice

  • Judy

    All I can say is, “NO!”

    Not looking to shop for makeup in the kiddie section. Anna Sui is as cutsie as I can go!

  • Chelsea

    This just seems way too gimmicky and infantile. And smells like magical unicorns? Ugh. Then I thought maybe it would smell like actual horses like someone suggested and that actually seemed like it might be a somewhat redeeming feature. More cash for my other hobbies.

  • Susan

    p.s. (wish we could edit or add to our comments) You want festival? Look at the new Take Me Back to Brazil – 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette from BH Cosmetics. THAT’S a festival!

  • kjh

    Well one remark in defense: at least it isn’t ‘festival inspired ‘ in the manner of MAC’s collection that drew so much fire, due to being culturally appropriated from Native Americans/First Nations people! But wait til the unicorns have their say. The unicorns are not pleased, and one told me she just wants to give this a rest. In her pink, lilac, and platinum stall, with her pastel rainbow flag on the door. Yeah, it is that stupid. It’s getting to the point that few of us remember when tf was for adults. And Lisa Frank, in a way, surprised she isn’t suing. Jerrod, grow tf up!

    • Isabella Muse

      Music festival inspired, not MAC Vibe Tribe Native American scandal 🙂

  • Stephanie G

    I’m 35 and I like it and will probably get some of it! (After reading reviews & seeing swatches, of course.) Unicorns aren’t necessarily my favorite, but I’ve always been into iridescent/duo-chrome/color changing stuff, as well as non-traditional colors. And I don’t care what the packaging looks like, I’ll be applying it at home, not in public.

    • Manda

      Love this comment and I’m with you, who cares about packaging, I love the duo chromes as well.

  • Kimmyyy

    Hey, what do you know, another TF collection designed for children! Seriously, doesn’t a middle-aged man run this company? Did he hire someone’s 6 year old daughter to design all of his collections? It’s like he’s obsessed with all the stuff I was into in elementary school (Lisa Frank was AWESOME). I get having fun with makeup, and I’m all about that (especially those duochrome shadow shades), but are they ever coming out with anything more wearable? I’ve really never liked TF because I can’t stand the dude, and I’ll probably never purchase anything from them, but I will say those unicorn horn highlighter sticks are adorable. I also used to have this need to buy the Unicorn Tears lipstick, but I think I’ve finally realized I’d never actually wear it outside of my house… 😛

    • Fey P

      The unicorn tears lipstick is surprisingly wearable! I bet you could pull it off no problem! 🙂 The color sheers out to a cool pink, and the aqua sparkle fades after a bit, especially if you blend with your finger. Fun to layer.

  • Celeste

    I’m 30 and I actually think these colors look very pretty! Half of the eye palate looks very wearable for day time and the other half seems more occasion or event oriented. Honestly, at this point in January it’s fun to see some bright colored packaging. Admittedly I’m probably not the target market for this collection but will likely buy the highlighter if it’s well reviewed. I’m not mad at Too Faced for going after a younger millennial with a few of their collections as long as they still release quality products and a good variety of color choices.

  • genevieve

    My four year old grand daughter is into unicorns…..and that’s about the age this theme is suited for – not adults.
    When I think of how TF use to be – I am thinking of The Pretty Rebel palette and how glorious it was, it shows how far the brand has fallen.

  • Shrek

    I love the brush and might get it. The lipglosses look interesting too. The colors in the palette are nice from the picture, but I am not adventurous when it comes to color to invest in a whole palette. I would maybe get a couple eyeshadows if they came in singles.

    The rainbow highlighter is cute, but I think it’s kind of impractical for most people to wear a full rainbow highlight unless you use the different highlights for eyeshadow or only use one strip of the rainbow for a highlight. Also, the rainbow highlighter trend (from what I have seen) has died out a lot so i’m curious how well it will sell.

    I saw an email from Too Faced about the collection and the photo shoot they used to display the products looked a lot like the Etude House Wonder Fun Park collection. They both used Ferris wheels and put the products in a pastel-ish paper craft looking environment. I don’t think they are purposefully copying, but I just feel like it’s déjà vu since tarte came out with a festival-ish collection and Etude House did a similar collection too. I just feel like it’s a “been there, done that” situation overall with festival makeup in my opinion.

