August 29, 2008

Shu Uemura Instinct Fall Mode Makeup Review

Shu Uemura Instinct Collection has my heart for the upcoming Fall season. The palettes in particular are so versatile and unique you can’t help but fall in love and lust with them!

I’ve been testing out some of the Shu Uemura Instinct Collection this week and I’m excited to finally tell you all about. I did a look a day for the past week using the shadow duos and I can probably get a week more of different looks from them. The palettes are interesting little pieces that you can get a nice array of eye looks from. You’d think two colors wouldn’t offer much in the way of variety but in fact they do indeed offer a good deal of selection.

Each palette consists of a heavily pigmented powder shade and a cream base which doubles up as a liner. The powders are extra silky and have a similar consistency to many popular Japanese eye shadows I’ve come across which is a cross between a cream and a shadow. The texture is wicked smooth and blends extremely well. Pigmentation is amazing, simply amazing even better than a MAC shadow. The finish is cross between a stunning shimmer and a beautiful metallic.

The cream base is smooth and creamy. The cream base can work as a prep for your shadow or as a liner. I was very impressed with how easy it was to blend these onto my lid. I normally hate using MAC paint pots or any cream shadows in general as you may have read in my prior posts however this particular base has just the right consistency to create a sheer layer that you can build up without fearing the shadow will dry before you can put your second coat on. The base adheres wonderfully to the eye and allows a perfect prep for the shadow. It allows the shadow to glide effortlessly onto the eye while preventing major fall out plus it deepens the powder shadow and morphs the color lending an air of mystery to the color. I noticed the base intensifies the shadow in a particularly beautiful way.

I’m partial to these new duos because as I mentioned above I love how versatile they are. I can easily get several looks from two shadows.

Some looks you might attempt with your own palette:

Eye Look 1: Cream Shadow on Lid
Creates an air of mystery and a uniquely goth look that’s both elegant and fun.

Eye Look 2: Powder Shadow on Lid
Beautifully rich and pigmented color on the lid creates a beautiful daytime and evening look for Fall!

Eye Look 3: Powder Shadow on Lid plus Line bottom and lower lash line with Cream Shadow
A great evening look for eyes!

Eye Look 4: Prep lid with Cream Shadow and Blend Powder Shadow onto lid!
This morphs the color of the shadow and deepens it allowing the look to go from simple to stunning!

Eye Look 5: Powder Shadow on Lid and Cream Shadow Used as a Liner on lower lash liner!
This opens the eye up and gives a simple yet unique look to your eyes!

Looks I created using the Shu Uemura Instinct Fall Collection:

Eyes: Shu Uemura Duo Eye Shadow Palette in Mystifier (Cream Base with Powder Shadow Layered on Top)
Cheeks: Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Pulse
Lips: Shu Uemura Rogue Unlimited Crystal Shine in Brown Dazzle

Eyes: Shu Uemura Duo Eye Shadow Palette in Mesmerizer (Powder Shadow on lid and cream shadow used as a liner on upper lash line)
Cheeks: Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Pulse
Lips: Shu Uemura Rogue Unlimited Crystal Shine in Brown Dazzle

Eyes: Shu Uemura Duo Eye Shadow Palette in Mystifier (Powder Shadow on lid and Cream Base used as a liner on lower lash line)
Cheeks: Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Lust
Lips: Shu Uemura Rogue Unlimited Crystal Shine in Brown Dazzle

Eyes: Shu Uemura Duo Eye Shadow Palette in Mesmerizer (Cream Base with Powder Shadow Layered on Top)
Cheeks: Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Lust
Lips: Shu Uemura Rogue Unlimited Crystal Shine in Crimson Dazzle

These are just some of the ways I’ve used my palette this week and I must say I’m duly impressed with the many looks I’ve created with it so far.

The two palettes I tried out were Mystifier and Mesmerizer. Out of the two Mesmerizer was my favorite which is a beautiful blend of purples. Mystifier contains a hunter green cream base and a beautiful brassy bronze shadow.

