November 4, 2019

Tarte Sea Foil Finger Multi-Tasking Eye & Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

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4 stars out of 5

Tarte Sea Foil Finger Multi-Tasking Eye & Cheek Palette ($32) is a new cream eyeshadow and blush palette that launched a few short weeks ago exclusively at Sephora. This seems such a quiet launch or maybe I’m not paying attention but I really didn’t see Tarte forcing this down my throat across social media. And you know what? That somehow made it more appealing. Constantly tweeting and Instagramming a new arrival actually annoys the hell out of me so, the fact they didn’t overly promote this made me want it. Add to the fact, I loved the Tarte Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette and I was good to go ahead and purchase this!

First off, let it be known I love this includes a blush shade this time around. The original palette was all about the eyeshadows but this version includes two eyeshadows, one glitter topper, and a gorgeous golden peach blush that Tarte needs to release individually because it’s that good.

Two years ago, Tarte launched the Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette and this past Summer they did three new of Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foil Finger Paint Trio Palettes. I’m glad they are working on extending this line as I really like the formula!

The original palette was $39 and it contained three eyeshadows and a split glitter duo for a total of five shades. The Tarte Sea Foil Finger Multi-Tasking Eye & Cheek Palette contains two eyeshadows, one blush, and one glitter topper. One thing I disliked about both this palette and the prior one is the fact that the shades don’t exactly work well together. It’s not a terribly cohesive palette if you’re planning on combining shades.

One of the eyeshadows is a mauve pink where as the other is a brassy gold and the gel topper is a taupe and gold. None of these shades pair up well together so, you’ll be forced to use them individually. Initially I tried pairing the gold shade called Champagne Kisses with the taupe but they don’t really go together all that well. The gel topper is a little useless if you’re using it with any of the shades here! It might be great for use with another cream or powder eyeshadow you own but with the shades here it sadly doesn’t jive. I actually wish they excluded it because it has a really harsh, gritty texture! I had no fall out when using it but to drags horribly against my lids! I used it with glitter glue and although, it says nothing about it being not safe for eyes on the packaging you should def proceed with caution when using a formula like this as it could cause a host of eye issues should you get it inside your eye. The texture isn’t chunky thankfully but the harsh, gritty feel wasn’t good. Instead of the topper they should have included another blush! All the shades wear very well on my drier eyes! I had no issues with fading nor creasing without the use of primer.

Tarte Sea Foil Finger Multi-Tasking Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Glitter Topper: Roast Chestnut, Ice Show Eyeshadow, Rosy Cheeks Blush, and Champagne Kisses Eyeshadow)

The other two eyeshadows and the blush have a thicker, creamier texture which is best applied with fingers. In the case of the blush you can apply with fingers and buff out with a fiber brush should you like since it’s a very metallic finish and the bristles from such a brush will sheer out that high sheen finish. A little goes a very long way with these shades as they are intensely pigmented! Apply a small amount, blend, and build as needed. The colors look like liquid melted metal in the pan. I typically don’t like metallics but I make an exception for this formula because it’s so easy to apply, so easy to blend, and it looks gorgeous on my eyes.

My favorite part of the palette was blush shade. This is a golden peach that looks amazing. Depending how much you apply you can get a very strong or soft glow from this shade. It’s pigmented enough to work as a blush or use a highlighter. This one is very pigmented so like I said above a little goes a long way! I’d buy this as an individually product any day of the week! The color, the ease of use, the luminous glow, it’s just perfect. I’d buy more shades if they released them!

As for the packaging, I think the original was a bit prettier and fancier with it’s jewel and pearl face plate. This version came in a square compact with a snowglobe-like glitter face plate. It’s not bad packaging just not as pretty as the original one!

All in all, another great foil paint palette from Tarte. The glitter shade was the exception here but I can overlook that since the other shades were so gorgeous! If you liked the original you’ll love this.

Tarte Sea Foil Finger Multi-Tasking Eye & Cheek Palette is available now at Sephora.

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Tarte Sea Foil Finger Multi-Tasking Eye & Cheek Palette is a new Sephora exclusive eye and blush palette. This palette contains two eyeshadows, a glitter topper, and a blush. The two eyeshadows and blush had excellent pigment in a thicker, creamier formula that resembled just poured metal. They had excellent pigmentation and application was very easy with fingers! The creamier texture made it easy to apply and blend these very easily. The glitter topper was the exception as it had a grittier texture that wasn’t very pleasant feeling on eyes and could cause potential danger should any get inside you eye. There was no safety warnings for the glitter shade on the packaging but it’s best to proceed with caution when using such shades. I love the shades here but none of them really worked together in a single look! They acted best when worn individually.


  • Easy to apply and blend.
  • Affordable.
  • Gorgeous blush shade!


  • Glitter topper had a horribly gritty texture.


Tarte Sea Foil Finger Multi-Tasking Eye & Cheek Palette is an easy pick up for anyone that adored the original!