April 9, 2019

Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette ($24) is a new, limited edition aquatic eyeshadow palette that the brand recently launched. You might recall that last year Tarte pulled an April Fool’s Day and said they’d be introducing a Tartelette Icy Betch Eyeshadow Palette which included 12 aquatic shades. People were pretty disappointed this was only a joke! Tarte finally saw the potential behind releasing a palette like this but they waited an entire year and almost to the day they announced that there would be an Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette on the way and no, this time it wasn’t a joke!

Sadly, we aren’t getting the Tartelette Icy Betch Eyeshadow Palette they pranked us with which was disappointing for a lot of people as that palette is actually a lot better than the one we did get! Shrug! I guess they might be testing the waters for a palette like this and seeing how their consumers will react to it before actually doing something bigger in size. The Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette we are getting is smaller holding only nine shades instead of twelve and it also includes one highlighter versus the joke palette that contained twelve eyeshadows and no highlighter.

It’s an interesting release for Tarte and very much outside their comfort zone but the brand’s been making strides to get a lot more colorful in 2019 as we’ve seen from the Remix Pro Eyeshadow Palette as well as the recently launched Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette.

I’m not really sure who they are trying to channel with this palette. They seem like they want to go with a Game of Thrones-like theme especially since Jen did an entire tutorial for the palette dressed up in a Mother of Dragon’s-like wig. Or feels more Elsa/Frozen to me though…! Maybe Tarte’s just hasn’t really broken the awesome zone enough to enter the cool realm of Game of Thrones so, I’m associating this with more Frozen than Daenerys!

Ok, so, obviously I’m getting WAY too old because the name just makes me roll my eyes so hard. Icy Betch? Really? Ugh. I’m not really a hardcore feminist so, I don’t really find the word bitch or betch (eye roll) offensive in the context they are trying to use it in. But that opinion will vary from person to person and some people may find the name offensive. I will say I loved they named the shades after some bad asses (I refuse to call them bitches as that would be offensive) like Veronica and Heather who doesn’t love a good Heathers nod? Regina is there too! And Georgina Sparks! Blair made it to for the Gossip Girl fans!

One thing I found very interesting relating to the name is the fact that the outer packaging has the name “Icy Betch” printed on the side of the palette in smaller letters but not on the cover itself. I do WONDER if this was intentional for sale purposes. Are they concerned people will find the term offensive? That mom’s won’t buy it for their younger daughters or sons if they see “betch” printed in big letters across the front? It was sort of strange to not see the name splashed across the packaging in bigger letters.

The palette itself does have the name printed on it though. Speaking of which the crackling purple, blue design of the palette is really presented nicely! And I appreciate the larger mirror as well! Although, those that like a more uniformed design will struggle with the eyeshadow wells with which vary in size. They have six square wells, one larger well for the highlighter, and three liner-like wells (I used these as eyeshadows and as liners). The palette is made in the USA and has a chocolate-y vanilla fragrance.

The eyeshadows are dominated by matte shades. Four of the shades are “luster-impact” eyeshadows aka they are a satiny formula that’s dense yet buttery in texture and apply and blend well. And five are matte shades. I struggled a little with Veronica and Heather, both of which lacked pigment. The mattes are dense and they are best used as accent shades since they do apply a bit patchy all over the lid but act wonderfully when paired up with the satiny shades.

Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Georgina, Miranda, Cheryl, and Aria)

Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Veronica, Becky, Blair, Heather)

Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Vivian and Regina)

One thing to note about this palette is a lot of the looks and shades are similar to ones you can find in the Tarte High Tides & Good Vibes Eyeshadow Palette. If you have High Tides I’d advise against purchasing Icy Betch. The two palettes DO compliment each other really nicely but at least three of the shades are easily duped in High Tides. Dive In, Surf’s Up, Deep Blue from High Tides look exactly like Cheryl, Heather, and Aria.

This palette is it reminds me a lot of Urban Decay Naked Heat. Urban Decay Naked Heat is an interesting palette but it really lacks a lot of contrast and transitional shades. I’ve always felt the need to bring in other eyeshadows and palettes to create a complete look using the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette. And I feel the same about Icy Betch! It just lacks a good color selection. The colors are all run together and it’s difficult to transition shades as they all look like the same shade of teal on my eyes. Especially during the blending process! Everything just runs together! I felt forced to bring in items from my eyeshadow collection to get a good contrasting look.

