June 11, 2020

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette I Don’t Think I Need You In My Life

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Urban Decay Naked Ultra Violet Eyeshadow Palette got an oddly early launch over on Cult Beauty today. It officially arrives on US shores starting June 17th. We all knew colorful Naked Palettes were coming. Naked Honey and Naked Cherry were just the tip of the iceberg here! With the original Naked Eyeshadow Palette gone but never forgotten it’s logical enough that Urban Decay is going to ride this train to the very ends of the universe. Not to mention people were legit upset that Urban Decay had gone so tame in recent years so, palettes like Cherry, Honey, and Ultraviolet are all Urban Decay’s original gangster MO.

Do we need the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette? I actually don’t. GASP! Shock! I know right?

If my mother wore makeup I’d probably tell you I’ve turned into my mother because she seems like she’s be a bare minimal type of girl. That’s me. I’m all about nude lately. I just like a really nude, natural look. Not to mention since this pandemic started I go even lighter with my makeup because face mask+Summer+makeup=hot mess.

Long gone are the days where I’m squealing over a purple eyeshadow palette. Did I ever? I don’t think I did. Purple wasn’t always a shade I had fits over. I know some people LOVE it but I’m not really all that into it. Can I make a suggestion for a moment? This big brown eyed girl would like a Naked Green Palette. Anyone have a suggestion for a name? Olive greens, hunter greens, all the greens to flatter my brown eyes please! K, thanks. You might see that come Fall 2020.

I know Urban Decay will send me a press sample of Naked Ultra Violet and I’m looking forward to digging into it but I’m not sure how impressed I’ll be with it. I find the assortment of peachy neutrals combined with lilacs and purples a little mismatched. Ok, ok, I know. You can’t have a completely purple palette there needs to be some transition otherwise you’ll have the issues we had with the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette where we had to bring in other shades to blend things out well. But the color story here just doesn’t quite jive well in my opinion. I’d likely struggle with it a bit. I mean they threw a mint shade in here. But why though? That’s actually Lucid one of the shades that has a holographic shimmer finish. It has a holographic green pearl shift that can be worn alone or over purple to give it an ultraviolet light effect.

The palette contains 12 total shades in matte, metallic, and holographic shimmer finishes. The holographic shimmers work like a duochrome in their ability to shift. I’m actually in the minority as I really don’t like shifting shades. Sorry!?!


  • Trippin’
  • Mind Slip
  • Dazed
  • Hacked
  • VR
  • Lucid
  • Optimized
  • Warning
  • Cyber Punk
  • Euphoric
  • Purple Dust
  • Digital

Die hard Urban Decay fans can grab the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette today at Cult Beauty (they ship worldwide).

Let me know if you plan on grabbing it.

Would love to hear your opinion on it.

Where to buy

Ulta Sephora


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Eraser

    That is an odd combination of colors. Pinks would be so much better with purple. The purple half does remind me of the 80s… I’m also a brown eyed brunette and I was totally into purple back then.

    As for UD getting back to its roots, I guess I’m just lucky that they brought back Gash lipstick. Wish they’d do the nail polish again too.

    • Isabella Muse

      I thought so too. I guess they want to have some good transitional shades in the mix but in reality you end up with a lot less purple because they threw in a lot of rando shades. I’m so not a nail girl but I’d re-buy Gash Nail Polish if they brought it back!

  • Shayne A

    The green palette of which you speak… Naked Kush or Naked Lime. Just throwing it out there…

    • Isabella Muse

      no no no no kush! no cbd lol! no! The trend is overs for me lol! ;-D Naked Lime, I like it ;D

      • Nina

        Lime would be good for a palette of really bright/neon greens, not so much for more autumnal olives/hunter greens, though.
        Naked Evergreen? Naked Emerald?

  • Lauren

    I’m excited for it. I’ve been wishing they’d do a purple palette for a while now. I wish the purples were a little darker, but I can darken them. I’m okay with the peachy colors, though I would have preferred some browns instead. Likely, I’ll use another palette with this.

    I’m here for a green Naked palette, too! Naked Hunter or Naked Forest maybe? Not camo, though, blech. Some greens and some browns would be nice.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sort of on the fence. Purple is great for brown eyes but I dunno! I feel like I won’t use it all that much. I was think Naked Forest too but I think the above comment about kush is accurate, it’s totally UD to create something green and use a weed reference to promote it ;D

      • Lauren

        It’s like them, but I hope they don’t. As pro-legalization as I am, weed themed products just are not my style. I’d like them to keep it a little more low-key.

