January 8, 2016

Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer5

Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer ($14.95) is a new priming mist that contains 100% Pure Argan Oil and promises an all-in-1 makeup primer and refresher that controls oils as it hydrates skin.

Let’s take a look!

Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer

Recently, I had a brain fart when doing a Sephora order and I grabbed a 100 Point Perk of Smashbox Primer Water and realized, well, duh I reviewed it already. Smashbox actually introduced primer water in 2014 but I’m starting to see a lot of drugstore formulas pop up now including this Physicians Formula one as well as a new NYX one that launched with their Spring 2016 Collection. Prior to any of this though Etude House launched their Lock n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer in Korea which is available as simply Face Conditioning Fixer now. If you have drier skin I’d recommend checking out Etude House’s formula as I find MAC Prep + Prime Fx and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer cater best to OILY skin types as does this new Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer.

Now you likely already know I’m a massive face mist kinda girl and I love super hydrating ones that prep my skin for skincare. I am not though, a huge fan of makeup setting mists although I did make an exception to that rule when MAC Prep + Prime Fix in Rose, Coconut, Cucumber, Lavender, Yuzu.

Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer comes housed in a cute 1 oz bottle for $14.95. They do have a coupon attached for $4 off so I ended up paying $12 and change. That’s very expensive so if after you read this review I’d recommend waiting for a sale as CVS always has Physicians Formula on sale. Or better still, if you’re curious about priming water spend a 100 points at Sephora and get a small sample of Smashbox’s formula. Smashbox’s formula is available in two size one of which is 1 oz in size for $16 so Physicians Formula is actually almost the same exact price which I find a little ridiculous.

This has a spicy, warm fragrance that smells exactly like Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Blush that launched last year. I mentioned in my review last year if they decided to release a body mist or some sort of fragrance like this I’d buy it in a minute. It smells so lovely! Of course, this isn’t a great if you’re sensitive or simply dislike fragrance in your skincare.

Two of the first ingredients in this are Argan Oil as well as Coconut Water. It has a bi-phase-like formula that feels like a dry oil spray on my water. They promise it’ll prime skin for makeup as well as hydrate and brighten while controlling shine.

This is a multitasking formula that excels at any one task. You can use it to prep your skin for makeup, you can use it to set makeup, you can use it as a facial mist, or you can use it on your body, hair, and nails.

First off you are not going to want to set your makeup with this in my opinion. It has a dry oil-like consistency that makes my skin super dewy when misted on after makeup. It also does not act to set makeup but ends up smearing my blush, eyeshadow, etc…so no, don’t use it to set makeup.

As a primer or as a facial mist it also fails. I tried applying once in the evening as a facial mist and once in the morning to prep my skin for foundation and both times I experienced a burning sensation around my lips and cheeks. It also burned my eyes (which were closed when I applied it). It does contain alcohol but I have fairly resilient drier skin that rarely breaks out or has any issues when trying different types of skincare. This gave me a dry, sensitive skin feeling. Even if I could cope with the burning sensation I wouldn’t want to use this because like Smashbox Primer Water it soaks up all the moisture in my skin. That would be great if my skin was oily but I am not oily, I’m dry, and I expected the “hydration” factor they promised. And finally, it tastes horrible. I know you’re thinking well how would you know how it tastes!? When misting it on it obviously gets on my lips and I’m a chronic person that licks my lips. So well after it set and dried down my lips had a horrible ocean salt taste that was terribly bitter and salty. It was awful! Ugh!

Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer seemed like a really interesting product but I can’t go over how poorly it performed. Buyer beware with this one but if you have tried it I’m very curious how well it did or didn’t work for you!

Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer is launching now at drugstore with the Physicians Formula Spring 2016 Collection.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Heidi

    That is pretty darn steep for drugstore product. I like PF products, but I am not sure they’re all that to merit the cost. Especially since they have very little shade variation in foundations and powders. I’d sooner toss a couple more bucks into the mix and get Clinique or something. I am curious about the scent, though. I wouldn’t want it on my face, but it sounds intriguing.

  • CL

    I avoid makeup and skincare that has denatured alcohol in it, as it has been proven that it is harmful to skin. There are forms of alcohol that are okay, so you have to research the types.

  • dry under eyes

    I know u are a crazy about concealers and I was wondering if u tried the Anastasia concealer? Someone told me is good for dry under eyes? and also let me tell u I tried the new hd mufe concealer and I didn’t like it that much. It doesn’t last, it doesn’t cover to much, is just illumination for few hours and it kind of dry my under eye a bit. Hummmmm, I’m sorry but for 27 dollars that concealer have to woooooow me. RETURN.

