April 10, 2018

L’Oreal Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Palette Looks Like a Slurry Formula

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L’Oreal Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Palette is yet another fruit-scented that joins the recently launched Paradise Enchanted Fruit-Scented Eyeshadow Palette & Blush Collection!

I realize not everyone is into scented makeup but the kid in me gets terribly excited about these things! But most important of all, L’Oreal posted a rather detailed photo of Cherry My Cheri and it looks like a slurry formula. Praise the makeup gods! This excites me even more.

As you likely know, I’m a rather big fan of Japanese eyeshadows and most have a soft, velvety texture that feels part cream part powder and that’s is in fact what L’Oreal’s new Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Palette appears to have.

If that’s the case I think we are all in for a treat especially if the formula is anything like Covergirl’s Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette which I’m a rather big fan of.

Like the new Paradise Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette this contains 12 shades and I imagine it’ll be priced at $11.99 too. The thing that I find weird is how similiar the two palettes look. Below you’ll see the Instagram photo L’Oreal shared of the palette and the first image in my post is of the Paradise Enchanted Palette. Not to mention there’s not a lot of cherry in this palette but more peach…! Odd!

They are also launching a new Life’s a Peach Blush Powder but they haven’t set a date for either of these items however, I do know that the Paradise Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette and Blush is available for pre-book on Amazon.com with a launch of May 15th. Perhaps we’ll see these two new items along the same time. I’ll update as more info becomes available.

L’Oreal has a lot of new items popping up this season and I’ll be sure to bring you reviews as soon as I can get my hands on them!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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    • Susan

      I know, right? 16 weren’t enough new warm shades, so they release 16 more. Sooooo sick of warm neutrals.

  • kimkats

    Boy the blush looks pretty light… I don’t think it would show on a lot of skin tones… Not sure it would even on us, Muse!! The palette is pretty, but scents and my eyes are a no-no, so will have to pass on it.

  • Carol G

    Ok so this is getting out of control. More peach palettes? C’mon. Be original for once. All the drugstore brands are doing is riding the coattails of the TF peach palette from over a year ago. I agree, Muse I assumed this was the same palette you talked about yesterday as they do look similar. I can’t understand why someone can’t go against the grain and do an
    “Enchanted Sea” palette with blues, greens or how about a “Purple Rain” palette or literally any other color than peach!

    • Isabella Muse

      if it was actually cherry that might be original but yup, peach again! I don’t mind so much thought! I can always use more peach especially if they are good coral peaches. I totally get your rant though! It seems like everyone just rides with a shade once it becomes popular.

  • Maria

    I agree. Loreal should be more original instead of trying to copy TF peach items.

  • Dena Mcclure

    They have two new La Palettes on Amazon that might not be in the Us? Gold and Glam. Both have bright colors greens and blues. I ordered them.

    • Isabella Muse

      The gold got in India release last year! l’oreal la palette glam I’ve seen on a few Euro blogs but yup, another one we didn’t get. let me know how they work out!

  • Kish

    I’m annoyed that it has 16 colors and the spacing is different than the peach one lol. I think they should have the same packaging.

  • Magenta Wilde

    Scented? Pass. Like many others here I’m bummed it’s more warm peaches, etc. Those are not colors I like around my eyes, so it at least saves me money.

  • Sara

    I would literally trade my first born for some cool-toned palettes with greens, blues, and silvers!! I got so excited about the Tarte mermaid one and then it was like 2 greens/blues and the rest warm tones. Nope! I saw there was a new Maybelline City Mini palette that had green and blue tones coming soon (as well as an all matte one) and I nearly died of joy. I have 4 of those now and I’ll definitely pick that one up as soon as I can track it down.

  • Olivia

    Really late to the party here, but also a J color cosmetics kind of girl. Is this launched yet and definitely a slurry formula??

    • Isabella Muse

      Yup, def slurry! It did launch on amazon as a pre-book! Got mine recently but has since disappeared from their site! Hopefully it pops up soon at drugstores!

      • Olivia

        Thank you Muse! I’m so excited now! It’s so hard to tell which ones on the market are these types of buttery slurry formulas, but when I find one, it’s amazing!!!

        • Isabella Muse

          did you try the Paradise enchanted palette yet!? It’s a slurry formula as well! 🙂 Also the new Covergirl Peach/Chocolate Palettes and blushes! My pleasure 🙂

  • Haewon

    Hello, 🙂
    How did you get this cherry palette? I tried looking online and looks like it’s only available in the UK.
    (Thank you, I love your site and your reviews!!!)

    • Isabella Muse

      I ordered it on amazon and by some weird fluke it shipped. I never reviewed it because it disappeared from their site! Hopefully it’ll release soon again! It was on amazon’s site though as a pre-order for a while not sure why it disappeared! Thank you!! xox!

  • Dena R Mcclure

    You can order this on the Amazon UK site and they will ship it to the US. I just ordered it.
    Muse your site is the bomb!!