October 28, 2008

Coffret D’Or’s Fluffy Shine Eyes Review, Swatches, and Photos

If you read Musings daily you might know I’ve been in mourning for the better part of a year over my dearly departed T’estimo.

Oh woe is me!

T’estimo was cut from Kanebo’s line up last year and replaced with a new brand entitled Coffret D’Or. Now Coffret D’Or has alot going for it but the Muse’s love for T’estimo knew no bounds and she shunned Coffret D’Or for the better part of an entire year.

Recently her eye was caught and held by Coffret D’Or’s Fluffy Shine Eyes which was released as part of the Fall line up. Now these looked interesting enough to remove my veil of sadness.

Turns out I was right these are superb! I only tried out one shade but I’ll be indulging in the other four shades shortly as they are very good. Fluffy Shine Eyes are basically little pots of cream mousse eyeshadow which contain a nice healthy amount of shimmer and glittery bits and pieces that the Muse loves!

The finish is on par with Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color and Visee Aqua Shining Eyes. If you like shimmery shadows I highly recommend trying one or two shades out, you won’t be disappointed. The texture is a tiny bit gritty but blending is still easy as the formula is a cross between a soft mousse and a cream which creates ease of application. The shadow feels a bit spongy and if you press down on it you’ll come away with plenty of product to do one eye as a little goes a long way. My only real compliant is having to dip my fingers into the pot to use the product as this is a hands on experience and no makeup brush will help you blend and apply the shadow properly aside from your fingertips.

The color selection I choose is 03 which is very similiar to my favorite Visee Aqua Shining Eyes in GD002. The shade is a beige gold with plenty of golden shimmer. If I looked fast I’d say that the color was identical to looks I’ve creating using GD002.

I’m normally a big hater of cream shadows but since falling in love with Visee Aqua Shining Eyes I have broadened my horizons and tested the waters on cream shadows. I’m quite pleased that I indulged in Coffret D’Or Fluffy Shine Eyes as I liked the product immensely.

Although I simply loved the finish on these and the lasting power I have to remember I have quite a bit of space to work with on my eye which leads me to be unsure whether these are worth picking up if you have a tight Asian double eyelid. I think monolids can benefit from using these because you have a sincerely good area to work with however I worry that the formula is a bit gritty and will get caught between double lids and make for a rather uncomfortable experience with the shadow getting caught between the lids.

I’m heading to the theater tonight and have no time to change so I just wore my good makeup and clothes to work. I thought that the Fluffy Shine Eyes in 03 was a rather perfect shimmery eye for a night out!

To create my look I used the following:

NARS Blush in Super Orgasm

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black
MAC Technakohl in Black
Coffret D’Or Fluffy Shine Eyes in 03
Lorac Visual Effects Mascara
Sana Make Essence Concealer (Review coming soon!)

Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss
Dior High Shine Lipstick in Gispy Red

I paid retail for my pot which is probably converted to around $10-$13 USD or less and I have seen these for about the same amount on online shops such as Adam Beauty so if you’re lemming them the price raise isn’t too bad compared to Japanese drugstore retail.

The Muse approves these and highly recommends nabbing one! Her only compliant is lack of shades and the fact that she has to apply with her fingers plus she her worries about double lids.

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About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Phyrra

    I love this shimmer on you!
    I like how you applied it above and below the eye area.

  • the Muse

    thanks dd 🙂

    It was a bit of a chore getting it below my eye 😉 hehe! thanks for noticing!

  • Anonymous

    Kayvid: Muse, the sephora FF is off the tables…apparently now it will be in store only and each associate has 4 different codes to give…so I guess no FF for me…I’ve been making a list for months now, I’m so disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    Kayvid: Saw your Sephora Code post again and saw that Joseph had left an swesome code there which I used to order UD BoS and LM Lip Velvet. I went to Joseph’s blog and thanked him. Yay! I’m so excited!!!

  • Aline

    ive been on a serious cream shadow kick lately and this looks incredibly intriguing.. im dying to check out some majolica majorca shadows too, so i think i will make a small haul in the near future..

    i, for one, am kinda glad they dont have too many colors lol.. means i will end up spending less.. but at $10-$13 a pop, it looks like a great deal!

    this look is great on you muse! very lovely and fresh faced.. i especially love the lippies… stay gorgeous!


  • the Muse

    Joseph is a darling 🙂 he’s a long time reader and a complete sweetie 🙂

    did you see his pups while you were visiting 🙂

  • the Muse

    hey aline!

    how are you today?

    Me too!!!!! 😉 These are too nice especially if you absolutely dig shimmer!

    Ooo I’ll do a post with my collection of MJ shadows 🙂 are you looking at single or palettes?

    You know, you’re kinda right, less money spent with purchasing all the freaking shades lol so it’s actually kinda good only five are available 🙂

    Thanks Aline you’re such a doll!


  • Anonymous

    Kayvid: I’d like to think it’s just a rumour…MUA….some girls have exchange emails with Sephora’s CS and got this information…but I’m gonna not entirely believe it, but also not expect it…that way I should be ok 🙂

  • the Muse

    gee I hope so! You never know though with the economy the way it is they may be cutting it out completely 🙁

    I think I’ll check around though 😉

  • Aline

    awww thanks muse! thats so sweet of you =)

    i would be interested in seeing both singles and palettes… im also interested in the maquillage cream/gel liners.. have you tried any of those out? i saw a picture of the brown one (just the pot) and i fell in LOVE!..

    oO! and can i just say, because of that post of yours from a few weeks back, i havent been able to get those little jelly pong pong e/s pearls out of my head! lol i thought i had enough lemmings with brands available here in the US, but i guess i was wrong lol..

    its always a pleasure to read your responses muse.. major hugs and kisses

  • ???