The highlighter is really for me. It’s a cooler white that has a white gold undertone. I used it to accent the inner corners of my eyes and my highbrow but didn’t love it on my face. The formula is a bit frosty that might be why I didn’t love it. It applies and blends out well but if you have drier skin it might gather around and look patchy so do prime well prior to application!

There’s fun to be had here and at $24 the price isn’t too bad to indulge especially if you like aqua and teal shades! Yeah, you might be getting some dupes especially if you have a lot of Urban Decay in your stash or you just love a good aqua eyeshadow! I actually liked this palette and I can see myself using it for some funky Summer looks!

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Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette is new, limited edition palette that’s $24 and contains nine eyeshadows and one highlighter. The eyeshadows are 0.032 oz each and the highlighter is 0.177 oz. The palette is super fun and quite bold and pigmented however, it did lack good contrasting and transitional shades which meant I felt like I needed to bring in other shades from my collection to complete a look! The shades also tend to run together since they are so similar in color. The eyeshadows are most matte but there are a few satiny shades. I felt like they made the palette a little more difficult to use since some of the mattes worked best to accent to satin shade versus applied on their own all over the lid as I had some patchiness with certain shades that were matte in finish. There’s some interesting looks you can create using this palette but you do need to be creative to get them using solely this palette!


  • Bold, fun shades of blue and aqua.
  • Pretty packaging!
  • Affordably priced!


  • Lacks good contrasting and transitional shades.
  • Some mattes apply patchy.


Tarte Icy Betch Eye & Cheek Palette should appeal to those who love bolder blues, teals, and aqua shades!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Christina

    Pretty on you, definitely not shades I can wear or at least wear often. I feel like when I wear blues and teals, I look green. LOL! On you, it has a really nice aquatic vibe.

    • Isabella Muse

      You can use them as colorful liners if you want ;-D but not worth purchasing just for that sadly! Thanks misses 😀

  • Dee

    This palette is not for me but I love these colors on you! I love how you did your eyes.

  • kjh

    I think there will be a lot of takers. But, Devinah did Icy Betch …OOOH, I think they used the exact same name, iirc. Call the lawyers….and Sydney Grace did No Joke, so the indies beat Tarte to market on Tarte’s idea. SG outshines Tarte totally, and No Joke is a lot of fun. It’s balanced with some straight up blues, straight up greens and teals, with better choice in deepening shades, and even pastels (that work far better than most. I agree; this is Frozen, and pretty one note. A for effort, if late to their own party. Suspect the Devinah is great, too. Some SM person (see how well I’m paying attention) did a compare/contrast between the Devinah and the SG, if readers would prefer to consider bigger indie bundles with no HL.

  • Kay

    I said on your previous post that I was going to buy, but I still haven’t managed to decide what else I want to try to make up the £40 or above for free shipping ‍♀️ Probably a second palette but no idea what to get for a first order! Colours look great on you and in the swatches, thanks for reviewing this!

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure 🙂 did you end up getting it? and thanks! Sorry delayed reply very behind on comments ugh!

      • Kay

        Super SUPER late reply by me! Yes, I got it in the end, along with the rainforest of the sea sizzle palette which tbh I much prefer. I keep trying with this one because I just love it but the reality is I just end up with a blue-ish mud mush on my eyelids no matter what I try. Sigh, never mind!

  • Deborah

    Yes I did!! I really like it. I just wish the two dark blue satins were a little different. I don’t see the need for both. Even the two matte turquoise shades are very close.
    I love the highlight!! It’s such a nice surprise. I think it’s my favorite thing about the palette. I am very fair and cool toned so it works well for me.
    I will probably pair this with other palettes. I thought it would be nice with some bronzy shades to like the UD Beached palette.
    It looks great on you! I think blue looks so nice with brown eyes.

  • Mariele Storm

    It looks great on you!! I think that’s one of the best looks you’ve ever done!
    I bought it and I’ve been really pleased with it. The pigmentation and finishes are great. I’ve used it to make a ’70s-inspired green cateye (like this https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2e/1f/af/2e1faf0cf722bb2c9907fae81c160ff9.jpg) look and my more typical ’30s inspired smoky eye with Veronica (like the far left http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-o3H3oBYaVpI/VfrvoRmhWQI/AAAAAAAArME/SyUjR8PpTgE/s1600/1930s%2Bmakeup%2Blook%2Bcollage.jpg). I really like it for those subtle, 1930s vintage, almost smoky but not quite looks. 🙂

  • Isabella Bates

    I love the colors!I m all about blues and greens for my dark brown eyes so it would be perfect for me