March 11, 2019

Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette Review & Swatches

I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I had with the new Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette ($55). This palette is such a me palette. You ever have that feeling when purchasing or seeing new makeup and you’re all, “Oh my god! These are exactly my colors!” That’s how I felt when I saw this palette in the flesh. I actually purchased it right away when it launched on Sephora’s site and I’ve played with the idea of getting a backup. I don’t want to live a day without. What if it suddenly got discontinued?! I cringe in horror thinking of that!

Far be it from me to get this excited about a highlighter palette but truly if you love golden peaches you’re going to want the Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette in your life!

Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette arrives in a very pretty coral compact and holds two powders and two creams. One of the things that threw me off with this palette is the Cream Blush in Fuchsia that it includes. This is a really, really deep, dark cherry red and I wasn’t sure how this would work out for me. I decided to look up Natasha’s youTube Tutorial for the palette and it helps with color placement big time. She uses the cream blush under the Duo Glow and it really does apply quite nicely so long as you use a lighter touch and hand during application. You’ll want to get yourself a fiber brush to use with this palette if you’re as heavy handed as I am. The softer, floppier bristles will go a long way at applying the colors sheerer than a normal, dense blush or highlighter brush.

The shades you’ll get are Glow Cream Base in Peach, Cream Blush in Fuchsia (deep cherry red with a subtle bronze shine), Glow Extreme in Light Rose (nude champagne), and Duo Glow in Vibrant. All four shades can me used together in one look. I thought this would be impossible but Natasha’s video really helped me understand how to best layer the shades and it actually worked. I was fearful that I’d overdue things using all the shades but it’s actually really to combo them all into a single look! Although, I will admit my favorite combo is pairing up the cream blush in fuchsia along with the gorgeous Duo Glow in Vibrant.

Speaking of which that’s actually my favorite powder in this palette. The Duo Glow in Vibrant is a stunning, glowing golden peach that rivals all the things you know about NARS Orgasm. It’s so perfect, so beautiful and it applies so smoothly. It actually works as a blush on my complexion but adding the cream blush under it really boosts the color to the max. It’s super luminous and glowy! It’s pretty my ideal golden peachy coral! LOVE this shade and the look it creates.

I typically struggle a bit with highlighter as it appears dry on my skin and adheres to drier areas making it less than smooth looking. I had no issues with the formula on this powders. They applied and blends very easily with me. They perform very well and wear together beautifully not to mention they are very easy to mix together. For those concerned about creams and powders appearing in one palette there is a clear lid that protects the powders from the creams. They also wear quite long without fading. The color stays very vibrant and the luminosity doesn’t fade quickly. Once applied I got a nice seven to eight hour wear without the color or glow fading or losing intensity.

One thing that might be cause for concern is the fact the colors include don’t create a ton of different looks. I felt like I was creating one overall look using the shades and didn’t feel like there was any variety between looks aside from a lighter or heavier glow. The colors are too similiar to create a few different looks in my experience using the palette. I don’t mind so much since the golden peach look it does create is perfect however, it might be disappointing to those who want a lot of bang for their $55. For my looks in this post I went a little heavier and a little lighter with the glow factor but as you can see the looks overall, look the same. Perhaps you can wear the cream blush alone which result in another completely different look. However, it’s a little too red for me to do so! But this an option for a darker skin tone which would result in at least two complete looks using the four shades.

Heavier Application

Lighter Application

All in all, the Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette just gave me a whole lot of joy! It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about makeup. This is a fun palette to use and I’m going to happily inject it into my Spring and Summer looks! I can see it easily becoming a staple for me. If you haven’t yet I urge you to take the plunge on it!

Muse Approved.

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Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette is a new Spring 2019 that includes four different one cream blush, one cream highlighter, and two powder highlighters. The colors can be mixed and matched easily to create a gorgeous luminous glow on cheeks. I had no problems with the application or blending of these creams and powders. All applied flawlessly and wore for several hours without fading or losing glow. I fell in love with the golden coral look they created however, it did feel I was limited to that one look as the shades when combined don’t offer a lot of variety to create other looks as they do run together. I didn’t mind so much since this is the look I hoped to achieve anyway!


  • Gorgeous formula that applies well and wears long.
  • Perfect pick up for lovers of shades of blush like NARS Orgasm.
  • A gorgeous glow that can be applied boldly or sheerer for a more natural look.


  • Many shades are similar which results in a lack of variety when creating looks!


If you like peach or coral blushes I think you’ll adore the Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette!

I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Christina

    So pretty. I’m still resisting to make budget for all the spring international releases, really. Haha!

    • Isabella Muse

      Ha I hear ya! I have a list a mile long but honestly, don’t miss this! It’s stunning! Plus if you plan on any 3CE purchases from the blossom launch this would go great with it!

  • courtney

    ohh those coral shades are just so beautiful! wow! i must take a better look at this pallette next time im in Sephora. i dont know what it is about ND that i dont really care for. the higher price points of their eyeshadows maybe turned me away from them when she first released her products?? and i never got on with her brand really after that. i did get one of her 5-pan minis about 6 months ago tho and i quite like it. you are making me want to revisit the world of ND again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the review!

    • Isabella Muse

      the price point can be off putting but this isn’t TOO bad compared to a $100 eyeshadow palette haha ๐Ÿ˜€ My pleasure! hope you like this!

  • Jen

    I bought this on a whim and I am absolutely in love. I haven’t splurged on any other ND products because of her steep price point, but this was too beautiful to pass. My favorite thing is that the formulas are gentle enough that I can get a glowing full face with just one palette.

    • Isabella Muse

      AGREED! I wasn’t sure on this at first but man, I love it! I also purchased her new shadow palette! No regrets!

  • Ray

    What lip are you wearing here. Light medium skin tone …. and i feel like that’s a perfect mlbb shade. Is it a gloss? Btw this palette really suits you.