March 18, 2014

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow Palette for Summer 2014

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Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow Palette Summer 2014

I always enjoy the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection and Summer 2014 just got better because my eye spies a new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow Palette ($60).

I’ve been a poor makeup fanatic because I can’t recall if 2013 we got a shadow palette or not? I know sometimes Estee Lauder likes to spice things up and swap out the palette for loose eyeshadows or eyeshadow creams, etc…but there always dependable about bringing back that great Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow at some point. I probably have at least three variations, maybe more, of the eyeshadow palette but this year, well this year Estee Lauder outdid themselves as you can see above.

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March 18, 2014

New and Upcoming Beauty for Spring & Summer 2014

new beauty spring summer 2014

We’re kinda in between seasons at the moment in makeup land so there are plenty of new and upcoming beauty bits for Spring & Summer 2014 that we’ll be seeing before we see larger Summer 2014 Makeup Collections.

Here are a few upcoming products that are between Spring and Summer releases that I caught my eye this week including a new Korres Facial Primer that looks interesting!

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March 18, 2014

Kose Buys Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Color Your World with Shades of Clay Collection

Yes, it’s true the “Kose Buys Tarte Cosmetics” rumors are indeed true. WWD announced yesterday that Japan’s Kose company has purchased a 93.5% stake in Tarte Cosmetics.

You might recognize the Kose name from brands like Visee, Cosme Decorte, Softymo, Happy Bath Day, etc….all Japanese brands I have featured and reviewed on Musings of a Muse before.

Kose actually purchased a majority of the company including Tarte’s founder Maureen Kelly’s shares.

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March 18, 2014

Spring Makeup Pick Ups for Under $10

spring budget makeup

It’s officially Spring in a few days kids! So I thought I’d pick out a few Spring Makeup Pick Ups for at or under $10 bucks for ya! These budget friendly picks up give your skin lightweight coverage for a fresher, natural Spring look with pops of sparkling peach and bronze for your face as well as lightweight blush and a hint of aqua for your eyes.

And of course the best part is they are all under $10 bucks.


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March 17, 2014

P.S. I Discovered This

I remember reading Shaun’s proposal to Christine and thinking how utterly perfect it was and so fitting of both their personalities. How else would he propose? A grander gesture could not enter my mind for them both.

So recently when I read about Erica Domesek’s from P.S. I Mad This grand Twitter quest to find a stranger she met on board an American Airlines flight in the hopes they could romantically reconnect I thought it was equally as geeky and sweet as Shaun’s proposal.

Needless to say Erica’s story made me smile and had me all “FIGHTING!” for her to get her man and she did! No details on how it actually panned out thoug but the man she met on board her flight and failed to get any of his contact deets seems to have led to a possible happily ever after and thee end.

What was really nice about Erica’s story is I got the chance to discover her site, P.S. I Made This and she has some really fun crafty beauty ideas (as well as other dodads to create). Of course, I burn boiling water so not sure if I should try to get to crafty or even use a glue gun as required for some of these creations but none the less these are kinda fun ideas!

Are you a crafty girl?

Try anything crafty to store your makeup or perhaps even decorate with it?

Do share!

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