As for the blushes in this collection I really love Shu’s Glow On Blushes and I’m particularly pleased with the two shades released with the Instinct Collection. The colors are both very pretty peach shades which offer cheeks a warmth for the Fall season. Each shade goes extremely well with the eye palette duos and offer the perfect contrast of color to cheeks against the back drop of such an intense eye look. I got both Lust and Pulse. I was slightly worried about Lust as it appears quite sheer and chalky but I quickly realized it would soon become my favorite of the two colors. Lust is actually quite a natural peach that gave my cheeks just a hint of color without overpowering the rest of my look. Pulse is a deeper shade of peach and offers a bit more pop when compared to Lust but still remains quite natural. Both are truly gorgeous shades. Each blush is embellished with a shimmering gold floral design which quickly disappears with one swipe of the brush! Le sigh! Oh well all good things must one day come to an end I guess!

Now another favorite piece for me in Shu Uemura Instinct Collection were undoubtfully the Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine. I’ve tried these previously and was quite excited about them but I must say that the colors I tried were nothing like the two shades released with Shu’s Instinct Collection!

The shades are Crimson Dazzle and Brown Dazzle. Now the formula is outstanding! It simply glides on leaving pigmented, moisturizing lip color behind. It’s like having a gloss and lipstick all in one tube! You can wear gloss on top for a bit of extra pop but the finish has enough of a shiny, glossy look to it that you may just want to skip on the gloss. Beautiful! Crimson Dazzle is particularly beautiful with touches of both red and a little tinge of orange and faint traces of golden shimmer. Brown Dazzle is just as nice with similar traces of tiny gold shimmer and deep, off chocolate coloring. Each shade is truly flattering for the Fall.

I had so much fun creating different looks with the entire collection. I can’t help but label the Shu Uemura Instinct Fall Mode Makeup Collection another favorite of mine for the upcoming Fall season!

With touches of brown, peach, and popping shades of shadow it’s a unique selection and combination of colors that no other collection has yet duplicated this season.

Instinct is made up of several other pieces that I do not have available to review for you sadly but I see myself buying more of the collection soon so keep your eyes peeled for another review shortly! Click on over to Shu’s site for a visit and a peek at the Shu Uemura Instinct Collection as there are several other awesome items that are part of this Muse Approved collection!

I love this one and I see myself making proper use of it all season long!

Tried any of the Shu Uemura Instinct Collection?

Want to?

Love the palettes?

What’s your favorite pieces from the collection?

What items do you want to try?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Cinammon

    I love the looks you created with them; especially the ones with the purple and white headbands! Very bubbilicious 🙂

    The eye palettes are totally to die for! I’m digging Mesmerizer the most…So chic! I actually have a Bourjois eyeshadow in the cream base from Mystifier and a guerlain shadow in the powder shadow from the same palette!

  • the Muse

    Thanks honey!!!!!! 😉
    The colors are similiar to these you mean?

    awesome you can recreate the look 😉

    I’m really loving these duos…I want the other color..must get my hands on that 😉

    Fab collection!

  • jojoba

    glad to see you review this collection. i did a review on most of its stuff too but they weren’t very impressive IMO. but like you, i like the lip products the best. i failed to see anything good about the blushes though and i found the texture is slightly different from theregular ones. and though they look pigmented in pan, they are sheer on.:)

    thanks for a great review. and i must say your EYES look exceptionally good in golds!

  • Michelle

    Ooh, I saw the mystifier palette and I want it, but I haven’t invested in it yet.

    I was cruising the Shu Uemura site earlier today and was AMAZED by the fake lashes, especially the Tokyo collection and the new Viktor and Rolf ones. Of course, I have no place to wear feathered fake lashes to…but that doesn’t stop me from wanting them!

  • Dao

    The green duo eyeshadows look nice! I’m into greens a lot lately and Shu has the nicest blushes ever. Thanks for posting this up. Have a nice long weekend my dear!

