August 3, 2016

Just Grab this Charlotte Tilbury Set and Glow!

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Charlotte Tilbury Grab & Glow Set

Summer isn’t over, I don’t care that Holiday makeup collections are dropping! That’s why I need this Charlotte Tilbury Grab & Glow Set ($99) because the warm August days are so made for a collection like this!

This limited edition set includes a collection of items for eyes, face, and cheeks to get you that perfect Summer glow. I was watching American Gigolo a few nights ago and I couldn’t help but envy Lauren Hutton’s perfectly radiant complexion. Truly she embodied the perfect California girl. I actually love my creamy complexion and I try to avoid to the sun but I still desire that perfect golden glow! This set has all the essentials for getting it!

Charlotte Tilbury Grab & Glow

You get:

  • Eyes to Mesmerise in Jean (sparkling pink-champagne) (0.02 oz)
  • Beach Stick in Moon Beach (0.23 oz)
  • Lip Lustre in Portobellow Girl (luminous rose-gold) (0.12 oz)
  • Travel-Size Legendary Lashes in Black Vinyl (0.13 oz)

The set is available exclusively at

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August 3, 2016

Tempting By Sofia Vergara Launches Exclusively at Perfumania

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Tempting by Sofia Vergara @perfumania #repost

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The new Tempting by Sofia Vergara Perfume has launched exclusively at Perfumania this week. Sofia is on a role with her fragrance launches lately, Tempting will be her 3rd fragrance with a 4th coming on this Fall from Avon entitled So Very Sofia.

“Every woman has a sultry side – it’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a woman. I created this scent to help stir that emotion. Women should feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin. Being Tempting is all about being yourself and loving it,” says Sofia.

I happen to be a fan of both Sofia’s last two fragrances so, I’m excited to try both of her new ones particularly Tempting which sounds like a lovely fruit floriental !

Tempting includes notes of pineapple, mandarin blossom, passion flower, vanilla orchid, star jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, acai berry, and caramelized musk!

I tend to like niche and indie fragrances best and celebrity fragrances are typically last on my list of fragrances to try but I have to admit Sofia’s fragrances are top on my list. I really liked her first fragrance, simply called, “Sofia”. It was unique and very un-celebrity-like in the fact it wasn’t a full on fruity floral which tends to be the norm for celebrity fragrances.

No doubt, Tempting will be added to my fragrance wish list.

It’s available now exclusively at


August 2, 2016

Lipstick Queen Smoky Lip Kit Featuring Black Lace Rabbit

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Lipstick Queen Smoky Lip Kit

Those excited and wanting to try the new Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit can now do so in the new Lipstick Queen Smoky Lip Kit! This cool lip set features a full size of the new Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick shades which is a sexy blade shade with gold shimmer that transforms your favorite lipstick shades into a sexy, smokier finish.

Not only do you get Black Lace Rabbit but also a Sinner Lipstick in Pinky Nude to pair it with. Wear the Sinner Lipstick shade in the day for a soft, nude look and top it with Black Lace Rabbit in the evening to deepen and some the shade up! Considering Black Lace Rabbit is $24 it’s like you are getting the Sinner shade for half price in this set!

Lipstick Queen Smoky Lip Kit is available now at Ulta and


August 2, 2016

Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot Review

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Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot 8

Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot ($24.95) is one of Nip + Fab’s new hydrate skincare products that recently launched. Don’t carried away too much, this doesn’t contain actual dragon’s blood although that would be kind of cool if it did! Dragon’s Blood is a sap found in Croton Lechleri trees which acts to protect and heal skin as well as protect it from outside aggressions. The serum also contains a Hyaluronic Solution that acts to hydrate and plump skin while allowing it to retain moisture.

Let’s take a look!

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August 2, 2016

Replica Filter Fragrances Launch

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Replica Filter

Replica Filter Fragrances have arrived in two variations of Blur and Glow. So, Replica Filter Fragrances? These are layering fragrances that can be used in conjunction with your favorite Replica Fragrances. If the fine art of fragrance cocktailing is your game, you’re bound to love all over these!

Think of the Replica Filter Fragrances not only as a layering but a primer of sorts for your favorite Replica Fragrance to adhere to. Each filter combines different elements to create a personalize signature scent.

The Glow Filter acts to warm fragrances with bright sunny, citrus notes and neroli where as the Blur Filter adds soft, delicate layer with notes of white musk, cotton, and amber.

I love the idea behind these but I do wonder how well they will work with some of my favorite Replica scents such as Fireside. I was thinking perhaps the Blur Filter might work best with Fireside and tame down the smokiness of the blend with a softer, cuddlier dry down. I wonder which would work best with Lipstick On? Perhaps Glow? Maybe it’ll add a happier, sunnier note to the powdery ones of Lipstick On?

Each of these is available in a smaller 1.7 oz size for $55 each at

And yes, they are in my cart right now and should be winging their home to me soon!

I’ll share my thoughts when they arrive.