December 5, 2018

Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm ($12.99) is a new drugstore cleansing balm that’s enriched with matcha green tea to gently remove makeup while leaving skin hydrated and soft.

I wrote in a prior post that the birth of cleansing balms in US drugstores seems to be upon us finally. I think with this launch we’ll see more and more drugstore brands bringing out their version. By January, I have no doubt that Burt’s Bees, Garnier, and others will likely have cleansing balms ready for market. It’s not that we haven’t seen a few already but I think more mainstream brands will start bringing them out soon! Already the Pond’s Cleansing Balm I reviewed a few weeks ago is gaining a ton of good reviews which has me hopeful for more drugstore brand cleansing balms to make an appearance!

Physicians Formula seems to be very focused on skincare launches lately aren’t they? Aside from their 80th Anniversary Collection (Remember the Hypoallergenic Lipsticks they launched?) their color cosmetics and base foundation product launches have been a little slow and there skincare ones quite prominent. So far, a lot of their newer skincare products like Coconut Milk Eye Makeup Remover, Charcoal Detox Cleansing Stick, and Rose All Day Oil-Free Serum really has impressed me which did give me some reservations about the new The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm. You know the old saying fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I’ve been fooled plenty πŸ™‚ But I’m always up for the challenge!

There are three main things I noticed first about Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm. First off, I noticed the uncanny resemblance of the packaging to Farmacy Beauty Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. This is a hot button topic lately in the beauty world. We’re filled in a world of beauty copycats but for some reason it’s starting to draw stronger criticisms, objections, and opinions as of late.

The second thing I noticed which wasn’t hard to miss was the size of 1.4 oz which did draw a lot of negativity but not due to price ratio versus size but because some people felt the jar was too small which created some awkwardness getting the product out. This wasn’t an issue for me since I tend to use a spatula to remove cleansing balm from the jar and rarely does my fingers touch it. However, I was concerned that it was $12.99 and 1.4 oz in size as that felt very expensive compared to other brands like for example, you can get a 4 oz jar of one of Yes To’s new cleansing balms for around $7.99.

And the last thing that I noticed which annoyed me is the fact that Physicians Formula has taken to launching a lot of their items on their new retail site before bringing them to stores or if and when they do launch in stores they prove difficult to locate. For example, this past Summer they launched their new highlighter and fragrance at Walmart exclusively (and on their website) and it proved pretty damn hard to find. This isn’t a new practice by any means as a lot of drugstore brands have been turning to their own websites to launch their latest products or collections such as Maybelline with their new The Matte Bar Eyeshadow Palette. I find it annoying to have to order from their website as I have to wait for it to ship and in many cases their is a minimum for free shipping. I’d much rather see these items get to stores at some point but that seems to happen less and less lately. Or you have the hunt around for them as they are exclusive to certain stores!

All that being said, which sounds like a lot of negative, let’s get into some of the positive things about Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm. I love this stuff! Yay! I just wish it was bigger and cheaper πŸ™‚

It does have a very light fresh green scent and I was a little concerned that it has orange peel oil in it as well as lactic acid. The orange peel oil isn’t exact a great pick for skin and the lactic acid I was concerned about using near my eyes (although, I am guilty of doing so without issues but just a warning it is in there however, their website does say “Clinically Tested. Safe For Sensitive Eyes & Contact Lens Wearers. Ophthalmologist Tested.” which made me feel a lot better!).

The formula is a soft balm which looks liked solidified vaseline. It breaks down very easily and changes to an oil as soon as you apply it on skin. Using a cleansing balm is a lot like using a cleansing oil! Simply scoop up a small amount (I use about a little more that a quarter’s size), apply it to your dry skin, and massage it on. It’ll break down if it’s a good cleansing balm and in this case Physicians Formula does break down very easily and becomes like a bit oily. Once that’s done you’ll apply a small amount of water to emulsify it and you can proceed to massage a little more. After that, rinse, and you’re done! This formula rinsed clean away without leaving behind any film or making my skin tight after! I wouldn’t say my skin felt hydrated after using it but I didn’t feel tight or dry either which is always important for me. It did a great job removing my makeup and left my face very clean. I don’t typically remove eye makeup with cleansing balm but I will say it removed any residue my own eye makeup remover didn’t very easily without causing cloudy vision.

I liked this formula a lot and feel like they aced it. I think up until now brands like NYX and Yes To have made an effort in the cleansing balm world but Physicians Formula succeeded in creating an excellent formula that does a great job with makeup removal! I just wish it was bigger, cheaper, and more readily available (I’m sure by January/February maybe it’ll start hitting stores!).

Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm is a new drugstore cleansing balm enriched with Matcha Green Tea, Bamboo Shoot, and Lotus Extract. I felt the product was a bit small for the $12.99 price tag (1.4 oz) and was quite irritated it isn’t yet available at drugstores but merely on the brand’s website which I hope they redeem soon! Aside from that his is quite a nice formula aside from the fact it does contain a subtle fragrance as well as orange peel! Interestingly enough is the addition of lactic acid which concerned me due to using it around my eyes but the website says it is safe for eye use. The balm is soft, turns into oil of sorts after application, emulsifies quickly, and rinsed clean away without stripping my skin and easily removed my makeup!