    You finally tried Coffret!

    Am happy that you like them 😀

    I love their eye palettes too! 😀

    ^_^ loves loves!


  • petitez

    Hey Izzy, looking great with 03. 🙂 Although you mentioned that the Sasa concealer don’t work well, i think its enough to cover your dark eye circles! 🙂

  • the Muse

    morning aline!
    my pleasure 🙂

    The palettes are mostly up here on Musings 😉 I have quite a few reviews on them but here’s a link that mainly focuses on them:

    As for the singles I never did a full on review so I’ll def do it 🙂

    Honestly I avoid Maquillage like the plague. I’ve never really successfully found any good products from the line. I’ve tried the cream/gel liners and I’m not a fan but they have a cult following so you may love them! But warning, I find that most gel liners from Japan peels and cracks 😛 so sometimes FL is the best option 🙂

    LOL damn jelly pong pong is like crack 🙂 I simply adore all there line!

    Anything from abroad ends up tickling me silly 🙂 Especially Japanese cosmetics 🙂

    Aw thanks Aline and it’s always so great speaking to you 😉

    Love my fellow makeup addicts 🙂

    Big HUGS!

    Will try to get the MJ singles posted shortly 🙂

  • the Muse

    lol yup plue I finally dove in!

    next stop the eye palettes 😉


    Miss you around here!

    Read your blog daily in my reader 🙂

  • the Muse

    hey serene!

    Thanks honey!

    Aw thanks but sadly it’s not all do to that concealer 🙂 I have a solid layer of dior concealer on top lol!

  • Jenn

    If you like these I’d be curious to know if you are as fond of Jill Stewarts jelly eye shadow things? (I know the term jelly is in there but the rest may be different…it is late so I am probably mistaken!) I swatched some yesterday in the store while picking up some Jill Stewart cleansing oil based on a post of yours from awhile ago (who knew my train line’s stores doesn’t carry Jill Stewart?), and though it isn’t massively pigmented the sparkles, oh, the sparkles! Green butterfly, or midnight green butterfly, or something along those lines, was fantasticly shiny and looked, on the back of my hand, like a color and texture I wish I had a dress made out of. Are you familiar with the stuff? A fan?

  • Jenn

    Whaa! Wait! Before you quirk an eyebrow and point out that "um yes it's called jelly eyes and I mentioned it IN THIS VERY REVIEW!" I saw it! I'm sorry! I AM tired and just thought, oh , those things, I wonder if she tried those other things, without actually…um…reading carefully…I just skimmed. <–teh fool.


  • the Muse

    hi Jenn!

    LOL I got both your comments and I totally understand 🙂 I skim and ask 😉


    lord knows the sparkles are INTENSE on Jill Stuart and gorgeous truly gorgeous 🙂

    I truly love these things! So wonderful and creamy and shimmery..ahhh the shimmers lol!

    LOL seriously it’s perfectly alright I’m the same way with skimming 🙂

    I was thinking that these are kinda a nice cheaper replacement for the JS!

    I’m so pleased you nabbed the oil! You really have to tell me your thoughts on it 😉 I’m curious!

    Btw could you email me? I have a question for ya!


  • Citrine

    That’s a really really pretty look! (I was a bout the buy that bear concealer just for the heck of the bear…but then I came across your review…)


  • makeupmag

    Love the woe is me image! 😉

    How does this compare to JS eye jellies?

    I miss T’estimo too!

  • ???

    Darling Muse, I am so swamped with work that I hardly update these few days 🙁 Month end is a killer!

    Miss you too! 😀

    I am a little surprise that Maquillage isn’t in your favour list~ why ya? I saw their stuff and thought it’s pretty nice 🙂

    Thanks for the support darling! You really made my day!


  • MiuMiu

    Hey Muse!
    I’m still waiting on my FS eyes…sadly, i couldn’t order it from adambeauty as paypal wouldn’t accept my credit card. i was trying to use my korean address for a canadian card….go figure.. anyway.. i had to tell my friend back home in canada to order it for me and send it over to korea and i don’t know if she did or not yet. i’m on the edge of my seat waiting for that special package to arrive in the mail!
    I’m waiting for the 03 shade, i wanted to order the purple and pink one (as seen on the model fromt he website) but i thouught to myself..do i need another pink and purple e/s? so that stopped me..i look forward to seeing the sweatches of the other shades if you get em!

  • Decorative Diva

    Completely off topic Izzy, but I wanted you to see, I wrote an article for Mythbuster Beauty, and it got published. You should check it out when you have time 🙂

  • the Muse

    hi citrine!

    Thanks so much!

    LOL me too me too!

    Damn bear gets everyone lmao!

  • the Muse

    hey mags 😉

    thanks lol I was going for dramatic!

    It’s actually pretty much the same exact thing although the JS is quite agood deal more sparkle to it but this is a nice cheap alternative 😉

    Ahhh poor T’estimo!

  • the Muse

    hi plue!

    Me too don’t feel bad darling!

    Miss you more little sis!

    No no Maquillage is always SUCH a disappointment..shadows..lip glosses..ugh 🙂 It’s nice packaging but don’t like the line in general 😛

    My pleasure 😉 HUGSSSSSSSS!

  • the Muse

    hi MiuMiu!

    Aww that stinks..sorry for the drama with your order 🙁

    are you in Korea?!

    Aww I can totally relate 😉 I’m always stalking my inbox for the next great thing hehe!

    I really said the same thing about the pink and purple but since they are so good..I’m sorta tempted to get it 🙂

    I hope you’re happy with 03…it’s REALLY good stuff 🙂


  • the Muse

    hey dd

    sorry for the delayed reply!

    fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Great article 🙂

    I’m reading it now!