        Purple goes great with green eyes, so I can see using it a lot. Just need to bring in some browns, but that’s okay.

        • Isabella Muse

          likewise. I’m just so over CBD BS. Pleaze. But it is their resume so wouldn’t surprise me at all! You can always bring in the original naked to play with it!

      • Shayne A

        I’m over the whole weed/CBD “trend” too. I just figured Kush was on-brand with UD. But can you imagine the fresh greens & yellows a whole Naked Lime palette connotates? *sigh* I do not have enough green e/s.

        • Isabella Muse

          You’re spot on with a CBD/kush reference. It’s totally their deal! I have a lot but could always use more ;D

  • Carol

    I agree: when I saw this I immediately said I don’t need this one! It is a mis-matched mess. I don’t know why they didn’t release this as a different type of palette instead of putting it in the “Naked” family.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think it’s there new “Naked” Collection. People loved the Naked Palettes but they also got ripped for them too as everyone things UD should be bold and colorful! So, they heard what users were saying and here we are endless “naked” color palettes! LOL!

      • Lauren

        There ought to be a way to do it without being so dramatic with the colors, though. I’m imagining half real neutrals a la the OG Naked palette with some colors. The Naked Cherry and Naked Honey palettes were just too much of those particular theme colors for me, and I can’t, personally, pull off those full on themed looks on a daily basis. I could, though, use a couple of the colors as accents to a regular neutral eye on daily basis

  • Nadia

    A Terrarium themed palette!
    The colours could be named cactus, succulent, stone, moss. Etc etc.

    Or Camo palette.

    • Isabella Muse

      YES PLEASE! Go get your butt on their creative team right now!

    • Shelly

      How about greens/olives/browns and call it Naked Earth?? I myself have been bitching for them to do purples but this isn’t quite what I pictured

  • kjh

    Just saying no to naked purple. It does look oddly combined. I need e/s like I need a cement bathing suit. Unless your brain is wiped out by your business, your blog, and the Covid Boogeyman, you’d better get Sydney Grace Mountain Trail bundle, if SG has xmas in July. You could curate another niner with mostly green and supportive shades, both matte and shimmer. And who would not love an Enduring Love palette, that comes in a light and a deep version? (Speaking of inclusiveness, as we all are.). Check out Christine’s swatches to narrow the suckers down. SG has a bazillion greens, and they’re very reliable. But SG is the Lay’s potato chips of makeup. Betcha can’t choose just one.

  • Dee

    I actually love a peach/purple or plum combo! But this is an easy pass for me. If it were plummy/egg plant rather than purple I’d snap it up. Still looking forward to your review!

  • Shannon

    I want it but I am going to wait on reviews before purchasing.

  • OliveUnicorn

    I do kind of want to try this . I love purples and I used to love Urban Decay’s original purple shadows , but haven’t been too excited with the newer realeases or the quality recently. But I may have to try this one out . I have a few other shades in my collection that would probably compliment it as well . Can’t wait to see your PR swatches .

  • Fey

    This is kind of funny: I’ve been wanting a purple palette with medium cooler purples and I couldn’t find one I liked. I gave up and got two purple shadow singles from UD because hey that’s what they’re famous for. The day after, this palette got announced and I was like -_-
    So… I guess it’s a pass for me. I also wish the other colors were pinky neutrals or even a chartreuse and gold shades. Guess they still have cherry honey and naked 3 so we got peachy neutrals with this one.
    Really pretty packaging though! And I hope it does well so that UD goes back to colors.

  • Lisa Marie

    I’m with you, I saw this and felt no temptation at all. I love my Naked Heat palette but everything since then has just not interested me that much!

  • Jane

    Not interested – it wastes all those warm colors over on the left side of the palette and the purples aren’t that pretty anyway.

    I am one of those people who loves purple (come age 79 or thereabouts, you know I’ll be one of those head to toe purple people), but I don’t do purple, blue or green on my eyes as I have funny colored eyes – hazel brown in the center and one of those grey-blue-green colors on the outer part. So many colors just make my eyes look muddy.

    I still want more lavender eyeshadows, though!

  • Stephanie G

    I should like this – I generally love purple, shimmers, and duochromes – but it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s a strange combination of colors, and none of them are really unique. UD can do better. :/

  • Shelly

    How about greens/olives/browns and call it Naked Earth?? I myself have been bitching for them to do purples but this isn’t quite what I pictured

  • Carly

    I totally want a Naked Green palette. I would call it the Naked Nature and have all earthy tones and trees and that kind of fun stuff!