  • MiuMiu

    hey muse!
    those blushes are so pretty! but that stinks that the gold disappears…if only they made the gold go through the center of the blush then everyone will be happy!

  • pinkcrow

    So pretty, and you totally rock it! I feel a huge lemming coming on!

  • Bliss

    Ooooo Gorgeous, i totally love the Mystifier Palette , im so jealous of your haul, the crimson dazzle is such a yummy colour.

    p.s when i was in UK i was searching for the DAY TO PLAY palette and i couldn’t find it, i went to Topshop etc boo, where again, if you remember you bought it?

  • PaoPao

    Wowowowowowowwwww!!! I love the mesmerizer duo!!!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • Dancinggal

    Hi Muse! You look gorgeous in the pics, the colours really suit you. Wishing we got this stuff here in Australia as always!!!
    Need to ask you a question – do you what shade would be the equivalent to an NC42-45 in the Kevyn Accoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. I must have it, and my boyfriend is currently in your neck of the woods, so I’m making him chase up a whole bunch of stuff for me, he he he.

  • Autumn Masquerade

    Hi Muse,

    Happy Labor Day! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

    I have finally uploaded photos of the items minus the bag I got for all of them. So I’ll send an email shortly of the items, plus the Etude House Gmarket name. I think it really was Etude House the company. I was pleased with the extras.

    You are so sweet to have donated to Children’s Home! They extend all over the world and the United States. They used to be MN only but now they have branches on the E Coast. Actually their Korean program is one of the best in the world.

    Animal rescue organizations are an excellent cause too! I keep an eye on horse rescues. I don’t get into PBS as much, mostly because I don’t watch a lot of TV, but they do have good programs. Schools like PBS a lot so it must be decent.

    I suspect the lighting in my local Sephora is less than flattering for many of the products. I checked the Wicked Lovely swatches on line and they looked much better than in the store.

    You so do not have buggy eyes! You’re funny. Everyone has something they are critical of.

    The one good thing about Chantecaille is they don’t have a lot of product releases. I am waiting for Neimans Beauty Event, though I think I will partake after the RNC is over. Today was a bad day to be in Mpls.

    Hopefully you can get some rest soon. There is something to be said about beauty sleep.

    I think otters are kind of like the Nifflers in HP. They are cute but don’t make good pets.

    I saw the Sea Otters holding hand video on You Tube and have been watching it somewhat compulsively. I like the one with the Beatles music. It’s just too adorable!

    You Tube also has a video of Capers, one of the 4 sea otters at the MN zoo. He was so cute when he was a baby. Just a little fluffball.

    Yes, France is saturated on the high end. They seem to like the L’Oreal parapharmacy lines, Avene, La Roche Posay, Vichy. It seems like the French like HE makeup but parapharmacy skincare.

    Eek! Did not see the Labello LE shade. Will have to hunt it down.

    Yes, I only got 10 because I didn’t have that many Euros on me at the time. I was on my way to the bank.

    I don’t know about you, but I always worry more when a mgr or SA isn’t crazy loyal to their brand. I can always tell when Givenchy has something really good because Susan goes really crazy over it.

    Waiting for the FF event sounds like a good idea. I was considering the Black for White mask but Kose USA has one for $28 that’s supposed to be even better.

    I know…the end of a series is always anti-climatic. I am waiting for Book 3 of the Eragon series. But moreover I like the Trinity Blood light novels. The anime and manga miss so much that are in the novels.

    Yes, Bella is a bit off. Sometimes I wanted to smack her. She’s definitely obsessive. I think the series is more of a college age series than high school.

    Kids that age do tend to be suspectible to certain ideas. You got the darkness theme right and whole romantic take on suicide. It’s kind of funny, but thinking back on it, vampires weren’t really considered romantic until the Gary Oldman version of Dracula. Or I didn’t see so many books with a romantic take on them until then.

    No worries on the BG GWP. Better for my wallet…

    I had just realized I didn’t actually review Face Fabric so that’s going up tomorrow. I haven’t experienced the oily thing but my skin is really dry so it basically has to be pure oil to feel oily on me. But it is lovely.

