Dior Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches

No great secret that I suck at liquid lining!

Dior Backstage Eyeliners To Wear Multi Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches

I wish I had the natural flare for applying liquids so I could look as glam as Dita Von Teese does. I’ve desired the sophisticated, pin up girl cat eye look since high school when one of my friend’s, Angela, would wear it daily! She used to work it like no one’s business.

I can handle creating a line with a steady hand but it normally follows my upper lash line but when it comes to actually getting flashy on the outer corner, well, it’s a FAIL for me.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential I order the new Dior Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches.

Simple liquid lining effect?

Hells to the yes siree!



Urban Decay Mariposa Palette for Holiday 2011

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette for Holiday 2011 1

Morning guys!

Yesterday’s images weren’t so great on the new Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Collection so I just wanted to share some closer photos of the new Mariposa Palette.

Take a look!


Clean Skin Eau de Parfum

Clean Skin Eau de Parfum

I’m a big fan of Clean as far back as the Clean Fun days! Remember that?

Whenever they put out a new fragrance I’m first in line to try it out.

Clean Skin Eau de Parfum is the latest addition to the Clean Collection, let’s take a look!



Fits Japan Attention Please Makeup Keep Mist Review

Fits Japan Attention Please Makeup Keep Mist 001

I wanna be a stewardess.

Stand up at the front of the cockpit door entry, clap my hands, and say “AtenciĆ³n bitches!” Plus I wouldn’t mind swinging myself on top of that snack trolley and rolling down the center aisle!

Sorry got off topic but Fits Japan’s packaging does that to a girl. It’s old school stewardess might make you feel the same way!



Covergirl Intense ShadowBlast Primer Review, Swatches, Photos

Covergirl Intense ShadowBlast Primer 014

I’m not really a cream shadow person but a while back ago I suddenly discovered some unfounded love for them. It’s kinda slim pickings at the local drugstore if you’re wanting to indulge in such a shadow medium but the recent introduction of Covergirl Intense ShadowBlast Primer had me hyped.

Yeah baby, bring it!

Basically Covergirl pimps ‘em as a cream shadow with a built in primer. Hey, cool, so it won’t fade or crease and I don’t need primer prior to use? Brilliant.

The color selection was wow aspiring aided by the fact that freaking Drew Barrymore was looking all kinds of ridiculously wicked in the commercial.

Come on doesn’t the commercial make you want to run out and buy every shade? She looks stupid awesome!

What did I think?