July 15, 2020

Bath and Body Works Boardwalk Taffy Hand Cream Really Does Exist

5 stars out of 5

If it’s safe in your area and stores you need to go find Bath and Body Works Boardwalk Taffy Hand Cream because it really does exist. First off, Boardwalk Taffy hit the clearance rack! As of yesterday it is 50% online with the Fragrance Mist and Shower Gel being the only options available. I imagine it is on sale in store too! You might want to stock up before it disappears and makes way for Bath and Body Works Fall 2020.

Secondly, did you know Bath and Body Works Boardwalk Taffy Hand Cream exists? A reader mentioned it in my comments and I didn’t believe it as I never saw it pop up in store plus I wasn’t really up for venturing into stores as when they re-opened lines were long due to the sucky Semi-Annual Sale had started.

When I finally did have a chance to venture into two different stores there was not a Boardwalk Taffy Hand Cream to be found and when I asked the SAs they looked at me like I had grown two horns. They didn’t know what I was talking about.

So, I asked an expert….!

I went and asked Dena! You may know her as TinyFloatingBubbles on Instagram! She posts all the latest news and updates on Bath and Body Works on Instagram! Def follow her if you’re a Bath and Body Works fan girl or guy!

When I asked her she knew exactly what I was talking about and located not one but three bottles of the hand cream for me. Talk about awesome friend! She went out of her way to snag them for and I truly appreciate it because these were soooo awesome.

The hand cream is just as lovely as the Fragrance Mist and Body Cream but there’s actually a touch of strawberry to the blend. I swear it’s like I’m rubbing my hands with a chewy Strawberry Starburst! The smell is spot on for the candy! It’s soooo yummy! I was absolutely thrilled with how gorgeous this smells.

All in all, a most excellent addition to my hand cream collection! Now I need to track down more and just hoard them all away! Or at the very least pray and hope Bath and Body Works brings it back next year.

Anyone find Bath and Body Works Boardwalk Taffy Hand Cream at their local store?

Did you buy it?