December 12, 2019

Do Buy The MAC Sprinkle Of Shine Set Because I Love It

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4 stars out of 5

I picked up the MAC Sprinkle Of Shine Set ($49.50) which includes the new, limited edition Starquake Extra Dimension Skinfinish for myself from Macy’s for Holiday 2019. This is actually a Macy’s exclusive set and it’s available in two shades but I grabbed the one with Starquake because until my experience with the MAC Star-Dipped Face Compact I really feel like this shade can pass for a dupe of sorts of MAC Sweet Vision Magic Dust Powder.

After getting the set I quickly realized I needed a back up and since Macy’s was having 15% off beauty at the time I did end up grabbing another set because Starquake Extra Dimension Skinfinish is my everything at the moment!

MAC Sprinkle Of Shine Set includes a full-size Dazzleglass Lipgloss in Unleash the Stars, a full-size Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Starquake, a 143SES Medium Face Fan Brush, and a glitter pouch to hold all the items in. The set retails for $49.50 which is a value considering Extra Dimension Skinfinish retails for $36 and Dazzleglass Lipgloss is $17.50 which makes for a total of $53 right there without factoring in the brush and the makeup bag you get with this set. Both shades in the set are new and the set is limited edition but I do hope MAC plans to bring the back Starquake as either permanent a color or perhaps in a relaunch sometime in the future because it really is stunning and the best part of the collection.

Since it was the best part of the collection I thought that would where I would start the my review! Ok, so I fell in love with Sweet Vision Magic Dust Powder back in 2016 and I’ve been trying to duplicate that shade every since as you know. This isn’t an exact dupe of that shade but it comes close and it stands all itself as a gorgeous shade. It’s a bit more pink compared to Sweet Vision but the gold still gives it a noticeable golden pinky peach look! The formulas are a good deal different as well since Sweet Vision was a bit more pigmented and had a more powdery feel where as Starquake has a thinner, firmer texture with a little less pigment and a bit more highlighter aspect versus a blush one. Although dense I was still able to pick color up easily and apply it. The color is stunning and does indeed work as a blush for me but prove a bit difficult to do so on a darker skin tone but still will work lovely as a highlighter for such a tone. This applies and blends easily without adhering to drier areas and looks smooth and flawless. It wears very well with an outstanding 9+ hour wear without fading! The luminosity just wears and wears and wears for me and looks as fresh at hour six as it did during the first application. I just adore the shade so much and think it gives my cheeks a lovely glow.

I wasn’t as big a fan of the Dazzleglass shade as I was the Skinfinish. I think it would have been so cool if they did a matching Dazzleglass that looked like Starquake. Sadly, we get a lighter, sheerer shade called Unleash the Stars. This feels more like a topper shade as it has a good deal of sparkle gold and peach bits but doesn’t actually give lips any color. It’s a tackier, stickier texture but wears well for four to five hours. It does however, wear away poorly and leaves behind a sort of sparkly ring around the lips look which isn’t terribly flattering.

The brush in this set is outstanding but not terribly fitting for use with the Skinfinish. It’s a fuller, denser fan brush of sorts that picks up color quite well but just doesn’t seem quite right for application of the Skinfinish. A fiber brush of some sort would probably be a better fit. The makeup pouch is a lovely extra with a solid black background and rose gold accents as well as a star zipper pull. It’s quite nicely sized and should fit a day’s worth of essentials.

All in all, the star in the MAC Sprinkle Of Shine Set is the Extra Dimension Skinfinish and I’ll go ahead and dare to say picking up the set just for it is well worth it. But hey, you get plenty of nice extras here for that $49 price and if you don’t like them you can always gift them and keep the Skinfinish for yourself.

If you loved Sweet Vision don’t miss out on Starquake!

MAC Sprinkle Of Shine Set is available now exclusively at Macy’s.

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MAC Sprinkle Of Shine Set is a new, limited edition Holiday 2019 Gift Set that includes a full-size Dazzleglass, full-size Extra Dimension Skinfinish, 143SES Brush, and makeup bag. If you were to purchase the Skinfinish and Dazzleglass alone it would set you back $53 for both making this set at $49.50 a nice little deal due to the other extras included. The set’s star is the Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Starquake which has a firm texture and applies beautifully giving cheeks a pretty golden pink luminosity. The Dazzleglass I wasn’t a big fan of it due to the fact it applied sheer and had more of a sparkly finish versus any color. The brush in the set is very well made with very full bristles that didn’t shed nor split but wasn’t the best pick for use with the highlighter in this set. I really felt like the Skinfinish was outstanding and really a major reason in one’s choice on whether to purchase this set or not!


  • Great value set.
  • Gorgeous highlighter that really makes this set worth a purchase.
  • Great formula on all the products.


  • Dazzleglass Lipgloss a little weak in pigment and has more sparkle than color.


MAC Sprinkle Of Shine Set is a wonderful set if you loved Sweet Vision! The set really recaptures that gorgeous shade!