  • Andie

    I saw this swatched on Youtube and if I look at it like two smaller palettes, nudes and purples, and don’t really think much about the green, I really like the colors. I do wish the green was more if a citron/acid green and then I think I could make it work better with either color combo, but that’s the only thing I’d change. So, I might get it if it goes on sale.

    Here’s the short video I watched. I think splitting up the swatches makes it easier to like the colors as a combo of two different palettes.

  • Nancy Cornejo

    I think I will be picking this one up 🙂 I skipped all their palettes after the G.O.T one. I love purples on my deep brown eyes too <3 Plus most of my UD purples are getting too old to use. So yay I'm excited for this one!

  • Nina

    I know it’s hip to dump on the UD Naked palettes, but I’m still stoked for this one. The shades are giving me serious flashbacks to early ’00s-era Urban Decay shadows I wore back in high school (if only they’d make nail polishes permanent parts of the brand again!). I’m a little sad that UD didn’t release companion products alongside the palette such as lipsticks and liners, like they did with the Heat, Cherry, and Honey palettes. I assume that this is due to the pandemic and the fact that companies in general have really been scaling back their releases.

  • Michelle Luna

    I want a Naked Hunter palette… 😉

    I also don’t like shifting shades. I would expect a palette called Ultraviolet to have way more popping purples… ugh. I actually don’t use transitions and all that stuff, when I do eye makeup I use one color shadow, MAAAAYBE a pearly white on the inner 3rd of my lid, but that’s it. So all those weird peach colors just gross me out and are useless. If I had made this I would have done half purple, and the other half a mix of pinks and blues that match the neon you think of when you hear the word “ultraviolet”, and they’d all be shimmer. Ugh mattes. UGH I say.

    Skipping this. UD was my #1 brand back in the early 00s but no more.

    I think I’ve collected all the makeup I could ever want. Nothing new for me now.

  • Kat M.

    Call that green one “Naked Jungle”! I am a purple fiend, but I checked this palette out early, and decided that I have multiple dupes and just don’t need it.

  • Elizabeth Grayton

    I ordered it because I have them all and couldn’t swerve past this one either!

    My favourites are the original Naked palette, Naked 3 and Naked Smokey.

    I didn’t enjoy Naked Cherry at all and I hope Ultraviolet is more wearable for me – which it should be as I have green blue eyes.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hope you love it! Let us know what you think when you’ve tried it 😀

      • Elizabeth

        I will certainly do that when I get hold of it! Ordered it from Cult Beauty and two weeks after ordering it, it still hasn’t arrived!

  • NamesAreFakeAnyway

    Personally, I’m grabbing it for the purple colors which enhance my eye color really well. I understand that not a lot of people find this palette to be within the branding of “naked” but I love how it brings out my natural color so I think that counts

  • Susan

    I already have heat and honey. Heat was much too dark for my skin tone which is a real shame because I love the colors but honey works very well for a natural look. I’m still not sure what my skin tone is so I’m buying all of the palettes I can so I can experiment and see what works. So far I purchased reloaded, naked 3, ultraviolet, and cherry and I can’t wait to see how they all look. Currently, I am not allowed to wear vibrant colors at work but I am planning to move soon and so I’ll be getting a new job so if the palette works then I’ll be wearing it all the time! I’m also planning to scour the internet in search of naked 2, naked, and smoky (the last two of which I know are discontinued but I am still hopeful!). Wish me luck on this eyeshadow journey!

  • Kimberly Thibodeaux

    I completely with you, Isabella!

    This one doesn’t wow me, and supposedly purple is supposed to great with green eyes like mine…

    HOWEVER, like you, I would LOVE a green palette, too!

    • Isabella Muse

      purple sometimes works for my brown eyes but this just didn’t wow me sadly. ;-D I’d totally dig that! UD if you’re listening we want green!

  • MarinaD

    I’d love to see UD come up with a green palette that’ll include a mix of warm (think olives) and cool tones (like jade) with a sprinkle of brown/nude shades to tie the look together. It’s amazing how green can be that neutral colorful look for my hazel eyes. I know it’s within the UD aesthetic, but if they give it a Kush/CBD name, it’ll be a hard pass for me. Naked Olive, Naked Earth (my favorite), Naked Jade would be great names .