Makeup Mortal Sins

makeup mortal sins

Last night I committed one of thee biggest makeup mortal sins. I fell asleep with my makeup on.

I got home fairly early last night even though my work life is chaotic this month. I had intentions of meeting a friend on Skype at 9:30. The night before I already noticed my throat was getting scratchy and suddenly getting home to my warm bedroom was very appealing. I sat on my bed with the intention to unlace by chucks but what started out innocently ended up with me just laying back and reclining on the bed in utter exhaustion. The sore throat had already developed into minor sniffles so that combined with my warm bedroom and suddenly I was feeling rather drowsy. To keep myself awake I flicked on the latest episode of Walking Dead.

Let me tell you…

Combine a little cold medicine, the break down of the Ricktatorship, the introduction of the Alexandria Safe Zone, and a warm bed and suddenly you’re in la la land before you know it. Likely the real mortal sin here is falling asleep while watching Walking Dead and NOT so much sleeping in my makeup!


Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara for Spring 2015

Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara

Want that winged out lash look? The new Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara ($8) gets you the look with a black than black formula that has a precise tapered brush with hundred of fine filigreen bristles that capture lashes and draw them up and out. The fiber formulation adds a fluttery, multidimensional look to lashes so lashes on the outer of corners of eyes are lifted upward.

I’m still trying to capture the baby doll girl lash look unsuccessfully. I thought for sure Miss Manga would do the trick but no such luck getting that wide eyed baby doll look! My eyes dominate my face so I’m always looking for ways to accent them but I also don’t want to much attention to them as I’ll start looking like a manga character or worst still have that deer in the headlights look!


So count me curious perhaps Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara will add just the right about flare to my lashes without overdoing that baby doll lash look!

What do you think?

Worth a try!

Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara is available now at

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Things to Love: Softlips Cube 5 in 1 Lip Care Set

Softlips Cube 5 in 1 Lip Care Set

How cute is this Softlips Cube 5 in 1 Lip Care Set that includes four different flavors of the new SoftLips Cube Lip Balm?

This set includes four flavors:

  • Pomegranate Blueberry
  • Fresh Mint
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry

Break the set up and gift some of the cubes or be greedy and keep them all for yourself!

Get it now at


Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Luxury Lipstick On a Beauty Mortgage

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick

If you’ve been wanting to try out Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Luxury Lipstick but haven’t been ready to swallow the $50 price tag you can grab it now on a beauty mortgage at It’s available in three monthly payments of $16.66 each.

I always feel less guilty paying off $50 lipstick in three low monthly payments….

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick You Kid

Except when I’m buying Tom Ford Lipstick, in that case, I’m all, TAKE MY MONEY NOW!

I know some of you feel Lipstick Queen has gotten a little too big for their britches but I still love their formulas! Just wish Silver Screen was set at around $35! I mean I’m more than willing to pay $53 for Guerlain because they do place a good deal of attention on packaging as well as formula. Lipstick Queen is incredible too though with an excellent formula but yeah, that $50 bucks, it’s hard to swallow!


Do share!


Lancome Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Stick for Spring 2015

Lancome Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Stick

Contouring sticks seem the latest craze! Smashbox has a new trio of contouring pencils for Spring 2015 and now Lancome Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Stick ($36) has launched. I mean, contouring should be easy when you’re doing it with only two shades and a pencil right?

So, like, clumsy folks like me can actually learn to contour right do you think?

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