November 1, 2019

I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder ($7) is one of four new scented face powders that launched earlier last month at Ulta. Makeup Revolution is really pushing the beauty budget picks hard! They have so many different lines my head is spinning but I can’t say I don’t love it! It’s a hit or miss line of products but sometimes they have some great pick ups and this I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder is one.

Lately, they have been launching a lot of cutesy, fruit themed makeup picks! Aside from this powder they also have a Banana Split Radiance Primer and a Banana Fruity Highlighter!
I love this stuff.

I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder is a talc-based setting or baking powder that mattifies skin, brightens your complexion, conceals darkness under eyes and sets concealer, and sets makeup with a pretty banana fragrance. Did you cringe in horror? Sensitive users won’t love this but I have to admit I think it is AWESOME. Now, banana scented powder isn’t new! Too Faced attempted it with the It’s Bananas Brightening Setting Powder and I Want Kandee Banana Pudding bit both were pressed powers and applied very sheer not to mention the banana scent was really weak. I had no such issues with the I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder! It’s pigmented, strongly scented, and applies beautifully.

This comes in a cute little banana box and the sifter it comes in also features a cute banana sticker. It comes with a larger puff for application but I use my own brushes for application so this sort of gets tossed to the side. The size is very generous at 0.77 oz for $7.

I’m a fond user of Ben Nye Banana Powder and Hard Candy Sheer Envy Bake, Brighten & Set Loose Finishing Powder. They are two of my HG powders of choice. I don’t use either for baking but I do use them to brighten the area up under my eyes and to set my concealer. A little light powder under my eyes allows my concealer to wear long and strong and also, it brightens up my eyes wonderfully.

I Heart Revolution Baking Powder comes in four shades/scents I choose Banana but I might go a step up and grab Chocolate Banana too as I need something a smidge darker. The Banana shade is a lighter yellow than my Ben Nye and Hard Candy which are both warmer yellows. This shade is actually not bad and I didn’t get flashback or pastiness from it but I like something a little warmer. It brightened the area under my eyes beautifully well! I also used some on my face and was quite happy with the results.

The powder is soft and silky but doesn’t have that slippery silicone texture I hate so much from an all silica powder. This contains talc as well which gives it that more powdery feel and allows me to blend it so easily without it creasing under my eyes. It doesn’t adhere to drier areas on my face either and adds a nice brightening effect under my eyes and on my face without making me look chalky or pasty. It’s scented quite strongly like banana but the scent doesn’t linger. I absolutely loved how yummy it smelled!

All in all, a fabulous little powder that’s well worth picking up! If you’re not sensitive to fragrance I’d highly recommend picking this up.

Where to buy

Nordstrom Revolution Beauty

I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder is a banana scented setting powder with a talc base that can be used to set makeup, mattify skin, or set concealer. This is a very yummy scented product but sensitive users might not love it but no worries, the scent does not linger. It’s a very affordable pick at $7 for 0.77 oz of powder. I thought the powder was soft, silky, easy to blend, and didn’t crease under my eyes or adhere to drier areas on my face. It has a nice brightening finish without being pasty or chalky. All in all, a great little powder!


  • Smells delicious!
  • Very budget friendly.
  • Brightens up my complexion and under my eyes nicely.
  • Didn’t crease nor settle into my finer lines or adhere to drier areas on my face!


  • Scent might be an issue for sensitive users!


I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder is a fabulous little powder that’s great for use to set concealer and brighten up the under eye area!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    When I first saw this, I thought immediately, go direct Isabella’s stash, with an approval. Sometimes you just know. Reading this made me further think about fragrance in m/u. Some people have sensitivities/ reactions to any odor, get migraines, nausea, etc. Then, there’s another type that gets skin reactions to things known to irritate or inflame skin, like limonene, linalool, geraniol, etc. Many of those are naturally derived, so ‘green’ or ‘eco’ has zero to do with it. Rose (Mamonde), banana, strawberry, cherry are not likely to bother the second group, but will the first. Then there’s a third group that eschews fragrance on general principles, as it brings nothing (other than a more pleasant or elegant experience) to the table: the Paula’s Choice type people. All bets are off, though, as knowing how a fragrance is synthesized is virtually impossible. Next week, we can try to understand lake dyes. #5 yellow is next on the FDA hit list. Aluminum is what precipitates the pigment. So, if you have a problem with lipstick, it might be the lake dyes or the carmine. It’s a wonder anyone wears anything and lives to tell about it.