October 11, 2018

The Makeup World Loves the Zodiac and Astrology But Do You?

I just got an alert this morning that Fresh is introducing a range Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy Zodiac Collection that features 12 treatments from the iconic advanced therapy collection that represent one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. That isn’t all, get this, they teamed up with Susan Miller, astrologer-to-the-stars, to create this collection.

Ok, don’t kill me. I’m going to go on a little rant for a second.

Seriously though? Astrologer-to-the-Stars? I mean, this is way out there for a upscale brand like Fresh. Just like mermaids and unicorns, Astrology and the Zodiac is the next big beauty trend. Everyone from Wet n Wild to Bite Beauty and Colourpop has created a Zodiac-themed collection and I imagine, come Spring 2019, that it’ll be an even bigger trend. Even Bare Minerals Holiday 2018 is all about astrology!

Here’s the thing though. It’s all about Instagram isn’t it? Astrology and the Zodiac is an ideal Insta-trend and I get why makeup and beauty brands are headed in this direction.

The makeup world loves the zodiac and astrology and all things galaxy related but do you?

I do not. Sorry. I know a lot of people that are positively obsessed with the zodiac and astrology and how mercury in retrograde is destroying their life but……….I am not one of those people.

I mean, in passing, if I’m waiting in the doctor’s office I might read my horoscope in some magazine but it’s pure entertainment for me. I don’t really believe that my zodiac sign is responsible for my personality, likes, dislikes, and relationships. I am who I am whether I’m a Virgo, a Libra, or a Leo.

So, I’m not obsessed with this new makeup trend and I don’t even like it.

There I said it.

Go ahead and throw tomatoes at me.

I’m just so sick of all the “get me viral fast” trends lately. The galaxy, mermaids, unicorns, astrology. Please just stop.

How about you?

Do you love the idea your fav makeup trends are headed to astrology for inspiration for their latest launches?

Or do you find it a terrible trend that needs to go away?

Do share!

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Sooshi

    You’re so funny Muse, always seem to express what I’m thinking! I’m with you but I guess it appeals to a younger Insta crowd. Nothing wrong with that as makeup should be for everyone but where’s the 30/40/50+ market? I’m sick of oversaturation of makeup releases at the expense of quality eg Urban Decay, it used to be a good brand but they changed their formulas like the primer potion, eyeshadows etc. I’m glad I found an alternative in Fenty Beauty’s eye primer as it works a treat for my oily lids n keeps shadow on till I take it off (sometimes 10hrs.) I don’t mind paying for a product that does what it actually says it’ll do! Oh to go back to the days of seasonal makeup releases which was more exciting, not much variety in terms of colour any more eg eyeshadows (all reds, orange, Nudes, metallics), I just want a nice sage/emerald green matte eyeshadow and its so hard to find!

    • Isabella Muse

      Honestly, I hate to rant about makeup like this because I always feel like I’m ripping down something someone out there really likes and that sucks. But jeez, this trends have to go :-/ I FEEL SO old when they do stuff like this (and mind you I’m not that old dammit lol). UD def went downhill! I’m testing Naked Cherry and it’s not turning out that great so far 🙁 And agreed I’ve been saying for years primer potion has changed but never once have they made a statement about it. I got it but haven’t tried it yet! Happy to hear it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITA! I’d love seasonally makeup collections to come back. And I’d love them to be without a theme! Just give me some seasonal shades and I’ll be happy! No more palettes maybe (because I’m a palette junkie haha)!

      • Sooshi

        Yes I know what you mean, different strokes for different folks! I have colours similar to naked cherry and I never use up a palette so this is an easy miss for me but good to hear what you think of it. Do you ever use up your palettes or get them to collect? Hope you like the Fenty eye primer, I’ve also got the Fenty foundation, shimmerstix, blotting papers, mattemoiselle lipstick and 4 lip glosses and have loved every item, at least Rihanna’s doing something different. The new collection looks lovely but not for me as like you, I’m not a fan of too much frost!

