July 9, 2020

Wet n Wild Kuromi Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
3 stars out of 5

Wet n Wild Kuromi Eyeshadow Palette is one of two new 16-pan eyeshadow palettes launching with the Wet n Wild My Melody & Kuromi x Wet n Wild Collection on July 21st. I managed to locate mine at Harmons! It will be available July 21st at wetnwildbeauty.com and sanrio.com as well as at ulta.com (in stores as well), Walgreens (in stores) CVS (in stores), and at target.com.

I’m actually way more interested in the Wet n Wild My Melody Eyeshadow Palette as the pinks and golds are really my thing. I wasn’t going to pick up the Kuromi Palette but how can you have one without the other? Plus I do think you can easily combined the two palettes and create a variety of different looks with shades by cocktailing shades from each one.

I think the palette is a nice nod to Kuromi as it’s all dark, moody purples, reds, and golds. But I think a bit more pink wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

Here’s my review and swatches of the Wet n Wild Kuromi Palette!

This is a hell of a lot different compared to last year’s Wet n Wild x Pac-Man Game Over Eyeshadow Palette. You got more shades packed in the same amount of space this time around!

The palette comes housed in a square compact a little smaller than a CD case. It features very cute images of Kuromi decorating the two corners of the palette. As a lifetime Sanrio fan girl this packaging slayed my little kawaii loving heart. It is made in China and does have a warning that in the back that states “not for use around eyes or lips”. Since it contains dyes that are not FDA approved such as Red 40 Lake the warning is there to remind you it could cause staining or anyone with sensitive eyes or allergies could develop an infection or have an allergic reaction if you’re using it on your eyes. I did use it on my eyes but I experience no staining or irritation but I recommend not doing so if you have sensitive eyes.

The palette is a mix of glitter, shimmer, satin, and matte eyeshadow finishes. The shades weren’t overly powdery nor did they have any fall major fall out however, building was required and blending was a bit patchy as they ran drier. I liked the satins best as they were quite velvety and smooth. The shimmery/glittery shades were also fairly easy to apply with very little fall out and created a nice overshadow to some of the mattes. These shimmery shades work best as a topper since they tend to go on sheerer on their own. I don’t think it’s by any means one of Wet n Wild’s best eyeshadow palettes but it’s a fun round up of shades that does have a Fall feel or if you just enjoy deeper shades it has a nice round of purples, burgundys, and golds. I thought I wouldn’t make much use out of it but after trying I realized it’ll create some very nice looks for the Fall when I embrace purples and reds a bit more.

Hallow’s Eve, Tought as Nails, Biker Gang, Troublemaker, Dear Dairy, Boy Crazy)

Wet n Wild Kuromi Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Skull, Sassy But Sweet, Pretty in Pink, Dare Devil, Baku)

Wet n Wild Kuromi Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Tomboy, Secretly Girly, Mischief, Naughty)

It does have a strong fragrance. This was intentional as the products are supposed to be scented. I think they were going for a Sanrio eraser scent of some sort. It smells sort of like strawberries, plastic, and air freshener. It’s kind of fun but I’m not all that into the scent.

As a collectible piece, the Wet n Wild Kuromi Eyeshadow Palette holds a lot of appeal but if you’re looking for a perfect selection of eyeshadows you might feel this is lacking a bit. It’s nicely pigmented but the eyeshadows run a little dry and a little more work is required to blend them perfectly. It’s a hit or miss round up of formulas and textures as some shades apply great where as others are a bit drier and go on a bit patchier. It is a very nice selection of shades though with a lot of sultry, Fall-friendly colors but again, not perfect formula-wise.

A new, limited edition palette containing 16 eyeshadows shades inspired by Sanrio character, Kuromi. The palette is Made in China and does contain ingredients that are not approved for use on the eye area by the US FDA which could cause irritation or allergies on sensitive eyes. Staining is a possibility as well but I didnโ€™t have an issue and felt the colors removed very easily. It isn’t the best eyeshadow palette in the world but it has some lovely smokier, sultry shades in a mix of sparkle, shimmer, matte, and satin finishes. The shades are hit and miss formula wise some perform better than others but a majority required a bit of building and good blending to look their best as they ran a little drier! A good eyeshadow primer or cream eyeshadow will create a nice base for this formula. I experience no issues with fall out!


