February 4, 2015

Do You Buy Backup Makeup?

limited edition makeup

You know the evil allure of limited edition makeup and beauty that makes you want to buy a backup or two or three? I know that feeling well. You put limited edition on anything be it makeup (or something else entirely) and suddenly my evil hoarding ways come out to play!

Unfortunately in recent years I think “limited edition” has become somewhat used and abused. It’s very casually tossed around in the makeup and beauty world and most products labeled with it aren’t truly limited edition as they are either around for ages or they get repromoted somehow.

If you like something, like say a lipstick shade that does launch with some limited edition MAC Collection I think you’ll be compelled to what to grab a backup. Because really if that gorgeous lipstick makes you feel and look amazing who wouldn’t want a back up?

Do you buy backup makeup?

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February 4, 2015

What is Micellar Water?

what is micellar water

What is Micellar Water? What is a cleansing water? Curious about cleansing and micellar waters? A lot of folks are. A while ago I wrote an article entitled “Cleansing Waters: Are They Necessary to Your Makeup Removal?” and much of what I said in it still stands true. I’m not really a huge fan of micellar waters aside from the fact of how quick, easy, and super fast it is to remove makeup when I’m being lazy!

In 2012, NARS Makeup Removing Water launched and soon after MAC released their own variation. At the time it looked like we were headed into a trend and might just see more micellar waters releasing from a variety of brands…! But the trend kinda died out slightly but with the recent introduction of Simple Micellar Water you might see more and more cleansing waters hitting the market.

So what’s is a micellar water anyway?

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