February 19, 2020

Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palette is one of two limited edition palettes that released with the Etude House Hershey’s Spring 2020 Collection. Last year you might recall Etude House teamed up with KitKat, another Hershey’s brand, to create two very cute palettes just in time for Valentine’s Day and this year we got two Hershey’s Chocolate Palettes. I bet next year we get a Reese’s collaboration but what I’m really yearning for, if we’re doing all Hershey’s brands, is a Twizzlers palette with a bunch of awesome reds!

I immediately purchased two of the eyeshadow palette sets available when this collection launched in Korea but work has kept me busy so I’m just now getting a second to review these. The collection is small and consists of two eyeshadow palettes, two brushes, and two shades of Powder Rouge Tint. Etude House released the palettes in a variety of different gift sets that included some fun extra’s like a Hershey’s Travel Mug. One thing missing from this year’s sets though is chocolate! Last year, the KitKat gift sets each came with a KitKat bar. Sadly, you won’t be getting a chocolate bar with your purchase this year. The sets I purchased came with a brush and the palette. I didn’t feel like I needed any of the special edition sets that included other goodies like the Travel Coffee Mug, etc…! One thing also missing was a makeup bag which came with the KitKat sets. This year, the palettes come in a rip open bag that isn’t reusable. I sort of miss the makeup bag, hate the excess packaging, but also, sort of feel like I don’t need another makeup bag so, doing away with it isn’t that big a deal for me. Another thing that changed this year is the quality of the eyeshadows. I think the shadows are softer this year and blend a bit nicer.

Let’s take a closer look at the Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes Palette.

Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palette comes in a cute cream compact that resembles a Hershey’s bar. This is a standard Color Eyes size that Etude House tends to release with many seasonal and limited edition releases. It’s quite small, about the size of business card, and holds six shades which are 0.02 oz each. It sort of gives me Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette vibes for some reason even though the palettes are completely different.

THIS IS SUCH A ME PALETTE! I love shades like this. It’s a soft assortment of tan and medium brown shades that aren’t too dark or deep but fall right into a nice, safe neutral zone. Some of them have an almost peachy undertone! I reviewed MAC Paint By Umber Eyeshadow yesterday and you might note that these shades have the same neutral vibe. The shade Zero Calorie Choco def feels like something that would fit well into the MAC Loud and Clear Collection! I always like these light brown shades with peachy undertones! They work well for me in a neutral look. When I first opened it I was worried as I was all, “Oh no not another copper-y eyeshadow palette!” It was giving Too Faced vibes as they tend to go with shades like this. But in reality, the colors aren’t as harsh on my eyes compared to some copper palettes and shades I own.

Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes Swatches (Lucky Cookie, Cookie & Cream, Zero Calorie Choco)

Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes Swatches (Hush, Hershey’s, Chocolate without Cookies, My Favorite Chocolate)

You get four matte shades in this palette and two shimmer toppers. One of the toppers, Cookie & Cream, definitely gives the palette that Hershey’s White Chocolate vibe but the sparkly white shade seems misplaced with the other nude shades. But weirdly enough it works! The color is so sheer that it adds a touch of pretty sparkle to the top of the other shades. Hush, Hershey’s is the other topper shade and is equally sheer but adds a nice pop of sparkle to my lid. These apply best using fingers and had a smooth almost creamy texture without fall out.

The matte shades were soft and silky but not powdery. According to Etude House they are “melty” like chocolate but not really an accurate description. They are basically soft, silky shades that apply and blend quite well with a nice seamless finish on my eyes. The pigment isn’t heavy on the shades but they build nicely for a pretty natural look. If you’re wanting a bold, pigmented look this isn’t the palette for you. But if you want soft and natural this is a perfect pick up. I think the formula is a shade better than what I seen in the KitKat Eyeshadow Palettes. I could see myself wanting a backup of this tiny palette as it has some shades I’d likely hit pan on.

My palette came with a pointed eyeshadow brush which proved very handy for work my lower lash line. It had soft bristles that didn’t shed and a nice precise tip. I think it’ll come in very handy!