        • Isabella Muse

          oddly enough I use to use my palettes more than I do nowadays! I also used to collect them! Now it’s more about what I need to review for the blog! I love eyeshadow palettes with a passion but I think I reached my limit lol! So now when I buy something it’s more about, “Ok this is what reader’s want to see!” and not so much “OOO I want that!” Amen! so few brands are nice to hear fenty is doing it right ;-D Ugh I def can’t do frost 😀

    • Ashley

      Sooshi, check out Sydney Grace if you’re looking for unique colors. They are an independent brand and I’ve made a few purchases from them based on the reviews of some smaller you tubers I follow. I’ve gotten both shimmers and mattes and have enjoyed everything and they are around the colourpop price range.

      • Sooshi

        Sounds great, will do, thanks Ashley! It’s good to get recommendations, I’m in the UK but if they deliver here, I’m up for trying this out!

    • Michelle Luna

      Agree with you both. UD used to be my favorite brand and found them super exciting, now it’s all same ole same ole in terms of colors, nothing’s new, formulations have gone downhill, design/packaging sucks, blah blah blah. I used to spend so much on makeup… this past year or so I’ve stopped buying almost any makeup because… I have everything already! Sure, a certain eyeshadow or eyeliner might be from my 2003 Avon lady gig, but hey, it still works for me and I see no need to replace it with a watered-down version of it that costs more just because it’s “instagram famous” or whatever (I don’t really buy into expiration dates anyway, if it still smells/looks/applies okay, then I’m not throwing it away!).

      As far as the green you want, have you searched the indie world? I am 99.9 you will find what you want in an etsy shop somewhere 🙂

      • Sooshi

        Thank you Michelle, will check this out! Yes sadly even UD eye pencils are not what they were and my eyelids haven’t changed that much! I last got the Kristen Leanne palette and the packaging was shocking, tear inside the cardboard and pans inside that weren’t glued straight, how do they even get past quality control?!

  • Nanners

    I do not care for astrology either. It’s on the same level of “meh” as Myers Briggs inventories, which, btw is a parlor trick and NOT based on psychological theory!! *ducks to avoid tomatoes*
    That said, I love the packaging on those lip treatments. Would be lying if I said I didn’t add Gemini to my wish list….

    • Isabella Muse

      ugh Myers Briggs please shoot me! I better duck too! LOL! Not me, I love Fresh but no thanks lol! sorry 🙂

    • kjh

      That one where everyone gets funeral director as a possible career, lol. Too effin funny!

    • Eraser

      Myers-Brigg… aaaaaauuuuuuggghhh! My master’s degree is in education and we were just force-fed that kind of crap.

      I agree with everyone about the issue at hand. I realize that beauty is an inherently trend-driven business, but it’s just ridiculous now. I’m so fed up with gimmicks and collaborations. Sadly, I’m at the age where the cosmetic companies seem to find me boring.

  • kimkats

    I am right there with you Muse. I am SO tired of being bombarded with the item du jour; I long for the slowed down times of mere seasonal releases… now – if it’s more than 2 days old, it’s passe, and we’re on to the next thing!! We’re creating a world of people whose attention spans max out at .067 seconds, and that’s not a good thing. The MU world is a reflection of that, and it’s already gotten very old. I don’t even jump on something when I really like it, b/c it’ll be on sale in the next few weeks, and since I’m old and have more patience, I can wait… 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I used to like the endless releases but now it’s overkill. If we can get back to seasonal I’d be fine with that. And maybe on a rare day some special palette but not everyday 🙁 Yup! that’s why blogs are dead because no one has the time or patience to read them. Everyone is Insta everything. Right now, right away, and within a second! FAST! I feel very old lately because I just can’t understand some some the social media craze ;D oh well! We’ll be patient together 😀

    • kjh

      totally. IG, no attention span and no verbal communication live, face-to-face. Posting IG, IG stories, and texting to people in the same room. IG is THE platform for HS people, and there is even an attempted clamp down on bullying, which on IG is a major problem. FB has been overthrown with the young’uns. IG, YT, and influencers being the drivers of the whole m/u gig has led us to the deplorable state we are now in. You have to look IG enough, or you’re shamed. All new shit weekly, looks posted, filtered, and ‘shopped, or you’re nothing. Not enough followers?Get a script and a shrink, but in the meantime, get more expensive equipment. The scary part is you DO see people like that IRL. It has gone from online to daily ordinary. And that’s effin scary.

  • Susan

    Trust me, the astrology stuff now is NOTHING compared to what it was like in the 1960s. “What’s your sign?” was the basic greeting instead of hello when meeting someone around your own age. You decorated your bedroom or your dorm room with posters of your sign. It was everywhere.

