April 4, 2019

Tarte Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer A Basic Gel Moisturizer That Isn’t Half Bad So Long As You Don’t Have Dry Skin

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
3 stars out of 5

Tarte Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer ($10-$19) is a new gel moisturizer that launched with Tarte’s new baby sister beauty line, Sugar Rush. Someone said in the comments that Tarte was having a bit of an identity crisis and I couldn’t agree more. Lately, they are just all over the place. Tarte’s been dabbling in skincare in their own line and also, launching a new skincare only brand called Awake Skincare (is that around anymore?! I don’t really see it promoted across social media!), launching bolder eyeshadow palettes like Remix and Icy Betch, and just trying to capture a whole range of different age ranges from 10 to 25. It can be a little confusing at times as you don’t really know what to expect from them. Who are they? What is their identity? They seem to reinvent who they are with each new season. Unicorns, mermaids, fairies, the Amazon, skincare, you’re either finding all these changes really fun and interesting or you’re shaking your head and asking, “What the hell is happening here?”

Tarte Sugar Rush is their latest identity which is exclusively available on their website and at Ulta and Ulta.com. It’s an all-vegan line of makeup and skincare that contains 17 products all of which are priced at $25 or less and created using recyclable materials. Their demographic with this launch is meant to reach Generation Z. So, anyone born between 1995 and 2015 and is of the age of 3-23 year. At the moment I’d say Tarte’s main line’s cut off is around 25! If I push it, I’d say 27. They start to fail to interest anyone 27 and above in my experience. They are casting their net a little wider with Sugar Rush in the hopes of capturing the attention of a much younger demo in my opinion. I’m talking below 19 here. I’d say the range is meant to appeal to tweens and teens just starting out in the makeup world.

Even one of their youTube videos featuring the Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer has a girl about 10 or 11 years old. I’m actually all about taking really good care of your skin. I’m also a liberal person however, I’m also a little bit conservative when it comes to kids and what they should and shouldn’t be doing at certain ages. I’m a firm believer that kids should be kids. I dunno if we need to start kids on a skincare routine early. But I’m not a mom so I really can’t say. Also, this is a completely different generation and they are growing up a lot differently than I did. I realize some of you disagree with me on this and feel like skincare should be started early but, I dunno, I’m all about little a little girl be a little girl and not having her worry about applying skincare daily already!

Anyway, all that being said, at the moment I’m hearing a lot of good things about Tarte Sugar Rush. I’m shocked. I really didn’t expect much and wasn’t terribly interested in the line. There’s a few things that caught my eye but I didn’t really go out of my way to purchase them right away.

I finally did indulge though as one thing I loved about this collection was that Tarte offered a lot of it in a mini format. Several of the products are available in smaller sizes and you can choose any five of those for $25. I think it would be rather awesome if more brands did this. Allowing you to try a smaller amount of the product without spending a ton of cash is a pretty genius idea! Not that the Sugar Rush line is expensive but I do like the idea of getting a few items to test out without dropping a lot more cash on larger sizes without ever having tried them before.

That’s exactly what I did with the Tarte Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer. It was part of my 5 for $25 haul and it arrives in a 0.23 oz squeeze tube which basically set me back $5. If you don’t buy five items it’ll cost you $10 for this size or the larger size is $19 and 1.7 oz. This size is actually plenty enough to sample and use for about a week to get a feel for the formula. I’ve been using it since I got my package on Saturday.

Here’s some thoughts!

Ok, I admit, I was expecting this to be loaded with alcohol since it’s a gel moisturizer but it actually isn’t. It does contain silicones which might be an issue for some users. It’s pretty much a water-based moisturizer that contains silicones. It does contain some crappy stuff too like Limonene as well as fragrance (it has a citrus-y fragrance) and Witch Hazel which can be drying. It’s not some amazing, innovative formula. It’s a basic gel moisturizer that isn’t too badly formulated (limonene is pretty far down on the list of ingredients). The texture is a thicker gel that absorbs very easily into skin and feels refreshing and lightweight without making skin feel greasy or oily.

I actually liked it a lot but at the moment, with the cold still in the air and Spring not yet here I can’t really use it on my drier skin. Once I apply it my skin feels a little dehydrated due and dry. Normal, combo, or oily skin will do fine with it but drier skin types not so much. When Summer hits and my skin is producing a bit more oily I imagine this will be a great pick but right now when my skin is still drier and still trying to shake off winter it didn’t quite work out for me.

If basic one done moisturizer is your thing maybe Tarte Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer is for you! The formula doesn’t offer anything beneficial but it will provide lighter moisture for oily, combo, or normal skin types and may even curb some oil due to the witch hazel in the ingredients.

Anyone try this formula yet?

Do share!

Where to buy

Tarte Ulta

Tarte Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer is a new lightweight, gel moisturizer with a citrus fragrance that’s water-based and contains silicones and witch hazel. This is a thicker gel that absorbs easily into skin leaving it lightly hydrated without creating any excess oil or greasiness on skin. I thought it was very pleasant and refreshing. It wears well under makeup and provides lighter moisture without being to heavy. Sadly, the witch hazel left my skin feel a bit dry and dehydrated so, I don’t recommend it for anyone who has drier skin! I’ll likely reserved it for Summer use when my skin is a bit more oily!


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight, absorbs easily, wears well under makeup.


  • Contains witch hazel which can be drying.
  • Has a citrus fragrance which might be a trigger for sensitive users.