    Oi! I can’t imagine commuting 2-3 hrs to and from work. I like sleep too much!

    I am very sorry about the breakup. You are holding up very well. Sometimes it is better if it was more fighting than anything else. Virtual hugs!

    I know. Some people just make you want to carry a can of lysol around. There’s a reason I keep a-b hand gel at my desk. I mean I know a certain amount of germs and all is normal but there are limits.

    The J mags are fun. Sometimes if it’s something I want only a little bit, the magazine photo suffices instead of the real thing. Plus it’s nice to see Asian faces. Although I’ve noticed Bazaar and Allure are using more Asian models. Vogue of course remains as monotonous as always.

    I will be looking at the Clean summer set next week. I’ve been bad this week. The new Chanel eye collection tested my willpower. I finally gave in this morning and used it as an excuse to order the new Meteorites too.

    Let me know if you didn’t get the email with the Nordies Meteorites link.

    I hope you had a good weekend! Have a good day!

    Love ya!

  • the Muse

    hello there jojoba!

    Aw no 🙁 I’m so sorry you weren’t loving this collection. It’s one of my favs of the seasons. I thought the lippies were great, the shadows were outstanding and wonderfully pigmented! The blushes looks sheer and chalky when swatch but on my face they looked divine 🙂

    I agree the texture is slightly different from the regular blush line though!

    Thanks!!!!! 😉


    Hopefully Shu’s Winter collection will wow you 😉

  • the Muse

    hi michelle!

    It’s a gorgeous palette 😉

    Oh lord I adore the Tokyo Lash Bar! So gorgeous 🙂 aren’t they?

    LOL I have no place for ’em either but lord knows I ordered a pair anyway hehe!

  • the Muse

    hi dao!

    It’s my pleasure 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I love greens too they lend a certain mystery to my eye 🙂

    Weekend was great but lord knows my butt is dragging around at the moment 🙂 Hope you had a great one too!

  • the Muse

    hi linn!

    Thanks oney 🙂

    LOL thanks for the link! I didn’t see that! Obviously I need it since it’s named after me lol!

    Thanks;-) Maybe a review to follow!

  • the Muse

    hiya bliss!!!

    the palettes are outstanding 🙂 I think you’ll love ’em 🙂

    Sephora carries the Day to Play palette. Are you in the US? You can order direct from them 🙂

  • the Muse

    hi pao pao!

    😉 You need these. They are so gorgeous and pigmented as heck! Weekend was fab, hope yours was too 😉

  • the Muse

    hello dancinggal!

    Thanks honey! Aw poo 🙁 Is it not available at all your side?!

    Hmmm I have to take a peek at NC42-45 again to see which would be best. Let me get to my mac counter and I’ll compare deal?

    LOL! Happy Shopping to him eh 😉

  • the Muse

    hey bets!

    Thanks hun! Happy Belated to you! 🙂 I had great weekend! Went away a few days with a mate ad we had a blast! But now my arse is dragging in a major way!

    Yay can’t wait to see! if I don’t reply right away that would be b/c my inbox is a terrible mess!

    Looking forward to seeing the goodies! It’s my pleasure! Anything to help!

    It makes me so happy to hear what good they are doing and how much faith and trust you have in it! I sometimes have a hard time trusting so it’s hard to reach out for me prior to doing my homework. It’s delightful to know someone, you in this case, who’s had prior experience with the program!

    Animals are def one of my mush parts 🙂 PBS is close to my heart as well. It’s a weird charity but it gives me so much joy to donate I feel it does alot of good for kids and adults alike!

    Animal rescue organizations are an excellent cause too! I keep an eye on horse rescues. I don’t get into PBS as much, mostly because I don’t watch a lot of TV, but they do have good programs. Schools like PBS a lot so it must be decent.

