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Drugstores Makeup at Premium Prices Are You Paying Too Much?

Drugstore Makeup

When I started Musings of a Muse several years ago I really wasn’t a fan of drugstore makeup. Actually I was a snob about it! I just was never really happy with the quality of products and felt like my money was best left to higher end and mid-range brands.

In some ways, I still feel like a high end fan girl but drugstore makeup has evolved so very much in recent years. I think the packaging still has a way to go if I’m honest but the quality, pigmentation, and just the overall selection is quite good compared to several years ago!

The fun thing about going to drugstore is you can AFFORD to grab six different lipsticks without feeling guilty. Try that at a Guerlain counter! We love the steals, deals, and beauty on a budget atmosphere at our drugstores but…are things getting a little too high?

Sometimes you have question drugstores makeup at premium prices. If I’m going to go to CVS and spending $9.99 to $11.99 on mascara well, I might as well just go to MAC for that or even Sephora right?

Are you paying too much for your drugstore makeup?


Do You Make Funny Faces When Applying Your Makeup?

makeup funny face

Someone should do a case study on the weird, strange, funny, funky faces we make while applying makeup.

Do you make funny faces when applying your makeup?

I call liar if you say you don’t!


Guilty Beauty Pleasure: Do You Tivo Beauty?

tivo beauty

So Bare Minerals had its massive QVC Spring debut show that include a ton of products including the new Ready 8.0 Affair to Remember Palette. Lucky enough this went on sale earlier last week so I snagged it off for $36 and some shipping!

I really thought this one would sale out super fast so imagine my surprise that it still is available just at a higher price tag of $40. None the less since I adored the Power Neutrals Palette I really felt an absolute NEED to grab up Affair to Remember.

I didn’t get a chance to see any of the Bare Minerals showings unfortunately which brings me to one of my guiltiest pleasures…


Musings of the Day: Do You Actually Remove Your Makeup with Your Clarisonic?

Clarisonic Aria

I love my Clarisonic as much as the next person. It’s one of the few products I haven’t had a beauty honeymoon with, you know that period where you chronically use a product but after a while shove it to the side and forget about it? I’m quite diligent and religious about using it daily and if I don’t? Well, my skin definitely lets me know.

At one time I was using in both in the AM and the PM but now I just use it in the shower in the AM.


Do you actually use your Clarisonic to remove makeup?


The Best of Musings of the Day

It’s been a while since we did a Musings of the Day but they evoke such great conversation and we’ve had some insane topics that have popped up and even some funny ones.

Here are some of the more popular ones! Feel free to rejoin into the conversation and give no life to an old post thread.

Feel free to join in this old posts! It’s always great to hear what others are thinking and watch you interact with not only me but OTHER readers.

Hope you’re having a fab day!

Mine got a little crazy today!

P.S. Why did Collin go from sophisticated artsy boy wonder to pot head? Ugh so disappointing! Team Done with Awkward!