Tarte Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil Free Moisturizer might be a nice basic daily moisturizer for normal, combination or oily skin types.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kimkats

    Meh – looks to me like Tarte’s trying to impersonate TF, which is SO not a good idea. Tarte used to be a nice “adult” line a couple years ago (remember all the nice TSVs they had on QVC a couple years back?) Now – I’ve totally lost interest in them. Maybe its a function of old age, but I am not in the least interested in cutesy names or bright and colorful packaging. I am interested in what. is. in. it. I don’t even look at Tarte any more – I think they really lost me with the “rainforest of the sea” crap… What IS that, anyway? Makes “chicken of the sea” sound sensible.

    Apparently I’m a grumbly old lady today… 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA! They def want to be a little TF with their releases lately! Yes, of course I do ;-D Those were the days! LOL!

  • kjh

    45 years too old for Tarte. I really hit a milestone. Did like some ROTS l/s a couple of years ago, but this Sugar Rush has caught my eye for intro gifts. It actually bugs the expletive deleted out of me that these girls are phone addicted SM-ites, who would not recognize anything in their environment, because they never play outside, except well supervised. Seriously, they don’t know an ant from a bee, unless they are stung. I know the safety and freedom I had as a child is gone for good, but if anybody thinks that generation is going to save the environment, when they don’t know a pine from an oak (unless their allergist shows them pix)…..take another thought. Glad i’m Playing the back 9 or even 6, because we are bloody doomed. No matter what prepubescent m/u or s/c they use! Rant over.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol! It’s a different generation completely. Never thought I’d hear myself saying that!

  • Anastasia Vance

    I had to stop reading to come leave a comment. I couldn’t agree with you more about letting kids be kids. I am a mom of a 15 year old boy and also have a 15 year old niece and they go to the same high school and I am so glad that me and my sister chose to let our kids be kids. The girls I have seen that go to school with them (and I am talking small town Texas, out in the sticks, country town, Austin is a good hour or so away) seem to be made up clowns with all the makeup and flashy clothes they wear. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a beauty guru that agrees kids should be kids!!!!

    Oh and on another note, I happened to go to Sephora this week and request a sample of Tarte’s new foundation (the Foundcearler, or something) and while I am only on day 2 of using it, the only thing I hate about it, is that by the end of the day, my nose looks like the foundation has completely melted off. I am not an oily or dry girl and I use primers as well as a setting powder. I am not sure if it’s just this foundation and I am only noticing it because I am “testing” it out of if my Dior Backstage does the same thing, because honestly I don’t pay that much attention to my face throughout the day…HAHAHAHAH

    • Isabella Muse

      I totally agree. Not everyone believes that since people have adapted to current society a lot better than I have I guess!? I’m not old but I’m also not young either however, I grew up a lot different than kids/girls do nowadays and haven’t quite grasped it or even understand it. I totally agree with you. I experimented with makeup when I was a junior/senior in high school and it was really light blush and lip balm. My parents just weren’t the type to let me go out of the house with entire face full of makeup. I appreciate that. I feel like it allowed to just be a normal kid growing up! But I do try to understand that girl’s are raised a lot different and might feel left out if they aren’t wearing makeup and having the height of fashion. Last Christmas, my cousin purchased herself a Michael Kors bag and proceeded to buy a smaller matching one for her nine year old daughter. I just really couldn’t wrap my head around the fact a little girl at nine was walking around with a $438 handbag! It’s just like, wait, isn’t this kid into barbies still!? Anyway…not everyone agrees with me on this one and I get it. I guess you and I might be a dying breed when it comes to what kids should and shouldn’t be doing ;-D I’ve been curious about it but not curious enough to buy it yet! They already did a foundcealer so I’m like, isn’t this exactly what they already did? Ha neither do I! I sometimes have to force myself to pay attention when I’m testing something new ;-D Thanks for the heads up as I was a little curious about it!

  • Heather

    Kids are hitting puberty earlier than they were in my generation (in the literal physical sense, not just a socialization sense), and I think it makes sense to start basic skincare as soon as hormones start messing with your skin.

    Granted, I’m talking a gentle facewash and a moisturizer (not Retin-A and antioxidant serums)! Keeping skin clean and hydrated could hopefully prevent a lot of the misery that comes from teenaged acne. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      This is very true! Kids are reaching puberty a lot earlier! I got my period towards the end of the 6th grade but I’m hearing kids as young as 8 year olds are nowadays! That’s crazy!

  • Madeline

    I’ll admit, I’m not a makeup wearer, but I do like reading reviews and kind of keeping up with it and the 5 for $25 caught my eye! But I agree with you on the moisturizer. I have combo skin and I felt it would be good when it gets warmer, but during any colder season it’s not hydrating enough and my drier areas are still dry and flaky after using. I thought the mini container was SMALL. Like smaller than most mini/travel items, but I felt that a little product goes a long way too

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah! It’s nice enough for Summer wear but my skin is way to dry to survive winter with this!

  • Nicole

    I’m surprised no one’s calling out the red dye in this too! I tried it, and it doesn’t feel terrible and does a decent job balancing my oily- leaning combo skin, but there are definitely some ingredients I find questionable. It’s prevented me from using this daily and instead only throwing it in every few days or so. I know this is their sister brand but come on! What happened, tarte? I thought they were supposed to be a more natural line??