    • PB

      I felt the same way! I was like hmm this looks a LOT like the Etude House Wonder Park line, but with the carousel horses replaced with the unicorn fad.

  • Deborah

    Oh my gosh. Once my favorite brand, they are not marketing to me! What tween can afford their make up? I’m sure it will all be at Nordstrom Rack soon.

  • Danielle

    It’s too close to the mermaid craze of makeup past. If we had a break and then this came out, I think it would have more of an impact. I think these *look* pretty, but I don’t want to look like a rainbow disco party is on my face. Plus, what’s with all of the scents? Are you supposed to be sniffing your makeup? (Why?!)I think it’s cute, especially for the younger folk or those who manage to make it work, but I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  • Brittany

    You have no idea how excited I am for this collection!!!!!! I squealed when I saw the pictures. Granted, I NEVER outgrew unicorns and Lisa Frank. 99% of makeup releases are so boring and unwearable to me so I’m gonna enjoy this mermaid/unicorn trend while I can!

    I think this release is a bit strange though, and don’t blame people for not loving it. I KNOW that my taste is garish and tacky, and I’m okay with that. I have a well paying job that doesn’t care what I look like so I can get away with it. Most people cannot rock the Unicorn except on rare occasions(like festivals), so who drops that kind of money on a collection that they only get to use a few times?

    Don’t get me wrong, Too Faced is getting my money, but I can’t imagine this will sell all that well.

  • Classy Librarian

    No thank you…..I can get this type of makeup at Claire’s…..

  • Paige

    Do people have as strong an opinion about the Bitter Lace Beauty unicorn collection? It’s super pricey and all in on the unicorn…um, trend? I have mixed feelings about it, probably because it’s expensive ($130 for a 6pan palette, as in, $5 more than a Pat MacGrath palette). Props to them for being the ones who started the rainbow highlighter trend a while ago, and I am fully in support of indie brands, and tend to buy more indie lately than the bigger brands. But unicorns again…I don’t know. I mean, once it’s on my face, it’s not like I’m going around town, showing everyone the packaging housing the makeup, I’m just wearing the colors.

    Additionally, maybe the problem everyone has with TF isn’t that’s it’s unicorns again, it’s that it’s gimmicks again instead of finally hearing all of their consumers’ demands for better quality color products and less focus on packaging and marketing. Thoughts?

  • Mox

    I’ve no problem with the packaging. Is it my favourite? No. Is it nostalgic? Yup.

    I’m more interested in the product than the packaging, because that’s what I’ll be putting on my skin. Not buying a product because of the packaging (it’s aesthetics, not function) is silly. As silly as implying that the people who do buy it are infantile or immature.

    Having said that, the owner of TF is human garbage so that’s why I won’t be buying any of this.

  • Chris

    It’s definitely for tweens & middle schoolers. But seeing Mardi Gras is about a week or so away, this might be appropriate for that ‘Festival’. The brush looked cute.

  • Sleepybird

    I think what bugs me the most about Too Faced is that they bounce back and forth between adult references like Better Than Sex mascara, Sex Kitten lipstick, Glow Job etc and this kiddie aesthetic with the stickers and unicorns. Just freaking creepy. Are you trying to sexualize tweens or infantalize grown women?

    • Isabella Muse

      lol I never thought of that but you’re right. It’s a weird contrast for sure!

  • Leah Harmony

    Furthermore, who made the official call that all things Unicorn have to look like this? Not everyone wants to look like hello-kitty & the Easter bunny ate a bucket of glitter and vomited on them. Bad call in my opinion. My unicorns are black on black with gold glow. Oh well.

    • Bela T

      LMAO!!!!!! So true Leah! It’s “like” WTF is this the 80s again when everyone was walking around in Neon colors with the hello kitty shoes and handbags????? blech!

  • Deanna

    With all the comments I read, I am going to disagree. When people talk about just making a normal collection for adults, well, aren’t there enough regular collections? I own close to 60 different eyeshadow palettes, all from prestige brands and most of them contain a lot of the same colors or close to it. Most new “normal” stuff that comes out always resemble most of the crap I already have and are already being sold. So to have this collection be different, I rather like it. I understand that it is not for everyone. Personally, I love the colors and the glitter. I am 58 and do wear that stuff in the summer time. So I will buy it to add to my boring same ol same ol collections. I can’t wait to try it!