October 17, 2016

White Barn Holiday/Christmas 2016 Displays


White Barn Holiday/Christmas 2016 displays with a ton of new candles and candle displays are starting to pop up at Bath & Body Works. As you know already White Barn’s recently launched a website and has started to open stores right next door to Bath & Body Works. It seems almost all Bath & Body Works are getting revamped to include an attached White Barn store next to it lately.

It’s actually quite nice to see the candle selections, holders, accessories, wax melts, etc…located in a store separate from Bath & Body Works. In a prior post I did recently, I mentioned that the White Barn store seemed even busier than the Bath & Body Works one! Everyone obviously loves candles 🙂

The store I visit already started launching their Holiday display!

Here’s a little look!

I have so many seasonal candle holders and I’m really trying hard not to indulge in more but some of the beautiful snowflake ones they had were gorgeous! They had a small batch of Winter 2016 Candles like Pink Marshmallow which is a yummy peppermint marshmallow! There will definitely be plenty more Holiday Candles arriving soon but the earliest Winter ones are available.








I’m still very much in Fall mode so, I was happy to see they still had a good deal of Fall displayed as well including a new brassy gold Turkey candle holder. I have the white one already but the gold one is very pretty. Don’t worry, I was good, it didn’t come home with me 🙂



I love the attached White Barn stores and I hope to see more pop up in my area soon.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the Holiday 2016 Candle offerings!


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  • Kate

    so pretty

    but Halloween isn’t here yet and Thanksgiving is to come :-(,
    wish they wouldn’t push the holidays so much

    there is a new White Barn store near me in Paramus, it’s really pretty to look in

  • Dee

    We just got a White Barn store after one closed down about 10 years ago. I went in today and they didn’t have a lot of Christmas/holiday yet. They said after Halloween it would be in the stores, I’m not ready to say goodbye to fall quite yet so that’s fine with me. They had the snowflakes but I love the sparkle one with the bow you posted! Hope we get that out here. Can’t wait to smell Pink Marshmellow.

    • Isabella Muse

      There used to be one in the Palisades Mall in Rockland County (NY) but it closed up at least 10 years ago as well. I wonder if they’ll re-open it! It was a fairly big store! I’m excited White Barn is back, I actually like the candles are now separate from the BBW stuff. I’m not either which is one reason I didn’t indulge in anything! I’m too busy enjoying Fall to dive into Christmas right now 😀 But these things tend to sell out fast so I guess we better not sleep on it too hard!

      • Kate

        I remember shopping there, will look for it the next time I am up there,
        I actually think WB is a much nicer shopping experience the BB, even though the product is the same
        I would think they would reopen, there as there is always lots of open store space

        Did you know there is a Zara there as well

        • Isabella Muse

          I dunno if white barn is coming back there but I hope it is! I agree! It’s just set up much nicer! Yes! and Kiko and skin food ;D

    • Kate

      I know lets enjoy the beautiful fall
      Christmas gets pushed earlier and earlier

  • Cindy

    So sad that we don’t have B&BW or White Barn in the Netherlands. Love the candles. Was for the first time in NY a couple of weeks ago (amazing!!) en did some shopping, but the candles are too heavy to bring a couple of them with me to the Netherlands. I hope some day a store in the Netherlands will be opened 🙂

    Visited B&BW in Jersey City, close to my hotel, in the mall. But i didn’t see a White Barn in NY at all. Are they outside Manhattan?

    • Isabella Muse

      awww! Hopefully one day! They are indeed VERY heavy to carry home 🙁 sadness! I don’t think there’s any in Manhattan yet but def outside of Manhattan! Few malls have them popping up!

      • Cindy

        There is only 1 solution then: go back to NY and search for a mall 😉
        (once i will go again!)

        • Isabella Muse

          haha good idea! You can also ship them back home with a flat rate box at the post office, I’m not sure about International but I believe one of the flat size boxes is $45 and should fix maybe six candles? Don’t quote me! Not sure if that is worth doing but it is an option! 😀

          • Cindy

            Shipping is also very expensive. We do have a few webshops in the Netherlands who are selling these candles, but it’s so nice to smell first before buying a candle. But for now it’s a good solution.
            I love Yankee Candles, but these are so much better.

          • Isabella Muse

            I completely agreed! I don’t mind blind buying but sometimes it is nice just to be able to smell before! 😀