    Anyway, I’m OK with it in makeup although I know the companies are just picking random colors they think will sell to go with the various signs.

    • Isabella Muse

      seriously? LOL! I’m really not into it at all! I’m prob the exception as most people are ape shit about astrology!

    • Hannah

      You know, if a company like Besame came out with a very 60’s-themed astrology palette or lipstick set, I’d probably be kind of into it!

  • MM Curator

    I totally understand your frustration! It’s so boring to keep seeing a trend that you’re not crazy about over and over again. But I gotta admit I’m loving the zodiac theme. Great IG fodder, (which I desperately need because my numbers suck, LOL) plus I just love seeing illustrations of the zodiac. I don’t believe in any of the astrological mumbo jumbo – I have some Scorpio traits but I think everyone has at least a couple of traits from their sign purely as coincidence – but I really enjoy seeing all the packaging with the various signs, I just think zodiac signs are neat to look at! My only real issue is that as a collector, god forbid a company (like Fresh) release an item that comes in every sign, because I want to collect all 12! I’m seriously considering that Bite Beauty mini vault in addition to all the other zodiac goodies. This is to say nothing of all the vintage ones I’m trying to track down! At least Colourpop and Wet N Wild put all 12 signs on one item. LOL.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL mine do too (insta numbers that is)! I don’t either! And yeah, maybe I have some sort of traits to go along with my sign too but I don’t believe there’s any major forces at work behind it lol! ;-D I’m just over weird trneds like this though 🙁 they do nada for me!

  • kjh

    No. Flat out no. Makeup Sui generis. Prob effed up the Latin. Makeup In, of, and for itself. Can’t say that I mind themes per se, but often they are more annoying and puerile, and NEVERENDING than interesting. I have to confess that I did get the BH Zodiac, but not because of the theme. I liked the colors, and find duos very easy. (Simplify!) Most of that palette is great and fun. But the wasted space in that Zodiac layout…a circle in a square, aaaargh, ombfg, and there’s no way to depot it. I think BH was around before the astrology trend (read shoving a forced obsession down our collective throats) hit, anyway. Astrology is entertainment; you are right. What annoys me most is that no one has an original thought. Now everyone and his cuticle cream has an astrology theme. Clever, like the indie spin offs from Tarte’s April Fools, yes. Lunatick is cohesive, imaginative, and beholden to no one. But I’m not getting Fresh (done with them, anyway) OR Bite astrology. Or MUR, or WNW, or any of the rest of it. It pisses me off how much these unicorns, mermaids, and astrology TAKE OVER. It’s as if only derivative will sell.

  • ashley myers

    Definitely sick of unicorns and mermaids, but I do love me some astrology.

  • Ashley

    I personally understand the frustration but for years I was sick of how boring beauty was. I just wish it wasn’t so trends obsessed and was more about being original. Honestly I use to laugh at all the brown shadows and black brushs and swore I would never wear makeup because of how judgemental and boring it was and that never made sense to me since I could see back then how cool makeup could be. These last five years I’ve gotten into it since I feel awhile back it became less judgmental and quite frankly rude.. I personally never like unicorns even growing up but I feel that these trends are a side affect of the companies realizing there are people out there who want something new and different. Nothing wrong with basic but no reason for every brand to have to do one or the other. Makeup should be creative and fun and I hope one day we won’t need trends and insta model for big brands to make unique products. I mean its losing its value though when everything is called unicorn/zodiac for a year. I feel there just changing up packaging to match a theme now. So I totally get it, especially if your not living for that theme.

  • Kay

    A friend and I were discussing more or less this earlier today and she put it best – a lot of these releases seem to be aimed at people who spend all day doing bonkers makeup that they never wear out of the house for their followers on *whatever platform* 18-21 year old me would have been all over, say, the UD Elements palette, but that’s because there wouldn’t have been a bunch of random little palettes released all year already! Zodiac as a theme for anything can be cute but no, not if every single makeup brand is going to hop on yet another naff bandwagon. I’m with you Muse.

