October 15, 2015

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette26

The Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette ($39) is a new, limited edition eyeshadow palette that contains 24 vibrant shades of eyeshadow that Sephora says are “inspired by the live action move with nods to the original cartoon”.


I have to admit the Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette and really the entire Sephora Hem and the Holograms Makeup Collection excited me. I don’t wear bright shades of eyeshadow as much as I used to but I am a huge fan of Jem. It’s a cartoon I recall watching growing up and later in life I had the pleasure of purchasing the DVDs and rewatching the entire series. Like many of you I owned the dolls, accessories, etc…and even wanted to be Jem when I grew up (I also wanted to be Cheetara but that’s a story for another day).

As with many things in life what’s old is new again. The Jem and the Holograms movie premieres on October 23rd much to the horror of fans like myself as we haven’t yet seen it but already after watching the trailer many of us are thinking how truly un-outrageous it looks. Childhood ruined. I’m not going to say every cartoon come move has been a crash and burn but I’d say 99% of them have been and sadly the new Jem film appears to be part of that downward spiral. But who knows, maybe it’ll surprise us and you can dub me an old whiny skeptic.

On that note, of course, they’ll be plenty of merchandise to go along with the film’s release but, wait…actually no there isn’t. I can’t say I’ve walked into Target, Walmart, or drugstores and have had Jem’s image splashed across mugs, t-shirts, band aids, and shower gels (wink, wink, nudge, nudge Star Wars). So really it seems like the only merchandise I’ve seen promoting the movie is, in fact, this makeup collection from Sephora.

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Palette

Sephora has a bit of a hit or miss makeup collection that’s evolved over the years. There are so many makeup and even skincare products I’ve tried and loved from Sephora. And there are so many I’ve disliked as well. It really depends. A good deal of their makeup collection is quite good and many of the collections they’ve done or collaborated with over the years such as the Hello Kitty Makeup Collection, the Disney Makeup Collection, Sephora’s collaboration with Tokidoki, and even Kat Von D’s own collection has been quite good. The Sephora Divergent Collection which included a selection of makeup inspired by the Divergent film and books was quite well done. I also think Sephora excels at creating excellent Pantone Color of the Year Collections. Many of these collections and collaborations have been either great or good in my opinion so the fact Sephora was taking on a Jem Makeup Collection, well, for me, it was a given they’d likely do a great job with it.

Or not.

Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette

I fear the Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette falls victim to just being a rushed release palette to cash in on the sensationalism of a beloved cartoon character. This isn’t to say the entire collection suffers from quality control but thus far the eyeshadow palette sure does sadly.

The Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette comes housed in a glittery black and pink printed compact. This opens up like a wedding invitation and features a generously sized mirror with the 24 eyeshadows inside. Mmm the packaging is debatable for me. It has Jem’s customary star logo with a tiny print of her name in the center and Sephora’s logo off to the side. The pink and black accents are quite nice but uneventful to me. Since this isn’t based off the cartoon I shouldn’t be disappointed that there’s no images of Jem or the Holograms on the compact but for some reason I still feel let down about that. The inside of the palette is printed with pink lighting bolts on a black background. The shadows are named but the names are not printed under the shades but are on the back. Apparently the shades are arranged columns to represent a specific look inspired by each member of the band but I’m unsure who’s column is who’s as none of the shades truly evoke Jem or the Holograms for me but perhaps these are shades and looks that are more about the film characters versus the cartoon ones. There is one hot pink that reminds me of Jem sorta kinda but Jem was really more known for her paler pink hair and eyeshadow and there’s also a purple here that reminds me of Shana and perhaps an orange that remind’s me of Kimber’s hair but I use the term “reminds me of” very loosely here. I just don’t think the palette, aside from the names of the shadows, inspires anything Jem or the Holograms.

Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Palette

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette5

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette6

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette7

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette8

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette9

Something of interest to mention is the palette is quite small. It’s a little smaller than the Sephora Marsala Eyeshadow Palette. The complete palette with all 24 shades is 1.83 oz so these are pretty darn small. I like the smaller size as it stores easily but if you’re looking for generously sized shadows, well, this isn’t the palette for you. I placed compact on top so you can get a general idea of the size of the palette.

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette27

One of the first things I noticed about the palette when I opened it was the fact that the eyeshadows looked so very dull. I expected bright, vibrant eye popping neon shades of color. Not that Jem was all about neon shades but…I dunno that’s what I expected. You’d get more of a wow factor from Urban Decay’s new Vice 4 Palette or the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette. The top line of eyeshadows is incredibly boring with a majority of paler softer shades like cream, pale pink, and white. You’d think that the first line of the column would be Jem’s look but none of these shades remind me of her at all. So guess that blows the idea of the “each column of shadows creates a specific look inspired by each member of Jem and the Holograms” right out the window.

Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Misfits, Shana, Pizzazz, Aja

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Jemstar, Rio, Stormer, Jetta

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette10

Minx, Raya, Gal Pal, Clash

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Palette swatches

Keytar, Stinger, Jerrica, 1980’s

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette15

Kimber, Hologram, Starlight, Mrs Baily

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette18

Rockstar, Rockin’ Roadster, Synergy, Cassette

You get a mix of frosts, satin, micro-glitter, and matte finish shades here. The eyeshadows are very soft and buttery and some have a nice velvety consistency. Some of the mattes are drier and apply and swatch very patchy. The micro-glitter shades (there are two here) are quite messy to apply and look patchy even applied over primer. These are all fairly powdery but there wasn’t too much fall out during application. Maybe it’s me here because I read some really great reviews of the palette on Sephora’s site but personally I felt like the palette was ok but not good nor great. It reminded me of E.L.F. Beauty Book Eyeshadow Palettes I have but not something I purchased at Sephora that’s for sure. Many of the shades are frosty and although pigmented when swatched they apply duller and aren’t terribly vibrant or bold. They also tend to fade so you’ll want to use a good primer or cream base to not only add intensity but keep them wearing strong on your lids.

For my look below I used two of the best eyeshadows in the palette which were Keytar (bright green) and Rio (aqua).

Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette fotd

Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette fotd

So sadly, in my opinion, the Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette is far from being outrageous. To me this might be more of a collector’s piece for a fan of the cartoon. It’s a just palette you feel you have to have as a Jem fan. But if you’re buying it because you’re looking for vibrant, pigmented shades of eyeshadow, well I think you’ll be disappointed.

The Sephora Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette and the entire Jem and the Holograms Makeup Collection is available now at Sephora.com.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Elizabeth Diaz

    I’m a fan of Jem & The Holograms and sad that they have taken a great 80’s cartoon & made it into what looks like a boring teeny-bopper movie that looks NOTHING like the cartoon :\
    And it looks like Sephora went & did a just-as-boring rushed palette. The colors look unappealing, un-outrageous and completely thoughtless. Very disappointed. Thanks for your review! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Elizabeth. I’m surprised. I expected more from Sephora because from their past collaborations they have really gone all in. Considering news of this collection released early in the Summer you would think they had plenty of time to come up with something great but this just feels like a really rushed job. I hope the rest of the collection proves nicer. Oh my pleasure! I was disappointed too so I’m totally with you!

    • Zidders Roofurry

      Read the IDW comic. Much better writter, true to the characters, fantastic art AND the creator of Jem & The Holograms herself endorses it (she’s NOT a fan of the live action film).

    • snesbear


      I saw the trailer on YT and thought “WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE!?!?! I hope it bombs in the box office!” So appalled that they’d take Jem and the Holograms and turn it into that garbage. A movie where a girl gets a singing career and has the stage name “Jem” is not “Jem and the Holograms”.