All in all, if you’re a fond fan of a natural look the Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes is worth a pick up. I honestly loved this one.

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Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes is one of two new limited edition chocolate inspired palettes that launched with Etude House’s Spring 2020 Collection. This contains six shades four of which are matte and two are sparkle toppers. All six shades are fairly sheer but the mattes build very nicely to create a nice, cooler neutral look. This isn’t a bold, super pigmented palette but it contains some really nice essential shades for a pretty natural look!


  • Fantastic for selection of shades for natural looks.
  • Easy to blend and apply.
  • Compact, travel-friendly, easy to store.


  • Sheerer pigment.


Etude House Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Play Color Eyes is a win for those who like natural looks!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Gina

    The only thing I want from this collection is one eyeshadow palette (I’m still debating wich one, if the original or cookies and cream) and that same brush <3
    It just looks so cute!! c:
    By the way my dear Muse!!
    Do you plan to buy the Colourpop x Sailor Moon Collection??

    • Isabella Muse

      I’d say go with this one ;-D It’s such a nice Spring natural palette ;-D OMG I’m so torn! I’m a Sailor Moon fan but I’m worried that those are glitter shades! I hate those damn glitter shades! Also, not sure I’d use the colors all that much GRRR! Decisions! how about you?

      • Gina

        Then Cookies and Cream will be!!! Thank you!! πŸ˜€

        The shades from the palette I think are shimmers, but the ones from the 2 pots are glitter (such pretty glitters because they have moons and stars!!! but they are no safe for the eyes… AAAHHHH!!!!!) And just like you I like the colors of the palette, but I know I’m not going to use all of them :/ I think they’re more for when you go to a party or something like that, too bright for me XD maaaaybe I could get one blush, the coral one.

        • Isabella Muse

          ;-D! It’s def my favorite of the two!!!!!!!!!! Ugh! I’m so torn! The glitters kill me but I’m all about shimmer! But not sure on the colors! I’m just not into all that bright pink πŸ™ I def want at the least the coral blush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be honest and admit I want it all just because sailor moon but I really don’t LOVE the colors!

          • Gina

            I understand you!!
            The coral blush it’s just too pretty!!
            So maybe I will only get that one ;D

      • Christina

        I’m torn because I don’t like the colours and I don’t like glitter. But it’s cute and nostalgic, so I dunno. I’ll probably just get a blush because I love Luna!

        • Isabella Muse

          Same here. I don’t really love the colors and the glitter is a big no! But the blushes are appealing!

          • Jen

            There is a pressed glitter in the eyeshadow palette. The thing that really gets me is this collection seems…lazy, and as a diehard Sailor Moon child, I’m a little peeved. The lenticular packaging itself is just images from the first five minutes of the pilot episode–not one of them included her in her senshi uniform or the transformation or any of her gear (Crescent Wand!? Come on!!). They could have done so much more. It’s not a Sailor Moon collection, it’s a Tsukino Usagi collection.

          • Isabella Muse

            I can’t take those damn pressed glitters! they drove me up a wall. You are tooo tooo right! It really is a Usagi collection! I have a lot of the Creer Beaute Sailor Moon stuff so I feel like I’m good in the world of Sailor Moon makeup! I may just get that coral blush though!

  • Christina

    LOL! I don’t like chocolate, but these make me want to bite into them because they really do look like little chocolate squares.

  • Rstar

    This is a cute concept, not my thing because of the swatches, but you are so adorable! You make this palette look like a sweet deal!

  • Violet

    Oooo… yum! These colors are great for my hazel green eyes, good for mature eyes and appealing to my sweet tooth sensibility. I’ll be heading for eBay, got a 10% off purchase offer.

  • Jaimie

    Soooooo cute! Just wish it smelled like Hersey’s Cookies & Cream! πŸ˜‰ Then I’d be all in! Kinda surprised they never choose to go that route with these candy type releases.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh that would be nice. Etude House has done candy collections in the past πŸ™‚ this isn’t the first time.

  • Courtney

    I have to say that those colors were not what I expected with the name Cookies n Cream! I expected taupes or cooler tones.