  • Michelle Luna

    I love astrology themed stuff like jewelry or artwork fine enough (I mean I like themed stuff but half the time whatever is my sign doesn’t appeal to me as much as another sign’s stuff) but not makeup and not now that it’s becoming popular. It seems the oversaturation of something kills the appeal for me. Not to sound like a hipster. But usually once something I like that nobody every talked about becomes mainstream (makeup, music, color trends, hair, architecture, etc), I stop liking it so much. (Classic example from the 90’s: Godsmack. All my friends made fun of me for listening to this weird local band, and then a year later they hit the radio and suddenly my friends all loved it and I hated it after hearing the same like 3 songs 5 times a day. Just proves to me they had shit taste and shit for brains haha)

    And then if I didn’t like it to begin with (lookin at you, highlighting!) then I just downright hate it by the time it’s been all over the internet. My eyes still haven’t stopped rolling from every time I see a pic of someone with blinding metal-looking streaks all over their damn faces…

  • Amber M

    Susan Miller has collaborated with Fresh a few times before however. She did soaps I think a few years ago. While other brands have caught on, Fresh was the original on this one.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not super religious (much to my parents horror!) but I’m def not a believer either!

  • Magenta Wilde

    Well, I like the astrology trend more than others because it’s a bit more mystical and the designs of the packaging appeal more to me. But I’m a Taurus and what’s chosen for me half the time sucks, and you could honestly read any sign’s description and find something to match. I’m tired too of unicorns and rainbows and glitter farts and peach puke palettes and all that. The only good thing about these rapid rollouts is they’ll be on clearance in two months. I’m also tired of every palette having tons of orange. I miss seasonal rollouts too and want an eyeshadow palette with flattering greens, dusty pinks, taupes and rich purples.
    Also, my mom was huge into astrology in the 1989s. She never bothered to learn her dates’ names. I met a guy, an Aquarius, would be all she’d say.

  • MM Curator

    I wrote a long reply yesterday but I think it got eaten! I understand your frustration – it really sucks when you see a trend you’re not crazy about keep popping up over and over again – but I have to admit I’m loving the astrology theme. It’s great IG fodder (which I need because my numbers suck) and I just love seeing illustration of all the signs! I was always fascinated by zodiac imagery, although I don’t believe in any astrological stuff. (I think I have some traits of my sign but doesn’t everyone have traits of every sign?! They’re all just coincidence!) My only problem is that I’m a collector and I’m tempted to get all 12 of something, like the Fresh lip balms and Bite Beauty lipsticks…and don’t get me started on vintage compacts. I know of at least 2 vintage lines that had a unique compact for each sign, along with Estee Lauder’s more recent ones. At least Wet n Wild and Colourpop put all 12 signs on one item. LOL.

      • MM Curator

        LMAO OMG! Sorry, didn’t mean to be a psycho and leave 2 comments…I had no idea they were moderated so when it didn’t show up I thought it was gone! 😀

  • Ivy

    I personally love unicorns, comic designs, holographic everything, and astrology. I have before it became a big trend. I have been very happy and excited with all the releases! I am a big kid at heart and I love super colorful things. I can see how it gets annoying to see constant releases of it. A lot of the items seems to not be very good either (looking at you, Too Faced…) So that is really a bummer for me. I get wanting to be on trend, but these CONSTANT NEVERENDING releases are so hard to keep up with and I get serious fomo feelings. In the end, how many rainbow duochrome highlighters do I need? I guess you can say I have mixed feelings.

    • Ashley

      I feel very similar. Its not about cool new products so much as packaging. I personally would be more on board if I felt it was really about making something fun or new and not just trying to trick people into buying the same product they may not like just for a theme. I mean I don’t like buying things I consider boring and now they are taking more interesting themes and making them seem boring. I mean mermaid, galaxy and unicorn where all the same shades and zodiac stuff tends to just be repackaged colours the brands already make, I’ve only seen a few with “new” shades.

  • BabyJellies

    I actually do love astrology/cosmic designs and themes but for make up it’s just another packaging; the makeup is just another powder or lip gloss (that you likely already have in your collection!) in a themed case.
    I say all of this but admittedly I bought a few items from that gorgeous wet ‘n wild zodiac collection so in the end using astrology designs makes money!

  • Chrissie Dyson

    To be fair, the Bare Minerals Holiday 2018 is more Astronomy than Astrology

  • Christine Kim

    I love Susan Miller and I used to follow her a few years ago. This isn’t “way out there” for Fresh, since they collaborated with her in 2015. Pls get your facts straight, although I understand you’re making a larger comment on the beauty industry.