      The fact that Sephora is riding the money train behind this just furthers my opinion on the store: That I’m better off not shopping with them.

  • Jessy

    I’m so disappointed and underwhelmed by this collection. I was hoping to buy 1 or 2 items, but now I’m not even sure. Specially after discovering that the liquid lipsticks are just the regular colors they have on their permanent range. I agree, it feels rushed, like they felt they had to come up with something, so they just slapped Jem’s logo on random stuff they had at hand. There’s no design and no thought put behind it. First the movie and now this? When will anyone come up with something that will do this cartoon any justice?

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m saddened to say that this feels very rushed indeed. I don’t get it because they must have known about it for a year at the very least that’s plenty of time to come up with something awesome but nope, not really.

  • It’s Gamayun

    Sigh… well, considering that the movie is just a rush job with the Jem logo slapped on it, I suppose we oughtn’t be surprised that the tie-in palette is something similar. Although I did get a chuckle out of your description of the shadows – frosty and dull is the way I remember most makeup being back in The Time, so if you’re going for an authentic 80’s look then maybe Sephora did a good job after all!

  • Stephanie G

    I’m disappointed…but I’m probably going to buy it anyway. The Jem fan in me insists. 😉 Besides, one can never have too much eyeshadow!

  • Christina D.

    I literally just received mine today and I think it’s going to go right back to Sephora on the way home from work tonight. I actually was kind of glad to see the colors aren’t in your face brights, but the whole thing reeks of tween. Maybe I should swatch first? Probably better to return it in new condition. Seeing your review kind of seals the deal: with great power comes great responsibility, Sista Muse.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hey there. I have to agree! I was disappointed it wasn’t intensely bright shades but I also had a moment of relief too because I simply can’t pull off hardcore neon colors anyway. Never happy, I’m a typical girl aren’t I? 🙂 Even new it’ll likely be tossed in a reject pile anyway so you might want to sneak a swatch just in case as maybe you’ll love it who knows?! 🙂 But I doubt you will! it feels very e.l.f. cosmetics to me which isn’t a bad thing but I don’t pay $40 for elf 🙂

  • Kimerbly

    I was so excited about this collection, but I was disappointed with all of the items and how small of a collection it was. I mean at the very least they could have done mini palettes like a misfits palettes, a Jem palette, a holograms palette. The lip set appeals to me and the lipstick, but the packaging on the lipsticks makes it feel so cheap looking. Needless to say I got the lippie but skipped out on the eyeshadows and mirror.

  • Rebekah

    I think the ‘columns’ they’re talking about are going up and down. They seem to be arranged that way into quads.

    • Isabella Muse

      I was thinking since there are four girls in the band it was one look across for each member?! But who knows! 🙂

  • Kristin

    No no no, Sephora! It’s like they just got a random palette & slapped a Jem logo on it. Where’s the bright chartreuse that was Pizzazz’s hair color? And Rio should be plum like *his* hair color. And Jetta- maybe a rich black with silver glitter? Clearly someone who has only a very vague idea of what Jem is all about made this.

  • kristin

    So I read your review of the palette, and I still felt like I needed it because, well, it’s Jem!! Lol. Then…I saw the trailer for the movie. And…no. Just no. It made me not want the palette! Lol.. The movie has very little to do with the cartoon that I so loved back when I was a kid. I mean really, synergy is a frigging home movie projecting robot?! And I too feel like sephora could have done a better job at making a collection. If we can’t have a cool movie, at least we could have had an awesome palette or lippie!

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t blame you. I’m still glad I purchase it because “JEM!” lol! But yeah, the shadow formula blows so it’s a miss in that department. Gosh yeah, if the movie is going to crash and burn at least throw us a bone and give us a new eyeshadow palette!

  • Natalie Brown

    So sad about the quality and lack of continuity with this palette. I still love my Hello Kitty birthday palette and had hoped this would be the same. 🙂

  • Rachel R.

