May 8, 2019

The Inkey List Q10 Serum Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

The Inkey List Q10 Serum ($6.99) is a new to the US lightweight gel serum that the brand recently launched at Sephora. As you may know the Inkey List is a newish skincare brand bred and born in the UK. It launched about six months ago in the UK and more recently it arrived on US shores and is available at (and come soon to Sephora stores). Like the Ordinary the brand focused on creating an affordable skincare line. Lines like the Ordinary, the Inkey List, Good Molecules and Makeup Revolution’s new Revolution Skincare Collection are really taking on and destroying the democracy of higher-end skincare. They’ve just broken down all the barriers of skincare and created affordable lines that actually work and are free from fillers like fragrances. They’ve made it possible fight the signs of aging, issues with blemishes, and a host of other issues for $15 or under.

It’s pretty brilliant to have an affordable and effective ranges of skincare that actually do what they claim to do versus fancy marketing and $50+ price tags on products that promise the world but deliver very little results.

I typically test out skincare for at least a month prior to reviewing but the Inkey List Q10 Serum produced pretty visible results quickly so, I thought I’d share how it was working out for me.

The most annoying aspect of the The Inkey List Q10 Serum is the size and the packaging. I got this serum last week and I’ve used it everyday (AM only) for the last several days and I ordered another bottle because I feel like I’m nearly half way done with the bottle. Why? Because it’s merely 1 oz in size. The price is pretty sweet for $6.99 however, the packaging is a little faulty which could account for how quickly I’ve used it up. Unlike the Ordinary most of the Inkey List comes housed in squeeze tubes or squeeze bottles. The Q10 Serum comes in a squeeze bottle and each time I squeeze I end up with a rather big dollop. With this formula more is actually less. A pea size amount is plenty to cover your entire face however, I keep squeezing out way bigger amounts. I pump would have been way easier to use however, that would probably make the price a little higher as well. The positive aspect is the fact that it doesn’t come in a jar! The squeeze tube will keep it fresh and active.

I do question the size ratio to the price though but in the end it still is cheaper than a higher-end serum purchase. At 1 oz I see myself getting two weeks out of this bottle MAYBE…! If I stretch it maybe I can get three weeks out of it. Just estimating but I guess I’ll be doing for about $21 dollars a month for three 1 oz bottles. That’s actually NOT bad. Some part of me is like, “Well, the 1 oz size is a sure thing that the ingredients remain fresh!” but another part of me is like, “Damn! What a pain I have to re-order again!”. In the photo below I placed the bottle next to the Bamboo Booster that came with Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser which is 0.10 oz in size.

That being said I do love this formula!

Q10 is an excellent antioxidant that will fight off environment aggressors like pollution and free radicals. It has some great antioxidants alone with Q10 such as Vitamin E and peptides. Not only does this formula protect from pollution and free radicals but the Q10 will hydrate skin and is an excellent anti-aging element when added to your current routine.

The formula is more of a lightweight gel consistency which makes me lean towards calling it a moisturizer of sorts versus a serum. It absorbs super fast and leaves my skin super hydrated! My skin feels sort of plumped up and softened after using this. I apply it after my toner and essences as well as any Hyaluronic Acid in the morning and follow up with my other products. I have a really simple Inkey List Order of Application post that might help you pair up products. It does it take a a second or two to fully absorb but once absorbed it doesn’t leave skin tacky nor does it pill and it seems to hold up well under other skincare as well as under SPF and foundation.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Inkey List Q10 Serum! This was a nice add on to my current AM routine! It seems to agree with my skin and keeps it soft and hydrated plus it feels like my skin looks a lot duller as the day progresses. If nothing else at all I hope I’m protecting my skin a little more from the environment when I’m outside!

I do wish it was available in a bigger bottle though but I’m still Muse Approving the Inkey List Q10 Serum.

Anyone try it?

Do share!

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The Inkey List Q10 Serum is a new moisturizing serum that’s priced at an affordable $6.99 for 1 oz. This was a great product for me! It seemed to ease dullness, plump skin, and left my drier skin smooth and soft. The ingredients are excellent with no fragrance or other unnecessary fillers. It’s just a great antioxidant serum that will protect skin and potentially help to slow the aging process with use!

Water, Butylene Glycol, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Dimethicone, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/So Phospholipids Dium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Caprylyl Glycol, Squalane, Lecithin, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Extract, Carbomer, Polysorbate 60, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ubiquinone, Disodium Edta, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycolipids, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Sterol, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl Hydroxythreonine, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol.


  • Leaves skin hydrated, soft, and smooth.
  • Protects skin against environmental aggressors and free radicals.
  • Super affordable!


  • Faulty packaging.
  • Bottle is very small.


The Inkey List Q10 Serum is a great pick for those that live in the city that needs a bit of extra protection from pollution and free radicals.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Carol G

    What annoys me is the fact that they are making these available in a 1 oz bottle…so like you said, you are forced to buy multiple bottles in a month. Think of all the waste that is! That alone would be the reason I would not buy this. Imagine if just half the people using this don’t recycle (and I’m sure it’s more than that). There you have all these bottles going into a landfill. And for what reason? Sorry, the older I get the more conscious I am of wastefulness in packaging. We live in such a disposable society as it is.

  • Stephanie

    I have been using the same bottle 4 days a week for a couple months. I really like this serum too. I would just like to point out that most of the higher end skincare that I’ve seen comes in 15ml or 30ml sizes, 30ml being an ounce. I will agree it’s hard to get out a small amount with the squeeze bottles. I picked up quite an assortment of Inkey products when they hit Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I am impressed with them all.

    • Isabella Muse

      wow really? That’s amazing! I feel like I can get about two weeks tops out of a 1 oz bottle. How much do you use? I use about a pea size amount and I’m about half way down with the bottle at this point! It is! The squeeze bottle is a pain! A needle nose nozzle would help!

      • Stephanie

        I use what comes out in a good squeeze, about a pea size. The bottles aren’t full to the top when new. Space to create the squeeze pressure is required. I agree a needle nose would be better. I find all the squeeze bottle Inkey products a PITA. Their tubes are great though.

        • Isabella Muse

          tubes and smaller size are great to retain freshness but damn they are a pain to get just the right amount of product out. After using this for a week a half I feel like I already used half a bottle since so much comes out. I’m shocked you’ve been using the same bottle a few months! I hope mine lasts that long! ;-D!

    • Angela

      Oh cool I haven’t seen them at Shoppers yet but that’s exciting (I also haven’t looked LOL)

  • Brandy

    This sounds great other than how many bottles you’ll need in a month. I’ll try it once I make it through The Ordinary squalane, which at the rate I’m using it, will take me a good year. I’m afraid I’m not consistent with my nightly skincare routine. I literally have tiny sample size bottles of serums and oils that’s last me two months.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hey Brandy! Stephanie was saying about she has the same bottle for a few months so, maybe I’m using too much ;-D Their Squalane is pretty rich! I use about three drops and I’m good ;-D

  • Char C

    Glad to see that you like the Q10…I am on week 4, just opened second bottle. I am really impressed with the results so far with Q10 and quite a few of the other items. I ordered more of several items during the VIB sale, because of the size. Though they are so easy to travel with, especially if it’s a ‘carry-on only’ trip. I agree with you on the squeeze bottles, horrid little demons…tubes would have been better. Wait until you try to get the last smattering of Q10 from that bottle…UGH! Looking forward to your additional report. Cheers!

    • Isabella Muse

      Me too! A lot of the items are turning out very well for me ;-D I wish they had better packaging for sure but so far, so good ;D