    The lighting in my Sephora has been known to be off too:) Sometime looks good in store and it’s wrong at home or vice versa 🙂

    LOL You’re too kind and too right. It’s our job as a girl to criticize at least one or two thing about ourselves 🙂

    I like the fact that Chantecaille releases alot less. I wish more companies followed in those footsteps..I’d be richer that’s for sure lol!

    I’m waiting for the Neiman’s Beauty Event as well as I’mwanting to indulge in a concealer which is $50 so at leastI’ll feel better dishing out the cash when I get my GWP with it lol!

    Lord knows I could use some. I’m a bit jetlagged!

    LOL That’s a perfect description of otters 🙂

    LOL!!! Oh I’m so pleased you seen it! It’s such a joy the way they hold hands. I enjoyed the otter exhibit at the shedd when I was in Chicago last. I actually purchased two stuff animals while there too for some obscene amount but couldn’t resist. It was a sea otter holding a star fish and another of a penguin 🙂

    awww must look that up!

    Of course the ds in france is far better compared to the US in terms of L’Oreal, Vichy, Etc..or at least that’s how I felt. Vichy here I won’t touch. I’ve tried some and wsn’t interested!

    It does surprise me some that it sells so well in France!

    They do indeed! It’s a rose pearl shade..very nice 🙂 If you need one I have an extra! I’ll happily send it over. My x boyfriend is dutch and his baby sister always sends me little care packages most of which include some Labello balms and glosses 🙂 I haven’t spoken to him in years but I’m so so happy that she and I keep in touch as she’s darling to send me cute little things here and there. As you can see Labello even makes it way into Holland 😉 hehe!

    I am a bit reversed. I’m a bit worried when SA’s are a little too enthusiast about their brand. Are you speaking about Susan at Saks?! Or Sephora? Susan at the Givenchy Sak’s counter is always delightful and generous however I always feels like she’s not completely into the brand but all about selling it. If that makes sense.

    I’m considering these masks myself if you get them I’ll be interested in hearing abot them 😉

    I, too am waiting for Book 3 but it’s not a long wait. The 19th I believe or the 20th!
    But of course that’s always the way…which is what scares me about Twilight. Missing parts plus taking to many liberties etc..!

    Bella was an interesting character to read however she turned quite emo book 2 plus her struggle is sometimes a bit much to take on. I’ve been sadly enjoying Edward’s story and the inside of his head is truly wonderful and I’m saddened to see that SM may never release this book!

    In his version seeing his struggle is rather enlightening. It’s also interesting to take note that no matter how young he may look or how much detail goes into giving us the view of his youth he still is a mature man. SM does a fine job of showing that in this book. It’s sad she may never release it.

    I agree. It’s college for sure or at least 18+!

    I guess it’s her version of Shakespeare which is admirable but not so much so when it’s being read by 12 year old kids.

    Actually the romance genre have always had it out for vampires however I agree with GO it suddenly became romantic.

    My FF review will be up shortly too. Maybe oily is te wrong word..but…mmm different feeling for sure 🙂

    LOL! ditto! 2-3 hours is obscene!

    I’m really not holding up as well a I hoped. But I try really hard if that counts hehe!

    Thanks for the hugs darlin’ 🙂

    Oh lord yes lol! I carry hand gel around al the time 🙂

    I like seeing Asians in my mags as well as I feel they lend a certain exotic and unique flair to both couture and cosmetics. I wish more mags featured asian models!

    Vogue I believe you have to be 15 and below to appear ll!

    Did you by chance get the liner compact? I’m wanting to indulge in that.

    I’ll look inbox is a bit messy I fear as always!

    Hope your weekend was fab too!

  • monettex

    I was wondering how the cream side of the shadow duos held up after you’ve had it for a bit. It looks like with that type of packaging it may dry out quick. I’m just used to cream shadows and bases being in air tight jars. I noticed Shu Uemura used to sell cream shadows in glass jars, but now they are all in the pans like in those duos in your review. I was interested in trying some, but wanted to make sure first they would not dry up too quick on me.