    It doesn’t look too bad for the price, IMO. It looks like a glitter glue primer is needed for some of the shades, though. I think this is mostly a collector’s item, though.

  • MissJae1908

    I follow your blog faithfully and I never comment, but I had to today. This palette was horrible. Please keep in mind that I’m an NW50, so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to pigmentation. When I swatched it, the shadows were patchy and ashy on my skin. There were a few that showed up well, but 8 good shadows out of 24 is not enough for me to keep it. I immediately returned it to Sephora. I was sooo disappointed. So now I’m going to use my refunded gift card on the Jaclyn Hill Holiday Palette. I’m excited about that!

    • Isabella Muse

      Haha sadly I got about two to work for me (the ones I used in my look) the rest were awful. I had the same problem with as you! Many applied patchy or they faded fast. I’m sorry you hated it! 🙁 I’m all with you! I was disappointed too. Hey, at least you’ll get something you love now right? 🙂 Thank you for being such a great follower MissJae! Appreciate it 🙂 <3!

  • Amy Amethyst

    I’ve been waiting for swatches on this, so I’m glad you posted! I was debating on getting it because I loved Jem as a child, but I was afraid the shadows wouldn’t be nice. Seeing the swatches it just doesn’t really excite me. Think I’m saving my money for Vice 4 now. I’m not sure if I even want to see the movie because it’s just not like the cartoon enough. But I still want to check it out I guess. It comes out on my bday!

    • Isabella Muse

      Happy early bday! I’ll so watch the train wreck movie myself! I won’t pay to see it lol but when it becomes available on Amazon Prime (which should be long, maybe a week after the theater release LOL) I’ll totally watch it. I have to see for myself how they ruined jem!

      • Amy Amethyst

        Thank you! And to watch on Prime is a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that.

        • Isabella Muse

          Yeah have a cheesy movie night with friends and this could be one of those cheesy movies ;D

  • Jeanetta

    So glad I read your review before purchasing! I, like many others, had high hopes for this palette, but I’m going to take your advice and pass. Thank you for such a thorough overview.

  • Jessy

    I hope they redo the movie and make it as close to the show as possible, but fiercer. And that some other company took over the makeup line. I’m sure Sugarpill would do a great job if given the chance.

  • Kas

    There was like half a second where I considered getting this over the Kat Von D, Mi Vida Loca palette. I’m so glad it was only half a second and I ended up with the KVD palette. I know promo pictures tend to be a bit oversaturated, but this is bad. It looks so sad compared to the promo shots.

  • esme

    Thanks so much for the detailed review and swatches! I was eagerly awaiting someone to review. 🙂

  • genevieve

    I must admit when I first saw the palette online I thought the colours were just a bit “off” – I couldn’t tell you why. Now I know – hastily put together with poor quality. And a row of indistinguishable pale shadows does not do it for me anyway. The colours look quite garish and tacky. Shame on you Sephora, you can do better than that.

  • danadoo

    Aw, i really am bummed that this is not “truly, truely, truely outrageous” except in a negative way. There was so much potential with this..it’s just sad.

  • Courtney

    Muse, Sephora should have hired YOU to be the creative director on all aspects of the creation of this collection. I get a feeling your knowledge and loyalty for makeup and of Jem … would have been such a good and invaluable influence on making this collection a hit!! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      haha Courtney thanks girl!!!!!!!!!!! I totally could have handled this hehehehehe 🙂

  • Jessica

    I really wanted to love this palette. The promo pics looked like bright and fun colors. They’re very bland and blah. It was such a disappointment. Do you swatch over primer? I swatched without any other product and it was horrible. Adding a primer made a huge difference but being this was such a boring product, I will probably return it.

    • Isabella Muse

      No, I never swatch over prime! Too misleading! I used sponge tip applicators so those always build color well! Sorry jessica 🙁 I was as disappointed as you!!!!!