  • Easily removes makeup without leaving skin dry.
  • Soft texture that quickly emulsifies and rinses clean away!


  • Not yet available via mass retailers (only available for purchase on brand’s site as of 12/05/2018)
  • Inexpensive at $12.99 for 1.4 oz.
  • Contains orange peel oil and some fragrance.


I think if you like and enjoy cleansing with cleansing balms you’ll fit right in with Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm. It has a delightful texture, didn’t dry skin out, and shows all the makings of a good, solid cleansing balm formula!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Lacey J Chrystal

    If you had to pick, not based on price, but just on formula – This or LUSH Ultrabland!?!?

    • Isabella Muse

      this. Ultra Bland isn’t really a traditional cleansing balm and requires a little more work to use plus it’s heavier so I can’t use it year round!

    • Isabella Muse

      umm good question! I do love the pond’s one a lot but I feel like the PF one breaks down a little better, it’s a bit lighter, and I think that’s a perk compared to the Pond’s one so I’d say this one! but just don’t love the small size and price :-/

  • kjh

    DS cos aren’t going to abandon their ‘launch at own .com’ any time soon. They know they will get the extra sale(s) to make free shipping. Hopefully, the add-on will be s.t. you like and pursue/repurchase. With all the cos using Insta and other SM, it’s the driver. The younger buying crowd prob does it all online, much from, even for DS purchases. I think this only seems new (and annoying, as annoying as trotting from place to place/ non-widespread release is) to older consumers who think store before,, The model is from the target market purchasing trends and SM influence. I might try this out from Ulta or DS, but no way I’m starting to treat PF or the others like U, S, UD, Nars, etc that I think of as primarily online at present. We get swatches and reviews, breakdowns of exclusivities, from you, Christine, etc. Then we know who has what, and how to plan it, and either where to go, or let it come to us. The few things I have wanted to order from have been sold out/NIS. And what about possible returns? Nope. Not going there. Yours Truly, Makeup Luddite

  • Naima

    I’ve never tried a cleansing balm but I usually have trouble washing off eye makeup too! Maybe I’ll pick this up when it does hit retail!

    • Isabella Muse

      I typically remove my eye makeup with eye makeup remover anyway so it doesn’t really bug me πŸ˜€

  • Sakura

    Wow, I almost bought this today!( I decided not to because I am in love with Softy Mo Speedy Cleansing oil. ) This sure is tempting. Thanks for the review.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’ll break it down, yes, but don’t forget to add water and rinse it away!

  • Linda Whitener

    This finally showed up at my local Target, and I couldn’t agree more, Muse! This formula emulsifies so easily and rinses clean – unlike other cleansing balms I’ve tried. Even the Pond’s – which was OK – doesn’t rinse as well. I’m quite impressed with the products Physicians Formula is rolling out lately.

  • Corinna

    Muse, I love my Farmacy green clean and I spotted this today at my local grocery store, I got the green clean vibe right away! What do you think? Is this comparable to the Green clean?? (ability to remove makeup, feels flight weight on skin?)


    • Isabella Muse

      Hi! Not really the same. Ingredients are a big factor also, texture. Farmacy has a softer texture where as PF’s formula is a bit waxier and heavier! The vibe is there but the two products are def diff πŸ˜€

      • Corinna

        Thank you!! I guess I’ll still try this out as well since you gave it your stamp. πŸ™‚

        • Isabella Muse

          do it! It’s cheap and quite a lovely formula! Not quite farmacy’s! But still nice!!!!!!!! ;D Let me know how it goes!!!!!!

  • Sonia Yung

    Hello! I picked this product up to remove my mineral sunscreen. Do you think a 2nd gel cleanser would be needed or would product be sufficient in removing the sunscreen and cleaning my face? Thank you!

    • Isabella Muse

      Did it not work to remove your sunscreen? If not, double cleansing def will!

      • Sonia

        Hello! haha im new to oil cleansing and double cleansing so I wasnt sure if I had to use a gel cleanser to follow up. Thank you!

        • Isabella Muse

          Not necessarily! I really depends on your needs! I do double cleanse just because I like how it makes my skin look/feel! But you should be able to easily remove your makeup and sunscreen with this without having to follow up with anything else!

  • Nikki

    Hi Isabella! I’m really enjoying all of your reviews. They are very helpful. I know you did your initial review last December so, I just wanted to let you know that “they” must have listened to you b/c now you can get this at Target for $7.79!!! Which seems much more reasonable for the size. Thanks again! Nikki

    • Isabella Muse

      Thanks Nikki! That means a lot to me! Very flattered to hear it! AWESOME! That’s much nicer a deal! ;-D My pleasure! If/when you try I hope to hear what you think!