Musings of the Day: Why MAC?

MAC Cosmetics Makeup 1

Good morning starshine!

Whatcha up to today everyone? We got snow. Oh joy! Snow and the commute to work is so fun. If you look you’ll find heavy sarcasm in there.

This morning someone asked me….”Why MAC?” And I thought wow what a perfect discussion topic to start the day. The simplicity and innocence of the question actually opens up a wide area for discussion. I mean asking Why MAC? is somewhat like asking about the evolution of man. For makeup junkies it comes down to a pretty simple yes or no answer but with plenty of a filler in between that yes or no you reply with.

So let’s muse it.

Why MAC?

What do you love MAC?

Why do you hate MAC?

Why do you buy MAC?

Jump for my reply!


Beauty Most Unusual: Corny Dog Lip Balm


The Muse sometimes thinks their should be a limit on beauty items. Such is the case with today’s Beauty Most Unusual item, it’s simply overboard to say the least.


MAC Spring Colour Forecast Shopping List

mac spring colour forecast

Man, oh man, oh man.

The Muse is going to be broke as smoke as soon as the entire MAC Spring Forecast hits my counter this week.

I’m already making up my mile long shopping list. This is one huge collection. Wants it all please thanks very much!

Jump ahead to see what’s making the cut on my list and start making your own as I want to know what you’re hauling!


L’Occitane Makeup L’Occitane Cosmetics Coming Soon?

The Muse sincerely hopes (and prays to the makeup Gods) that the new L’Occitane Makeup Collection makes it’s way to the US sometime soon.

LOccitane Cosmetics



Beauty News: Cake Beauty Launching at Sephora

Cake Beauty

I find it terribly interesting that indie brand Cake Beauty will be available at Sephora soon!

How cool is that?

Cake Beauty is the source of all things sweet for your face, body, hands, feet, hair, and just about all your other bits. I’ve long since considered it and chalked it up as an indie brand that was there but somewhat underestimated and never fully explored by the masses.

I do think it’s commonly known but in some aspects it’s somewhat new to many as well. It won’t be “new” for long once it reaches Sephora shelves it’ll be among many well known brands and will have it’s chance to shine in the spotlight.

Interesting development on the Beauty News front.

Whatcha think?

Do you know of Cake Beauty?

Are you a fan?

Never heard of the line?

Do share!