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Do You Selfie?

muse selfie

I feel selfies aren’t just about social media anymore. It’s just a really common way to take a photo isn’t it? I can’t say I “selfie” but thinking on it I realized yeah, I kinda do because Musings of a Muse is filled with selfies. But I’m not one for constantly posting self images of myself on Instagram or Faceboook etc…! I’m not terribly comfortable doing so as I’m not the most photogenic person in the world.

Now, funny, some people are annoyed by selfies but I personally love them. I really like looking through other people’s selfies. I find the selfie culture absolutely fascinating. I use the self view on my camera, tablet, or phone to check my makeup but I’m not really taking shots of myself daily. So the fact that people do and proceed to post one or several a day absolutely blows my mind. To me it translates as they are a very confident person and comfortable in their own skin!

Posting photos of myself on Musings is very difficult and it’s something I don’t think a lot about because if I analyze it too much I likely won’t post shots at all. So I do a lot of it without thinking. Some people say bloggers are brave to put themselves out there for the world to see, others say we deserve any criticisms we get because we do put ourselves out there. I’m of the mentality we likely don’t think of it much and just slap the photo up without over analyzing it to death because if we did we’d likely become less brave and a lot more uncomfortable doing it. Or at least that’s the case for me.

In the end, I don’t think Musings of a Muse counts for selfies so I’m going to say I don’t selfie…often. But on a rare occasion I do.

Do you selfie?

How often?

Why do you selfie?

Do share!

P.S. I might not selfie but I chronically post photos of my food. But that’s an entirely other ballgame isn’t it?


Makeup Mortal Sins

makeup mortal sins

Last night I committed one of thee biggest makeup mortal sins. I fell asleep with my makeup on.

I got home fairly early last night even though my work life is chaotic this month. I had intentions of meeting a friend on Skype at 9:30. The night before I already noticed my throat was getting scratchy and suddenly getting home to my warm bedroom was very appealing. I sat on my bed with the intention to unlace by chucks but what started out innocently ended up with me just laying back and reclining on the bed in utter exhaustion. The sore throat had already developed into minor sniffles so that combined with my warm bedroom and suddenly I was feeling rather drowsy. To keep myself awake I flicked on the latest episode of Walking Dead.

Let me tell you…

Combine a little cold medicine, the break down of the Ricktatorship, the introduction of the Alexandria Safe Zone, and a warm bed and suddenly you’re in la la land before you know it. Likely the real mortal sin here is falling asleep while watching Walking Dead and NOT so much sleeping in my makeup!


I Love to Hate On…

I Love To Hate On

I love to hate on Miss Dior Cherie Perfume! Some days it feels a little too dark and I hate the patchouli. Other days I’ll wake up, wear it, and think it’s the most amazing perfume in the world!

I just have to be in a mood for it you know?

Do you ever run across perfume or makeup or even skincare that you love yet you hate? You use but sometimes you push aside? Some months it’ll be a fragrance or a product that rocks your world and others you’ll push it to the back of your stash and curl your nose up in digust.

What are some products, fragrance, and skincare that you love to hate on?

Do share them!


5 Reasons I Love Makeup

reasons to love makeup

There are dozens and dozens and dozens of reason I love makeup but if I wrote them all out we’d end up with a bible.

So I tried to narrow it down a little and here are 5 reasons I love makeup.

Feel free to share your top 5 reasons!


Are You Hoping for Makeup this Valentine’s Day?

valentine's day beauty makeup

Valentine’s Day is on the way!

So what do you want?

Flowers? Chocolate? Jewelry?

Or are you a non-traditional kinda girl or guy and perhaps you want MAKEUP!

Something along the lines of Too Faced’s cutesy Ultimate Chocolate Box? Or perhaps some expensive eyeshadow palette you have on your eye?

Does your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend indulge your makeup junkie ways and gift you with makeup Valentine’s Day gifts?

Too Faced The Ultimate Chocolate Box

Do share!