December 3, 2014

Rimmel Wonder’Lash Mascara with Argan Oil Review

Rimmel Wonderlash

Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara with Argan Oil is a brand new argan oil infused mascara. Yeah, I know, it’s been done before with Josie Maran’s Argan Black Oil Mascara (you know Josie, she likes putting da argan oil in everything!).

I gotta admit I disliked Josie’s Argan Oil Mascara, just wasn’t my that great a formula for me but I was intrigued by the idea of Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara with Argan Oil as it is the first of its kind at drugstores.

Any good?

Naaa…Skip it.

Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara with Argan Oil is a waterproof (yet very easy to remove) mascara that apparently has argan oil in the mix which smooths lashes so they don’t clump. The oil also acts to give feather light volume to lashes and keeps them soft and smooth.

Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara with Argan Oil

Honestly, considering they treat this as a feather-like mascara I’d say they are totally winning in that department. I didn’t see the volume from the straight line plastic bristled spiky brush but I did see some nice length with a feather-y lash finish that gave my lashes a natural, softer, longer look. Drama? Absolutely none to be had here but if you like a more natural longer lash look you might just be happy.

Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara

You also might like the formula which does in fact leave lashes nice and soft. No fear of breakage here as the formula is super light and gives lashes a soft “Did I really just apply mascara?” feel and look. No stiffness here, no crunchy lashes, just soft, fluffy ones! Hey, fluffy was what came to mind….The length the mascara provides isn’t all that amazing, like I said, no drama, but if you’re ok with natural looking lashes I’d say Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara with Argan Oil might be worth a pick up.

Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara after
For me?

I think it’s a skip. I don’t really like the no mascara look and sure the formula is nice and very gentle on lashes but I want wow from my mascara!

Tried it?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Adrienne

    Thank you for this timely review. Walgreens has Rimmel products for $5.00 this week and I was waiting for your review before I made a purchase. I will skip this one as well.

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure adrienne glad it helped. It’s a little meh for me so I think it’s safe to skip it!

  • Keri Sonnier

    I just picked up the regular formula, not the waterproof one. I agree with you, no drama just made my eyelashes look a little darker. I will save it for the no makeup makeup days. 🙂

  • Fancie

    Glad I saw this first because I honestly would have got it just for the argan oil lol. It doesn’t do enough for me though. Easy skip!

  • Carol

    So glad I saw this review! I literally had this in my hand at Walgreens yesterday but it didn’t ring up for $5.00 so I said I’d wait. Glad I did! I need some drama in my mascara for sure!

  • Katherine T.

    I might check this out. I prefer the more natural lash look (think it’s less aging on me), and the feather light formula might work, because my lashes don’t hold curl well, and heavier formulas will just weigh them down.

  • Cindy

    I just tried this mascara today, the waterproof version. My experience was similar to yours. It just seemed to darken my lashes, nothing more. By about the 6th hour of wear, I looked like I had 2 black eyes. Mascara smeared everywhere, with flakes everywhere as well. This was definitely a pass for me. So far my favorite waterproof mascara is Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof. Thickens nicely and stays put all day. You mentioned you like “wow” lashes (me too), have you tried that one?

    • Isabella Muse

      oh thank god it didn’t smear on me but sadly didn’t do much either which is just as bad! oh no I said I want “wow” FROM my mascara but never tried wow mascara 🙂

  • Lacy

    I agree with Keri better left to the no makeup makeup days! I liked the brush, i’m a fan of the big rubber bristle types, but other than that… No real need to pick this up if someone’s on the fence about it.

  • maria

    I bought the copper metallic case ( not waterproof) since I was intrigued about the Argan oil. I have very thin eyelashes. Not impressed by what it did for mine. I really should wait for your reviews 🙂 Thank you

  • Jessica

    I just did a review on my blog of the regular formula, and I have to say that I had much different results. My lashes were thicker and more voluminous after using the Wonder’Lash, while still soft – however I feel like you can build up the drama with layers. I wonder if the waterproof and regular mascaras perform differently…?

  • kellly

    If it’s not going to increase the volume of my lashes by at least 9000%, it’s not for me.
    (Ha ha) I am just a sucker for VOLUME mascaras.

  • kellly

    plus argan oil and gluten free seem to be the buzz words for everything these days. I wonder why the package doesn’t say “Gluten Free” too

  • BP

    i tried it and i was so disappointed, idk if with the mascara or my own eyelashes..
    i have to use waterproof or my eyelashes fall straight down and this just didn’t hold a curl for me but organ oil in a drugstore mascara made me so excited

  • KE

    I tried this mascara in extreme black. not the waterproof one. it flakes off so bad that i had to reapply after a couple hours. one of the best mascaras i have found is lasholic by hard candy

  • Carol

    I bought this at Shoppers Drug Mart last week and this Waterproof Wonderlash Mascara is Terrible!!! You blink and don’t let it dry it is all over the top and bottom of your lids. It ran and is nothing but a waste of money. I had to wash all my makeup and restart all over again. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone and I am taking my receipt and asking for my money back.