Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Beauty Makeup Collection

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Beauty Collection has launched online. I’m very eager to see it in person as it looks darling! If you love all things pink this collection should appeal.

VS also takes a note from Dior with the new Limited-edition Radiant Face Trio they created for this collection, you’ll see what I mean when you see the closer images after the jump.

Check it!


Laura Geller Eye Spackle Shadow Primer Pen

Laura Geller brings her popular Spackle Collection to a new level with a shadow primer pen that launched on QVC this week. I’ve always been a fond fan of the original spackle primer since it was one of the first primers on the market, that I know of, with a hydrating formula sans silicone.

I am quite curious about the new Laura Geller Eye Spackle Shadow Primer Pen, I dunno if it’ll take the place of UDPP but hey I’m up for trying!



Sephora Boo Boo Bling

Mmm pretty little bandages appear to be the trend of this season. Recently Cynthia Rowley created a line of dressy little bandages for mishaps that were not only functional but completely chic.

Not to be outdone by Cynthia, Sephora has its own line of, how cute is this, Boo Boo Bling. I’ve no need of kisses from my mum to make my boo boos feel better now as a little bling should cheer me right up!

Check it!


Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set Review and Swatches

I admit my personality is such a major study in contradiction when it comes to pot lipglosses. On one side, I absolutely love cute pots of gloss but my other side reminds me how gross it is to stick my finger in for application, how untidy they are, and how they do not travel well.


I love them so.

A few Summers ago I got some Flirt! Candy Stripes Glossy Lip Palettes and I gotta say they turned into one my very favorite products. They created some super gorgeous lips looks! I adored mixing and matching the colors and it seemed like every look I did with them was an awesome one.

Fast forward, present day, I hauled a Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set because it was 1. cheap as day old chips and 2. it reminded me so much of my beloved and long gone Candy Stripes Glossy Lips Palettes.

Take a look!


Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Magic Gloss Review, Swatches, and Photos

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Magic Gloss how sweet are you? Playing at being a little dupe of Smashbox O-Gloss are you?

A buck, seventy nine can get you a tiny little tube of this limited edition gloss from Wet n Wild that promises you that perfect shade of just you lipgloss.

Yeah well, that body chemistry, “perfect” shade of you gloss has been a little overdone lately but hey this is budget friendly, we can all handle the under $2 buck price tag right?

I say buy it! Hell, buy two! I love it.