Sephora Jasmine A Whole New World Eau de Parfum Spray Review

Sephora Jasmine A Whole New World Eau de Parfum Spray

Sephora’s Disney Jasmine Collection released this week to Beauty Insiders along with the new A Whole New World Eau De Parfum Spray.

Eep! There’s definitely a need to collect ‘em all vibe from these collections. If you have Cinderella’s So This is Love Perfume I imagine A Whole New World will make its way into your stash at some point. That is, of course, if you’re as diseased as I am and just need to collect them all!

If you think I’m bad with beauty you should see my with comic books and action figures. WORST!

I didn’t love Cinderella’s scent as I felt it was a little too mature and floral. Jasmine’s is quite soft and delicate and no sadly does not contain her namesake in the notes, sorry about that.

Take a look!


Cheap Thrills: Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner

Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner

The new Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner ($6.99) is a nice cheap thrill to pick up your next trip to the drugstore. I know when I wear red lipstick it likes to take a little road trip around my face.

I’m being serious.

I put it on in the AM and it proceeds to feather up in my lower lip and somehow move to my cheek. Once I even found some on my forehead. Word.

Invisible Lipliner is key to keep that shiz on lock down!


Stila On the Red Carpet Palette & Smudge Stick Spring 2013

Stila On the Red Carpet Palette

If the new Stila Dare to Bare Palettes aren’t your bag no problem the Stila On the Red Carpet Palettes might be. These are available exclusively via QVC and feature not only the same essentials as the newly launched nude palettes from Stila but also a full size Smudge Stick.

Take a peek!


Julep Neon Nail Dips for Spring 2013

Julep Neon Nail Dips

I’m a geek before a makeup junkie that’s why the new Julep Nail Dips appeal! You know geeks like to play almighty God mad scientist…seriously, when I was 13 I was positive I wanted to be Herbert West when I grew up. Combining clear nail varnish with glittery dips just sounds like something I’d totally be into…!

Mahwaaaa! Get my goggles and rubber gloves! Let’s start mixing!




Stila The Natural Palette & Stila Dare to Bare Palette

Stila Spring 2013

Remember the Stila Not So Nude Palette? If you loved it you’ll adore the new Stila The Natural Palette and the Stila Dare to Bare Palette!

These $20 palettes are filled with nude, natural shades of Stila eyeshadows as well as an all over shimmer and a bronzer.

Do want both!