  • Great collector’s piece.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Nice round up of darker, smokier shades.


  • Eyeshadows are a bit dry resulting it patchy blending.
  • Strong strawberry, plastic-like fragrance.


Wet n Wild Kuromi Eyeshadow Palette isn’t a perfect pick but it sure is a nice collector’s piece and is very appealing for Sanrio fans!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Jujubes

    Ahhhhh! This is so cute! I want one but they don’t sell it in Canada yet. I grew up with My Melody and I wanted this for my collection, not necessarily to use but as a keepsake. The colors are nice, the kind (purple) I love, but too bad about the scent! I hope eventually we get this collection in Canada, maybe I will get the brushes. This is just pure nostalgic for me hehehe.

    • Isabella Muse

      they really bring back so many good memories for me too! I’m still very obsessed with Sanrio but as a child whoa! Stickers, clothes, accessories, I begged my mom for it all ;-D

      • Jujubes

        Me too! I love Sanrio! I love that little monkey, the frog, Little Twin Stars, etc. Oddly enough not too much into Hello Kitty but My Melody was my thing. I even went to Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo like a pilgrimage. I still have the stationery. LOL.

        • Isabella Muse

          My Melody is a fav of mine too ;-D Oh my god I’ve been to Tokyo but never to Puroland! was it fun!!??? Girl, don’t get me started on stationary haha…That’s another one of my problems ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Jujubes

            It was very cute, there was a little boat ride, kind of like It’s A Small World at Disney World but it’s with all the Sanrio characters! It was super cute. The park was not big, you could do it in a couple of hours but you will end up with so many goodies. We were going to Tokyo this summer but because of the pandemic we had to cancel, which is too bad because this time we were going to bring our 12 year old daughter!

            I am not judging, I am quite an addict when it comes to cute stationery too. I was hoping to buy all the Japanese cosmetics on this trip! I think you are one of the few who reviewed Japanese brands I like, how I miss Kose Visee, Kanebo Kate, Shiseido Marquillage, Coffret D’Or…Good times! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Isabella Muse

            Squeeeee I’d love that! Aw I’m so sorry ๐Ÿ™ We had to cancel one of Spring trips but we had plans for Summer as well that thankfully we didn’t buy ahead of time. I’m one of those people that plans like two years in advance but this time we were like “we’ll wait” I guess it was a good idea because look at all this mess we’re in now. I’m sorry you daughter had to miss out! Hopefully next year. Tokyo is an amazing trip! Haha thanks because my stationary habit is out of control! I so miss reviewing J-Brands! I need to get back to it! ;-D Makeup shopping is def a highlight when in Japan! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Violet

    Have you seen Aggretsuko? I’d love to see some makeup based on the characters lol!
    I was in my 20s when a Sanrio store opened in the nearest mall. I took a look & OMG I fell in love! Still in love at my ripe old age lol! A couple of years ago, my husband took a business trip to Japan & he brought home Hello Kitty stuff for me. He says he loves how I’m still a little girl at heart, haha! Recently I collected the Hello Kitty lip creams with the shaker globe on the lid. My fave character as of now is Cinnamoroll.

    • Isabella Muse

      ooo an Aggretsuko makeup collection would be so cuteeee! Retsuko looks like my first dog I had as a child ;-D hehe! Girl, I’m old as dirt and still love Sanrio hehe! ;-D Awww good hubby I like him a lot. Keep him! ;-D My BF tells me that too, he always finds it funny and cute that I am such a kid! Cinnamoroll is adorbs! I gotta admit I do love me some Gudetama! his misery makes me laugh! ;D

  • kjh

    Float that scent idea to Kurkdjian. Strawberries, plastic, and air freshener. Howling! I do like the idea of nostalgia in m/u. But I’d have to go back to the original Mouseketeers, like Annette Funicello, RIP. Most of the original mouseketeers did not get the career springboard that later generations of Ms did. I’m forever googling celeb X, only to find out he/she was a M.