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Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint Pack Review & Swatches

Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint Pack1

Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint Pack is a new lip mask slash lip stain slash lip color slash lip tattoo that’s incredibly odd and every so unique. Typically “pack” is a loosely used term in Asian beauty that refers to facial masks, face powders, and in some cases, like this one, a lip mask.

But this isn’t a traditional lip mask by any means. It’s not something you’re going to lay around with and come out of the experience with exfoliated and softer lips. Oh no no…this is a lip staining mask.



But I’m about beauty unusual!


10 Budget Cream Blush Suggestions for Summer

budget cream blushes

Tis the season for cream blushes and I created a list of 10 Budget Cream Blush Suggestions for Summer that will give your cheeks the perfect flush of lightweight color without breaking your beauty budget!

I dunno what it is but when Summer rolls around I start going through my stash and setting aside all my cream blushes so I can wear them more often. Maybe it’s because they tend to be travel friendly and easy to apply without a ton of tools (just dab them on with your fingers and blend out!). Or maybe it’s because they are so lightweight and provide such natural color!

Whatever it is I tend to love wearing cream blush in the Summer.

How about you?


Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek

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The Best Japanese SPF and Sunscreens

japanese sunscreens

I wanted to compile a rather small list of the best Japanese SPF and Sunscreens that I’ve personally used and loved for many a fine year. I’ve used a lot of Japanese sunscreens over the years but three featured in this post are ones I come to back to again and again and again because I love how well they perform, how great they look and feel under makeup, and how fabulous the formula is.

Unfortunately, the US market hasn’t quite caught up to the Japanese one when it comes to creating lightweight, easy to absorb SPF formulas. I truly believe the Japanese excel at this which is one of the reason I purchase sunscreen products from Japan. They also happen to be affordable picks as well!

Let’s take a look!


Boots No7 Pop & Glow Blush for Summer 2015

Boots No7 Pop & Glow Blush

These chubby stick blushes are a trending at the moment! Boots No7 Pop & Glow Blush are shaped a lot like the Ulta Lip and Cheek Color Sticks as well as many other blush sticks that are upcoming on the market at the moment!

Take a look!