June 18, 2019

Wet n Wild Pac-Man High Score Blush Palette Review & Swatches

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3 stars out of 5

Wet n Wild x Pac-Man High Score Blush Palette ($7.99) is a new, limited edition four pan blush palette that launched with the new Wet n Wild x Pac-Man Collection that’s headed to drugstores now!

This collection is just giving me all kinds of 80s feels! I loved Pac-Man as a kid! It was totally my gateway drug into the world of gaming and I just adore that Wet n Wild for bringing back all those good feelings that came with playing that game. Lately, they have really been hitting all the right spots with some of the geeky releases they’d done like this collection and the recent Wet n Wild Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon Collection!

So far, I’ve reviewed the Wet n Wild x Pac-Man Game Over Eyeshadow Palette from this collection and found it quite fun! The blush palette was an easy pick for me though because Wet n Wild’s blushes have always treated me well! If you’ve read some of my past reviews like Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush, Wet n Wild Around the Clock Blush, and Wet n Wild Flights of Fancy Color Icon Baked Blush you know I’ve had really great success with their blush collections! So, sure, the Pac-Man drew me in but I was actually quite excited to have a quad of Wet n Wild Blushes to try out in one cool compact!

Wet n Wild Pac-Man High Score Blush Palette contains four blushes that are a combined weight of 0.71 oz. They come housed in a black plastic compact with a clear plastic lid decorated with a variety of digitized fruits from the Pac-Man game! There are cherries which are worth 100 points, oranges that are worth 500 points, strawberries that are 300, and so on! If you look closely the fruits cover spots of the blush have points embossed on them! It’s kind of a cute little Easter egg if you’re looking hard enough! For example, the orange image is covering the 500 point embossment on the blush! For those interested, the palette is Made in China.

I’m actually not as impressed with the formula on these as I was with past individual blush pans that Wet n Wild has done. The formula is soft and silky, not too powdery, and applies and blends well but I’m iffy on the wear time and pigment. The lower right hand shade is a gorgeous Orgasm dupe but it was a bit too frosty for me to completely love (I’m wearing it in the first image in this review and the second shade I’m wearing is the first one on the left hand corner top!). The other shades were much nicer with a smooth easy blend. However, they did need a little building as the color seems to sweep away a bit as I blend out! They do fade a little fast for me! I can get about five hours in before my blush starts to pull a disappearing act on me! But they sure do look pretty during the initial first few hours!

Wet n Wild Pac-Man High Score Blush Palette is a cute little blush palette with an imperfect formula but it’s usable and collector’s won’t mind I’m sure!

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Wet n Wild Pac-Man High Score Blush Palette is a limited edition 4-pan blush palette that’s Made in China and contains 0.71 oz of blush for $7.99. The palette is a cute nod to Pac-Man with little fruits decorating the front and points embossed on the actual blushes. The blushes are soft, silky, and not too powdery but need building for the best color intensity. They do fade quickly on my skin at around five hours but during the wear provide very nice color!


  • Fun for geeks and makeup collectors!
  • Nice formula that applies and blends easily!


  • Requites some building as blushes are sheer on the first pass.
  • Blushes fade quickly at around five hours of wear!


Wet n Wild Pac-Man High Score Blush Palette is a cute edition to any makeup geek’s wardrobe!