January 22, 2018

Bath & Body Works Facial Sheet Masks Have Arrived

Love facial sheet masks? I am obsessed with them! Now you can get your facial sheet masks fix with these new Bath & Body Works Face Masks. Yes, Bath & Body Works has facial sheet masks. Have the pits of hell opened up? Is it raining fire from the sky? No, it isn’t. It’s just Bath & Body Works latest way to get involved in the world of skincare. Not to mention they want you, the consumer, to score something new each time you stop at their store. Bath & Body Works did some facial mists a few months ago as well as some new bath bombs, wax melts, and shower jellies so, they really have their hands in several different pots lately.

I dunno how I feel about Bath & Body Works creating facial sheet masks. For one thing, I’m very, very much a Korean facial sheet mask girl. I prefer Korean brands over anything I’ve tried in the US market. Secondly, I fear Bath & Body Works will lace their facial masks with a ton of fragrance which isn’t exactly beneficial to your skin.

I guess we’ll have to see how these turn out though! Who knows maybe I’ll love them! There are a total of six masks available that address a variety of different concerns. They are $4.95 each (ouch!) but on sale for 2 for $5 (much better deal).

Formulas include:

  • Keep It Fruity (Papaya & Tea Extracts)
  • Totally Tea-riffic (Tea Tree Oil & Licorice Root Extract for oily skin)
  • If You Shea So (Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil for dry skin)
  • Cool as a Cucumber (Cucumber & Aloe Extracts for dry skin)
  • Sea You Soon (Sea Minerals & Hyaluronic Acid for aging or dry skin)
  • Love You Berry Much (Superfruit Berry Complex)

My stores are still clearing up the semi-annual sale and I haven’t seen these yet but I’ll definitely pick up a few and see if they work out for me. I’m curious.

You can get them online as well at bathandbodyworks.com.

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    • Isabella Muse

      mmm at 2/5 maybe not too bad. $2.50 each so I’m not crying but $5 each? no!

  • Carol G

    Was thinking the same thing: how good are these really going to be after we’re used to using the Korean ones. The Ulta ones were horrible as well as the Garnier ones. I hope you review these so we get a sense of the quality. I agree on the price too. But I guess with sales/coupons it’ll be fine provided they are decent. I have my reservations though.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hate everything I try so far from drugstore brands. Garnier, Yes To, also, Origins ones, they just suck! Will def review! I do as well! maybe they’ll surprise us!?

      • Paige

        At this point, if it’s a drugstore version of a cleansing or purifying or moisturizing product on a fabric wipe or mask, I am OUT. Everything that I get like that from the drugstore is so full of irritants these days. I have tried a range of products, they cause terrible redness, stinging, and irritation, and everything goes right back. I have learned the hard lesson that these companies are not to be trusted with the delicate network of cells on my face. That’s a nope sandwich with nope sauce.

          • CarrieAnne

            Sometimes I love the comments even more than your original content, I’m embarrassed to admit. 🙂 I’m seeing so many fragrance laced skincare and makeup products lately, I’m screaming inside, Who are the cosmetic chemists working for these companies and why are they idiots?! Both affordable and more expensive brands alike.

          • Isabella Muse

            haha I’m actually glad to hear that! It’s pretty cool you enjoy the comments. It’s important to me that there is a sense of community here 😀

  • ChynnaBlue

    “Secondly, I fear Bath & Body Works will lace their facial masks with a ton of fragrance which isn’t exactly beneficial to your skin.”

    That’s my biggest fear with these, too. I love fragranced body washes, soaps, and lotions, buf It anything that goes on my face I prefer unscented, not only because of skin sensitivities, but also because that’s where my nose is! If I don’t like the scent, I don’t want it literally under my nose all day.

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t mind fragrance in my skincare tbh but as I get older I seem to be outgrowing that a lot and I find some scents bother me so I totally know what you mean! Who wants that sticking around their face? When I do a face mask I want to relax, I can’t relax if something smells bad :-/