August 4, 2016

Avon Pineapple Chill Cooling Collection and Gotham Stalking

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Ahh yes the Avon Pineapple Chill Cooling Collection possibly created for foot fetish lovers everywhere or just for those of us that want Summer ready toes and feet that smell like a pineapple. I’m sorry, don’t kill me, but there’s something terribly appealing about my feet smelling like a pina colada, Rupert’s nodding his head somewhere in approval.

Just for the record, I don’t have a foot fetish. I have a lot of fetishes but feet aren’t one of them. But I’m still in lust with this collection 🙂

It’s yours for $9.99 (20% off your total of $50 or more using promo code FRIEND plus free shipping by the very way!) and it includes:

  • 2 Foot Works Pineapple Chill Exfoliating Scrub
  • Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Spray
  • Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Lotion

Avon Pineapple Chill Cooling Collection

Note that they include 2 exfoliating scrubs, it’s like they know you’re hiding crusty the crab feet under those socks!

I think I need to make this my own. Again, not because of foot fetishes and not because I have crusty feet. Just sayin’, I don’t want to read on some forum that “Muse has crusty toes and likes feet!”

That rumor is bound to get around, sigh!

P.S. Speaking of fetishes, if you have nothing to do today you should stalk Sean Pertwee, the late, great Jon Pertwee’s son, better known to geeks as the third Doctor. Sean stars in Gotham as a very kick ass version of Alfred. He also posts photos of himself, Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith quite often. We have Wincest, we need like RiddlerAlfredPenguin threesomes. I’m so sorry that came out of my mouth. Actually, I’m not because you’ll be thinking it too after you see his Instagram. Who knows maybe it’s already out there as I’m way behind on my fanfic reading! Hook a sister up if you know any good ones!

#Gothams Les Trois Stooges #princespalaceofmonaco @robinlordtaylor @corymichaelsmith (I had to borrow a tie)

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August 4, 2016

Exfoliating Wipes The New Trend to Get Smooth, Soft Skin!

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exfoliating wipes

Exfoliating wipes aren’t new but they sure are popular at the moment and totally the new trend to get smooth, soft skin. Most of the new exfoliating wipes popping up have two sides one of which is a harsher fabric that you’ll use to exfoliate your face. The other side has a softer fabric to sooth and refresh your skin after scrubbing with the harsher side.

Interesting concept? Possibly! I use a towel to exfoliate my face from time to time so, using a wipe isn’t any great chore! You might recall Olay Fresh Effects As Fresh As New Exfoliating Wet Cloths Review from a few year’s ago, I actually really liked these wipes and I purchased them a few times after originally trying them! But it’s been a while and Kiko recently got me hyped up about exfoliating wipes as everyone and their mom keeps chatting their Pure Clean Scrub & Peel Exfoliating Wipes also Sephora has an entire range of Cleansing & Exfoliating Wipes they recently introduced.

Here’s a look at this new skincare trend!

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August 4, 2016

Cleaner Sticks, Blur Sticks, Blush Sticks, and Beauty Stick Everything

cleanser and beauty sticks

Cleanser Sticks, Blur Sticks, Blush Sticks, Contour Sticks, Highlighter Sticks, everything seems to come in a portable stick lately and the trend is taking the beauty world by storm.

I predicted blush sticks would take over the beauty world but in reality it seems that beauty stick anything is going to dominate the beauty world for a little while. I mean what’s not to love right? Cleaner Stick? Perfectly portable, takes up next to no room in your bathroom cabinet, and totally mess free swipe, rinse, and go cleansing! Blush sticks? Same thing! Swipe, go, good! How about primer and blur sticks? Swipe ’em on and you’re looking flawless in a flash!

I like the idea a lot but my inner germ-a-phobe isn’t entirely sure about cleanser sticks just yet.

Here are some up and coming beauty sticks to give a try out to!

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August 4, 2016

Tarte Scrublet and Just Because New Orleans Pictures!

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Tarte Scrublet

The new, limited edition Tarte Scrublet is making the rounds on the Internetz at the moment. This little scrublet is so limited edition you can only one of ’em on Tarte’s website. I do wonder if this will cause a mad frenzy to own and possess that little plastic scrublet!

Remember when L’Oreal Go 360 Cleansers came with a little scrubber like this one? They also happen to be fairly popular in Japan and cheap too! I dub them the poor girl’s (or guy’s) Clarisonic. Believe or not they are pretty effective at giving your face a nice, deep clean with a little gentle exfoliation action thrown in for good measure.

Tarte’s version is available now for a limited time exclusively at I personally have millions of these hanging around so, I don’t need one but if you’ve never tried one it might be worth a pick up if you’re doing a Tarte order.

P.S. I would also like to randomly say I smell delicious right now. I’m wearing Dsh’s Cordial and I feel like I’m in some fancy Parisian bakery. It’s a powdery caramel blend that’s sweet yet woodsy. Truly a delicious gourmand. I’ll do a little introduction to Dsh soon for the fragrance lovers! For some reason it reminds me of beignets! Which by the way also reminds me of the first time I was in New Orleans many years ago and I asked a guy, who appeared to be a local headed to work, where Cafe Beignets was because I had heard it was far better than Cafe du Monde. He looked at me puzzled for a minute but quickly a light bulb appeared above his head and he said to me and I quote, “Oh you mean Cafe Bag-Nuts!”

new orleans 20165

I’ll leave that right here for you to enjoy at your leisure. As well as a few pics from my most recent trip to New Orleans below.


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