    • Isabella Muse

      I haven’t tried Anastasia’s concealers! I’ll have to check them out. sorry about the MUFE HD 🙁 That sucks!

  • Rah

    As soon as I read it contained alcohol, I was out. As always, Thank you for the review – you’re always a big help.

  • Jay

    Yikes!! What a mess!

    I love how your exceptions to the setting mist rule is all of the scented MAC Prep & Prime sprays 🙂 Those were divine, weren’t they…such a lovely collection. I still have 2 bottles!

  • Helen

    “If you have drier skin I’d recommend checking out Etude House’s formula as I find MAC Prep + Prime Fx and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer cater best to drier skin types as does this new Physicians Formula Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil & Coconut Water Primer.”

    I’m confused. Did you mean the Etude House one is better for oily skin?

    • Isabella Muse

      sorry, edited, no the Etude House one is best for drier skin 🙂 not oily!

  • Snesbear

    At that price you’re better off just buying Argan oil from TJ Maxx or Amazon for $10.

    While I can’t use argan oil (I break out from it) I do use Squalene as a “primer”. It keeps my skin moisturized and my makeup looks flawless on my dehydrated skin.

  • Steph

    Omg yes girl I just bought this yesterday and it burned my face omg that I was the only one. Taking it back I cannot get past the burning sensation. I Probably should have looked before I bought it

  • Susan

    I so wanted to try this one when it launched. I waited until CVS had a 40% off sale so it wasn’t full priced. Lets face it, for drugstore PF is kinda steep. I have normal/combo skin and here in the winter months leans a little dry and thought this would be great to prep my skin for foundation. Boy this stuff just didn’t work out for me. It does feel like a dry oil spray and just sits on top of the skin. My makeup then proceeds to smear, and causes my concealer and e/s to crease. I’ll probably pass this onto my daughter. Or I’ll use it on my body where I’m really dry. Unless you are as dry as the sahara I would pass on this one.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hated it too Susan! And I agree, PF prices are crazy! 🙁

  • Yvette

    Thanks so much for this review…I am affirmed in my opinion based on my experience with this product which pretty much matches yours…even down to tasting it and it was nothing but sea salty as you describe!

    • Isabella Muse

      Wasn’t it gross tasting?! So weird! Sorry you had the same crummy experience Yvette 🙁

  • Sandra

    I bought this after Kathleen lights tried it and it worked fine the first time. The smell lingered all day long which was bothersome but my face looked Dewey and well I was happy. The next day, the spray bottle must have clogged because it sprayed all over including my blouse and the stains did not come off. By the third day, my fave was a greasy mess and I had a migraine from the smell. Thank goodness ulta takes returns.

  • Adrienne

    I just have to say I love this product. I received it as a stocking stuffer and it’s not something I would normally purchase on my own. I was skeptical at first but tried it anyway. I love it. It doesn’t burn my skin at all and I was really surprised by others remarks about this. It leaves my skin feeling velvety and smooth. I spray it on my face and neck right after I get out of the shower and rub it in gently then let it dry before I apply makeup. I haven’t had any issues and I think it actually has improved my skin. Now that being said, I like other (more expensive) products better but for the price or if ever in a pinch I would consider buying it again.

  • Tl_byker

    I wanted to love this product but if I would have kept the box, I would return it, unfortunately. The bottle is beautiful and the concept sounded great, but I just can’t hand the smell of it. It is extremely strong and has a strong alcohol smell as well. I love fragrance so I don’t think I am sensitive to smells or anything, but this was just so very strong I just can’t use it. I even tried to spread it on the back of my hands and smelled it for hours. Darn it.

    I will check your page for reviews prior to buying anything else, Muse! Thank you.

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw sorry 🙁 I was surprised they recommended it for AM use because it is so so thick! The fragrance wasn’t a problem for me though but I’m not usually bothered by fragrances in skincare. Sorry my dear! You’re so welcome xoxo!

  • Morgan

    I wish I had found this sooner before purchasing. I’ve been on a mass spree of primer shopping recently and thought this one would be great based on all the reviews… WRONG. I sprayed it on my face before doing my makeup and burst into tears. My face started itching and severely burning as if I was having an allergic reaction, and that’s saying something since I’m not allergic to anything. It bumped up and turned bright red and I had to clean my face quickly to calm it down. Too late though, it made my skin so textured and rough and ruined my makeup for the rest of the day. So upset that i wasted money on this.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh Morgan I’m so sorry! That’s horrible! It was awful on me too!